Opening Songs
OP 1 - That Is Our Miracle (μ's)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Always No Matter What (μ's)

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 13

And here it is folks. The conclusive 2nd season to the "Love Live!" anime. I never thought that they would do it, but they really did it. This is as conclusive as it gets, and I must say, for a franchise like this, it did pretty damn well. With all the singing, dancing and girls with overwhelming personalities, the 2nd season of "Love Live!" is entertaining from start to finish. While it won't persuade those who generally dislike this particular genre of anime into loving it, it'll easily please those who already are into this sort of thing. Of course, this is a must watch for fans of "μ's", and if you grow attached to these girls throughout 2 seasons worth of episodes (like I did), this is one season that'll end with a nice bang. This is a no brainer, but when the producers decided to capture the feel of franchises like "K-on!" or "Idolm@ster" with "Love Live!", they did it with flying colors.

More cute outfits! More songs and MVs!

With "Love Live!", you should already know what to expect with the opening and ending themes. The opening theme is "That Is Our Miracle" by "μ's", which of course, composes of all 9 seiyuus of all the 9 school idols in the group. Its a idol-ish song with almost nothing to criticize about when it comes to capturing the feel of the show...but that's pretty much it. Its just like any other "Love Live!" (or for that fact, "Idolm@ster") opening theme, nothing too special here. The ending theme "Always No Matter What", also by "μ's", is slightly better IMO. Its more innocent in a way, and the girls sound WAY more motivated singing this one.

Rating: 8.0/10

There's nothing much to say here about season 2. If you enjoyed season 1, season 2 is sure to sweep you away. The girls are back, and better than ever. With a proper purpose and proper rivals this time around, there's a lot more meaning to the plot this time around. Some of the characters get more character development, leading us to like more about said character (though I must say, not everyone gets equal screen time or arcs for proper character development). The CG dance sequences are still well done, and with the introduction of more songs, we get to see more of these dance sequences. The slice of life factor and the dance/song/singing segments still remain strong, but the vast improvement for this second season is the story (as mentioned above). To make things even better, towards the end, the anime gets even better when the story shapes up, delivering a wonderful emotional moment that is full of impact.

Come on Umi! We all want to see you in that sexy dress!

After the events of the first season, "μ's" did not manage to qualify for "Love Live!", the event that every school idol group wants to shoot for. With that in mind, Honoka has stepped up to become the school council president, while Eri and Nozomi stepped down. Kotori and Umi along with Honoka now make up the student council. With her popularity shoots, this should prove no problem for Honoka, and life went on as usual...until Hanayo picked up some important news. Apparently, "Love Live!" was so popular that it spawned a second coming, and this time, "μ's" was definitely NOT stepping down like before. However, with the new responsibility of being school council president, Honoka thinks that this might be too much for her. Fortunately, with the persuasion of her friends, she agreed to take part, and to devote her entire self into making "μ's" a success for "Love Live!".

The "Love Live! School Idol Project" franchise was a pretty good run overall. I doubt even after the conclusion of the anime, the franchise would come to a close, but for now, it seems like the anime ends here. We've got to see some really good stuff with these 9 girls from "μ's", but who knows, maybe in the future, we'll get to see more. Until then, its time to leave it to the games and media department. Maybe we'll get to see these girls again in a movie or something, I know I'll love for that to happen.