Main characters are the stars in their own animes, that's pretty much how its supposed to be. If your main character sucks ass, the anime's likability goes down by a decent margin. Why? Because the one guy we are all supposed to like f**king sucks. There are many ways to make a main character likable, but one sure-fired way to make us all not hate him/her, is to not make him/her useless. That's right, it all depends on the situation. If your main character sucks f**king ass and has to be protected all the time while not doing ANYTHING are we supposed to like him (this is the case for most harem protagonists, sadly)?

So here we are with some really powerful main characters. I'm not saying that this is HOW a main character should be done, but when your main character kicks so much ass...its hard not to like them. Hell, just look at old Dante (not new Dante), he's a f**king favorite because of so many factors, one of them being his power. Without further ado, here are some characters that breach the levels of OP, and in terms of power, we can't deny that they can kick some major ass.


Okay, so this one is debatable, because I'm sure many people hate Kirito to the core, which I can understand. However, we cannot deny his superiority in battle when compared to the majority of the SAO cast, he's just that f**king good. He's ridiculously overleveled at multiple points of the Aincrad arc, and he destroys most threats coming at his way without much effort, even going as far as SOLO-ing a high leveled boss (fine, he had Klein and Asuna) when revealing his trademark dual wielding ability. And even when he's not in Aincrad, he shows how fast he adapts to the playstyle of ALfhiem Online and can even take on high level players despite being new to that game.

Kirito can easily be seen as a badass because of his overwhelming strength compared to most other characters in the show. But since it IS an online game, most of his overwhelming presence comes from the fact that he's just overleveled. Now I'm cool with Kirito, I have one glaring issue with his overwhelming strength, JUST because SAO is based of an MMO. How the f**k did he level up so much in that short period of time? I guess its not a matter with Kirito himself directly, but more of a matter of how the story was written. There were too many time skips for us to truly justify how the f**k Kirito got so OP. He lacked development from a power standpoint, that's all. But yeah, he does seem badass because he's always kicking ass, and its hard not to smile at that.


Hei is one heck of a badass, and he's easily one of my favorite protagonists in anime because of his everlasting conflicting personality. But of course, he's also pretty freaking powerful, easily one of the strongest contractors because of his lack of a "payment" for using his abilities. Hei is a hired assassin, a mercenary if you will, as he's constantly getting jobs from Huang to take down other people/contractors. Of course, Hei wouldn't he known as the Black Reaper if he didn't act like one, dressing completely in black and wearing a plain, white mask that intimidates the shit out of his victims when he goes for them, instilling fear into their minds.

Its because Hei plays with this aspect of fear that he completely corners and overwhelms his opponents mentally, before he goes in for the finishing blow. While Hei is very efficient in how he wields his dual string blades and how he uses his electricity powers, he is truly a master of playing with his opponent's minds. Not only with fear though, there are times where those that stand before him don't fear him at all and have superior abilities, Hei still triumphs because his knowledge and experience from fighting other contractors gives him a severe edge. He plays with his environments and his surroundings, and finally finishes his opponents off when they least expect it. Now this, is how to make a badass main character.


Nice is pretty cool, and its made apparent from the start that he kicks some major ass. There was no reason to his amazing power, it was just pure talent on his part, and that might just seem to be somewhat of a lazy reason, but seriously, that's it. He is SERIOUSLY overpowered, among all the millennium holders, he's easily the strongest, not counting zero millennium Moral. The sound millennium gives him insane speed, so much so that he dominates most of his opponents before they can even react. That seems a little bit over the board, but for a kid that can see and envision the VERY sound around him in the form of waves...he can really kick so much ass.

Nice likes to finish his opponents off with one, fell swoop, and fortunately, for most of his opponents, that's the case. No matter what power his opponents hold, as long as he moves before them, he wins. That's kind of broken, seeing how fast he is, the only one who was able to keep up with his speed was Moral, because he could INSTANTLY teleport around. Even then, he still managed to beat him, meh. There's really not much to Nice's ability, simply because how broken he is. Given that standard, there's not much that can actually stop him. At least Nice isn't too cocky about it, and while he makes most fight look effortless and boring at times, he's pretty badass.


You can't go wrong with old Kiritsugu, he's just too much of a badass. When your protagonist isn't a f**king high school kid and is instead a fully grown adult with his own wife, kid, mistress and a massive load-out of anti-mage weapons, you are set to rock. Kiritsugu's training as a sort of anti-mage has prepared him long for this holy grail war, and nothing was prepared to what he had up his sleeve. Of course, the one man that he feared was Kotomine Kirei, but even against that beast of a man, Kiritsugu had some sort of plan that he could rely on. The really awesome thing about Kiritusgu is how he displays his abilities discreetly, he NEVER shows his true hand.

How does Kiritsugu always so flawlessly overpowers his opponents? Well, he has plans for everything. That's right, Kiritsugu is one smart bugger, and he uses that to triumph over his cocky mage opponents. He uses everything at his disposal, his friends, his wife, his servant,  he uses EVERYTHING. He doesn't fight fair, and he knows he doesn't have to. He shows no mercy to his opponents, and its always because he's one step ahead that he almost always wins, even in situations that are against him. He knows how to do things right, but that's because he is fueled by an unforgiving past. Kiritsugu isn't this powerful for no reason.

Peace, more to probably come.