On a side note, it would be lame to put the same characters from my "Badass Villain" post in here, even though the characters that I stated there ARE my favorite characters from "Akuma No Riddle" and "Black Bullet", it would just be in bad taste to put the same characters in this post.

Akuma No Riddle

Being sexy gets you points.

Other than Nio (who is completely awesome and unpredictable) or Haruki (who's probably the prettiest character in the cast), there's only one other character that really gets me hyped up. Yes, that's Isuke. Despite not being the prettiest, she's the sexiest of the cast, and easily the most devious one out of all the girls (not counting Nio, she's crazy). I expected her to actually be one of the final trials that Tohkaku and Haru had to face, but she got taken down before the stupid cyborg girl (Isuke should have been 2nd to last to go down IMO).

Isuke likes to get down and dirty with things fast. Before the assassination even got officially announced, she tried to go for Haru right off the bat. Overpowering Tohkaku and beating her ass down, we already see how capable of an assassin she is. As a normal girl, she's your typical delinquent, sleeping through classes and not giving a rat's ass about anything else. She wants to finish her mission more than ever, to go back to her parents (who are both gay, which is totally cool to me by the way).

Yes, she's adopted, but that doesn't mean she does not love her dads. In the end, she did the one thing that nobody else bothered to try. Team up to overwhelm both Tohkaku and Haru. She chose to cooperate with Shinya, with minimum success, she was planning to betray her right from the get-go. She almost had it, and believe me, she would have gotten it if she didn't take her time to kill Haru. Like all the other girls, she failed her assassination, but to me, she was the closest to killing Haru. In the end we get to see her enjoying life with her daddies. Happy ending either way.

Black Bullet

How often do I like main characters?

Kagetane is freaking amazing, and he's easily my favorite character in "Black Bullet". However, since we already starred him in a "villains" post not too long ago, I'll have to bring in my main man, Satomi Rentarou. For a main character, Satomi is pretty amazing, especially since the writers didn't go too overboard with him to make him overly badass or cocky ("Mondaiji"'s Izayoi, "Hagura Yusha"'s Akatsuki). I like him for what he is. He may be another kind of a typical shounen hero, but he does so much more.

Satomi acts like a shounen hero, but he's a little bit darker than most. Most heroes want to protect everything, but Satomi knows that in his current world, that's not possible. He wants to save the cursed children, who are discriminated against by the world. Saving is an over exaggeration, he just wants to change the world's perspective about them. They ARE the savior for humanity against the Gastrea, Satomi just wants to give the cursed children a place in this world, something that they so deserve. This is PERFECTLY normal and since Satomi is one of the only ones thinking like that, he gets my respect.

Satomi's fighting style is pretty cool, to me anyways. I have a soft spot for proficient fist fighters, and Satomi's martial arts are pretty impressive. The tendo marital arts style is pretty cool, especially when Satomi uses it with his Varanium limbs, WHICH are also plenty badass. He's a cyborg, he's gotta fight like one. He has his handy pistol of course, but that's pretty much only used to land finishing blows against the Gastrea. He is also a capable leader, something we don't really see much in main characters.

Dog X Scissors

S and M?

This one is pretty obvious. I mean, there are plenty of hilarious and wacky characters in "Dog X Scissors"...but seriously, who the hell can keep up with the powerhouse of a character known as Natsuno Kirihime? She's funny, she's pretty, she knows how to crack up her own sick jokes, she a sadist and overall, she's a really strong character, personality wise. Sure living under her as a sad dog that speaks his own mind can be painful, but if Natsuno were my sadistic room mate, I'd be down with it.

Natsuno proves to be a force to be reckoned with for the normal human being. Nobody can stand up to her sadistic personality, unless you're a masochist like Hiiragi. Then she has the scissors of doom, which gets Kazuhito every time. Also, being a young woman of at least 20 years of age (they never clarified how old she was, I think), she's pretty flat chested, and that only opens us up for more "petanko" jokes, which work fairly well against her.

Despite being quite a quirky character at times, she can also be quite dangerous when serious. She knows martial arts to some degree, being able to fight off some pretty proficient fighters with that pair of scissors. Also proving to be a good counselor, she manages to cool off her would be rivals in romance and writing, even recruiting them under her wing. Finally, her drunk shenanigans in the final episode only made me love her more. Foreshadowing much?