Opening Songs
OP 1 - I Don't Need A Holy Sword (Yui Sakakibara)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - A "Mostest" More Than Most (Mariya Ise, Marina Inoue, Ayane Sakura)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 12

And here we have another show that tries too hard to be something new. "Seikoku No Dragonar" is another one of those "fantasy based" high school themed shows that really isn't too different from the one right next to it. And since this is me, who freaking loves these kind of "magic high school harem" esque animes, its a little bit of a shock that I wasn't too drawn in by "Seikoku No Dragonar". In fact, maybe it shouldn't come off as too much as a surprise, because "Seikoku No Dragonar" doesn't really do anything new to make it special. While its not completely horrible, its particularly very good either. Its definitely watchable, and it does have good moments, but if you're looking for a good fantasy/magic/combat school anime, there are a lot better ones out there that could really make use of your time better ("Zero No Tsukaima" is basically a WAY better version of "Seikoku No Dragonar").

So...who has the biggest tits?

Its been awhile since I've heard from Yui Sakakibara, she was one of my favorite JPop artists back in the day. Its good to see her back as the singer for this anime's opening, which is "I Don't Need A Holy Sword". While its good to see her back, "I Don't Need A Holy Sword" wasn't particularly a very memorable piece, and it showcased more of her "cute-sy" side, which I didn't quite like. The ending theme is "A "Mostest" More Than Most" by Mariya Ise, Marina Inoue and Ayane Sakura, seiyuus of some of the more important female characters. Its definitely cute and catchy, ESPECIALLY the starting few lines, and I'll admit that its better than the opening song.

Rating: 7.0/10

Perhaps "Seikoku No Dragonar"'s biggest weakness is the fact that its...too normal for something of its stature. While the idea of riding dragons is a little cool at first, the anime doesn't really make full use of it to showcase something spectacular. Dragon riders clashing epic-ly with one another SOUNDS cool, but it doesn't really flourish here. So right off the bat the action scenes are sub par at best. There are decent parts (like that early attack on the town by the undead dragon), but most of it is shadowed by...honestly pretty bland fanservice of mostly Eco (this isn't anything special, unless you're super into lolis). The story has potential, but progresses way too quickly for it to have much emotional impact. The characters...are a mixed batch. Some are just downright annoying (I might have to kill Eco if I ever see her in person), while others are MY type of girls (Rebecca is love~~, and Milgauss was a cool villain while he lasted). Its unfortunate that most of the show's stronger moments are interrupted/forcefully filled with fanservice segments involving tentacles. I'm not sure how dragons have tentacles, but apparently that's how "Seikoku No Dragonar" rolls.

To Eco's credit, she can be downright adorable at times.

Ash Blake is as boring as a main character as he gets. When you see someone with a name like Ash just know you can't expect great things from him, except in his situation, everyone looks down on him. Ash is considered the number one problem child in Dragon Academy, because of his attitude and due to the fact that he does not have a par (dragon partner). One day during a racing competition where he borrowed his friend's par, he was knocked down a cliff after being discovered by Milgauss, a mysterious masked terrorist. Instead of falling to his death, he managed to call forth his par, and to his surprise, instead of a dragon, he gets a naked, pink haired girl. What he didn't expect is that this girl is a dragon, and to make things worst, the girl immediately turns the tables around him. "I am your master, no the other way around". Now Ash has a par alright, but of course, this time, he's the servant, not the master.

"Seikoku No Dragonar" just didn't have a a lot to make it shine above the rest. Its  just average to no end, plain and simple. Its a decent anime that doesn't have a lot going for it, but its still watchable and manages to not suck. It has good moments, and it has bad/embarrassing ones. Either way, with the story ending with another cliffhanger, "Seikoku No Dragonar" might be getting a second chance, and let's hope that if it does, it makes a bigger impact.