Opening Songs
OP 1 - Cupid Reviews (Aoi Yuki)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Rubi:Wake (YELL)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 12

I'm honestly somewhat tired of high school romance comedy animes, especially those that don't bother to try anything new. Sure I've given positive scores to plenty of similar anime in the past, but that's because I was still rather "new" to anime at the time, almost anything impressed me. Now that I've seen so much, its arguably harder for me to become "impressed". Still, back on topic. "If Her Flag Breaks" is another one of those millions of generic high school romance comedy animes that try to do something different. Honestly, it works for the first few episodes, even managing to become somewhat entertaining with the protagonist's unique ability.  However, it just goes downhill after the halfway point and tries too hard to become something that it isn't. "If Her Flag Breaks" just ends up as one of those harems that you'll try to like, but because of it trying a LITTLE bit too hard (and with its overabundance of throwaway characters), its just something that you'll watch once, get a few laughs out of it, enjoy it for what it is, and then you'll never look back at it.

Yay, its another one of those.

The opening song is "Cupid Reviews" by Aoi Yuki, and as you'd expect, its another one of those cheery and happy-go-lucky opening themes. Its great for the first few listens, but after awhile, it gets old....and overly cutesy to boot (not to mention that the opening animations seem a little bit too lazy at times).  The ending theme "Rubi:Wake" by Yell, is the better song here. It may be a somewhat generic ending theme, but its catchier and arguably more energetic.

Rating: 7.0/10

By no means is "If Her Flag Breaks" a bad show, no it most certainly is not. It actually starts off good and the first few episodes legitimately piqued my interest. The main character seemed interesting enough, and it even planted some false hope in me that there MAY actually be some proper romance in this anime! Well, turns out its all just buildup for Souta's massive harem, when plenty of girls pop out of nowhere and start liking him for the most stupid reasons...just like most harems do, just that in here, its quicker and the amount of girls build up WAYYY to quickly. To top it off, other than like, 3 of the girls, most of them have close to 0 development throughout the show, and have NO impact whatsoever. Plus, the story goes from interesting, to somewhat over exaggerated later on. This one is just an opinion of mine, whether or not you like the overblown story during the ending episodes, it up to you to decide.

Its a dude. Seriously.

The story stars Hatate Souta, your everyday run of the mill high school student with problems. He has the ability to see and alter flags, special things that only he can see that appear on the top of people's heads. Altering a flag state will alter how a person's life will play out. On his first day of his transfer to Hatagaya academy, he saves a man's life from an accident, through breaking his love flag. A girl named Nanami sees this and remembers his face. When he is finally introduced to his class, Nanami instantly recognizes him. Souta, thinking that other people who try to socialize with him will only end up with a difficult life of misfortune, brushes off all attempts of friendship with other classmates by breaking their flags. However, Nanami doesn't have a flag, and she blatantly calls him out, saying that she doesn't like his face. Seeing how Nanami acts differently from the others, Souta agrees to get acquainted with Nanami, however, he doesn't know that there are plenty of clouded female individuals who want to "shoot" for his love (for no reason).

"If Her Flag Breaks" is one of those shows you watch once and just forget about it. The experience midway is pretty good, but this is one those shows that falls very close to being "crappy" for me. It still entertained me, and fortunately, it ended before it got too out of hand. When all is said and done, it just feels like another run of the mill harem anime, with nothing too special about it. Of course, that means that if you still dig harems, "If Her Flag Breaks" can still be a good experience.