The Lost Sinner
HP: 3560
Skills: Jumping Slash*, Horizontal Cleave, Sword Stab, Sword Combo*
Souls: 45000

Difficulty: 3/5
Deaths: 3

After killing the 3 Ruin Sentinels, its time to proceed deeper into 'The Lost Bastille', and then eventually into 'Sinner's Rise', where the next boss, which is also your first soul lord, resides. Brave into the tower, going past tons of soldiers, abominations and exploding zombies, striding across knee deep water levels of the dreaded sewers. Eventually, you'll make it to a great, empty chamber with only one individual standing inside it. Unfortunately for you, its sad, its angry, and it wields a sword. To make things worse, a maggot crawls into its eye. Yeah, its angry alright. Meet The Lost Sinner.

Oh, hello there.

The Lost Sinner is one scary bitch. Yeah, she'll intimidate you for sure, I mean, just look at the bitch. She's hunched, she's cuffed, she wears a mask, she's buff, and yeah, she wields a big sword. One look will tell you that she's seen hell, and that she'll do whatever it takes to bring hell to you. Fortunately for you, The Lost Sinner is pretty much just a very straightforward person (at least on NG alone), and will just try to maul you to death without any other form of offense. Its a straight out brawl fest, and as long as you can outmaneuver The Lost Sinner, you win this by a long shot.

Jumping Slash* - Probably the most dangerous of her attacks. She jumps behind you, screwing up your lock on, to get a cheap, damaging slash onto you. Roll away immediately when she jumps.

Horizontal Cleave - A simple swipe. Easily blocked or dodged.

Sword Stab - A simple stab. Once again, this an easy block or dodge.

Sword Combo* - She tries to slash you a couple of times, may go up to 3 times as the battle drags on. Each attack from her takes off a decent chunk of stamina, so really, dodging is the more realistic option here.

The Lost Sinner, as you can see, does not have many attacks. She'll constantly repeat these few, close ranged sword techniques to try and cut you down. Make no mistake, while her attacks are limited, she does quite a lot of damage so early in the game, and if you don't have a decent to good weapon, she can take a hell of a punishing. Meaning, while this is simply a test of your mobility and your way around a simple 1v1 duel, its also a test of your endurance. If you keep getting traded back by The Lost Sinner in terms of damage, you may not last long, because its going to take a while to go down. Plus, if you lost focus for even 1 second, you might lose, so be careful. Also, try to go in with a 100% physical damage block shield, either that, or you better be DAMNED good at dodging.

Go Lucatiel!

So first things first, you might want to light the place up, the darkness works against you here, and works FOR The Lost Sinner. She will charge you right off the bat, and will constantly stick to you throughout the entire battle, maybe backing off once after trying to go for a few attacks. Rinse and repeat, this is a very simple battle flow. When she's up close, she will always try either Horizontal Cleave, or Sword Stab, both of which work for simple "dodge or block" attacks. After a couple of attacks she'll be open for a few swings, that's your chance to attack. Don't go too crazy or she'll bail on you and then counter with another attack, she's really good at this.

On another note, if she's AWAY from you, she'll most probably use jumping slash, which will bring her behind you for a cheap and easy slash, while screwing your entire lock on. The moment she jumps, you MUST roll away, or risk eating a cheap hit. Other than that, she'll just try to stick to you like glue and hammer away at you. Estus drinking can be rather risky, and you should only do so when she bails after he attacks, you'll need to be at a safe distance. When she hits lower health, she'll start to add more hits into her attacks, which may spell bad news for you. Of course, the same rules still apply, just stay away from her, wait for her to finish slicing, then go in for some hits.

Well, f**k.

As mentioned earlier, more than anything, this is just a battle of attrition. The longer you can last against this boss, the easier it is for you, because she sure takes a hell of a beating before she falls. Good news though, after all is said and done, you've finally defeated your first soul lord, and you get 45000 souls for your hard work.