Ryotaro Okiayu

Here we go~. Okiayu may not be one of the most popular seiyuus during this current generation, but that doesn't mean you should count him out, not by any means. Another man who's sexy as hell for his age (he's well above 40), Ryotaro Okiayu does very well at sounding very versatile. Whether you need a pretty man, an intimidating fighter, or just a flat out badass, he's got the voice for that. Who doesn't know Byakuya (Bleach) or Zero (Megaman X series) at this day and age? And as if you don't have enough, he does amazingly rough, imposing and downright intimidating characters like Gaius (Tales Of Xillia) or Berserker (Fate Zero)? Need more elegant individuals? Perhaps the demented Isaac (Date A Live II), the insistent Terra (Kingdom hearts:Birth by Sleep), the normally confused father Pegasus (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai) or the classy as f**k Lee (Tekken series). Then we have Yakumo (Mahouka), somewhat of a pervy sensei that we can all love. 

Characters from left to right

1st row: Gaius (Tales Of Xillia), Byakuya (Bleach)

2nd row: Berserker (Fate/Zero), Pegasus (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai)

3rd row: Yakumo (Mahouka), Isaac (Date A Live II)

4th row: Terra (Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep), Lee (Tekken Series)

Center: Zero (Megaman X series)

Mamiko Noto

I freaking love this girl. She manages to make EVERYONE sound sexy, EVERYONE. Her voice is just so amazing for those clueless yet sexy characters. Yet, her voice is so unique and diverse...she can do ALL sorts of characters so perfectly, ranging from school girls to princesses to teachers and even villains. Lets start on the amazing characters that she voices. First things first, school girls. Most of them are sexy as hell, like Satellizer (Freezing), Reiri (Princess Resurrection) or Tiffany (Zero No Tsukaima). Speaking of Tiffany, another big busty elf she has under her sleeve is Fil (No Game No Life), who probably acts and speaks a lot like Tiffany does too. Himegami (To Aru Majutsu No Index) is just plain old stoic, Noto's take on a Kuudere type character, very much like Hecate (Shakugan No Shana). While Oshizu (To Love Ru) is probably her more comedic take on a high school girl. Cordelia (Valkyria Chronicles), is as good as any as a princess, while Benten (Uchoten Kazoku) is probably a little bit of a villainess. Yukihime (Nanana's Buried Treasure) is a little bit of everything, though she does sound a bit more mature for this character.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Tiffany (Zero No Tsukaima), Satellizer (Freezing), Cordelia (Valkyria Chronicles)

2nd row: Oshizu (To Love Ru), Fil (No Game No Life), Yukihime (Nanana's Buried Treasure)

3rd row: Hecate (Shakugan No Shana), Reiri (Princess Resurrection), Himegami (To Aru Majutsu No Index), Benten (Uchoten Kazoku)

Satomi Satou

So, after going through all of the original "K-on!" voice actresses (Aki Toyosaki (Yui), Minako Kotobuki (Mugi), Yoko Hikasa (Mio) and Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa)), we're left with the last one, Satomi Satou, who, which you could have guessed, is Ritsu (K-on!)'s voice actress, and for your info, Ritsu is my favorite girl among the bunch, so I'm kind of upset that Satomi Satou isn't getting as many roles as all the other "K-on!" girls. That doesn't mean she isn't awesome, she's got a lot up her sleeve. As far as helpless damsels in distress, she's got the young Kanoe (Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia), Matoi (Phantasy Star Online 2), and Mizuki (Mahouka). Then she has the intimating Nana-senpai (Golden Time) and the very pissed off Lazaris (Tales Of The World:Radiant Mythology 3). Manami (Oreimo) is kind of a very two faced girl who turned out to be a final boss (its a pun with her, deal with it), while Chitanda (Hyoka) is pretty much just....KIRINARIMASU.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Kanoe (Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia), Nana-senpai (Golden Time), Lazaris (Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology 3), Matoi (Phantasy Star Online 2)

2nd row: Manami (Oreimo), Ritsu (K-on!), Chitanda (Hyoka), Mizuki (Mahouka)

Mai Nakahara

Another girl that deserves a lot more recognition than she lets up. Mai Nakahara has an almost angelic voice, and she uses it well in all of her characters, which are fairly varies from one another, showing off her versatility. School girls? She's got it down by being in touch with her inner student with Mai (Mai-Hime) and Ayano (Mekaku City Actors). If you need some kuudere action, Ichihara (Mahouka) and Felli (Chrome Shelled Regios) qualify nicely. How about a little boy? Yashiro (Uchoten Kazoku) works. A cheerful, jumpy girl who can hold on her own? Morgan (Tears To Tiara) does that nicely while being sexy. A happy-go-lucky troll elder sister? Haruno (My Teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU), check. A naive, princess like character? Estelle (Tales Of Vesperia) ain't even mad. How about a battle hungry, sexy purple haired alien with a french accent? Mii (BRS: The Game) has it down EASY. Then we've got the legendary Rena (Higurashi), who just wants to cut shit and laugh like an insane maniac.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Morgan (Tears To Tiara), Haruno (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU), Yashiro (Uchoten Kazoku)

2nd row: Mai (Mai-Hime), Rena (Higurashi), Estelle (Tales Of Vesperia), Ayano (Mekaku City Actors)

3rd row: Ichihara (Mahouka), Felli (Chrome Shelled Regios), Mii (BRS:The Game)

Saori Hayami

Hayami is another one of those rising star seiyuus. Ever since her debut, she's been getting more and more roles....and recently, she just exploded into popularity with a TON of great characters under her resume. Just...just LOOK at all those girls! School girls? No problem! What kind of school girls do you want? Happy go lucky naive ones like Musubi (Sekirei) or Leia (Tales Of Xillia)? Tsunderes? Come on, she loves tsunderes. Just look at Haqua (The World God Only Knows), Yuno (MM!) and Ayase (Oreimo)! Kuuderes? Not a problem. Tsurumi (Anohana) sort of counts, but Yotsugi (Monogatari Series) and Yukino (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) are wonderful at that. Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) is just a cheery, chubby zombie girl. And of course, the star character in her list: Miyuki (Mahouka), aka the hardcore bro-con ONI-SAMA fanatic crazy frost queen /shrine priestess....she's just a goddess, albeit a little bit too obsessive. 

Characters from left to right

1st row: Musubi (Sekirei), Haqua (The World God Only Knows), Yukino (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU), Leia (Tales Of Xillia)

2nd row: Yuno (MM!), Tsurumi (Anohana), Yotsugi (Monogatari Series), Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers)

3rd row: Miyuki (Mahouka), Ayase (Oreimo)