Monday, 15 September 2014

Top 5 Badass Villains (Anime) 15/09/2014

Before we begin, here's the usual. 

Spoilers for the following anime:

Black Bullet 
Kill La Kill
To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S 
Akuma No Riddle 

Also, lots of female villains today, so....yeah! Yay for girl power I guess.

Sadistic, pyromaniac!

5. Shizuri Mugino
From: To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S

First up on today's list is Shizuri Mugino, infamous 4th ranked esper in academy city from the "To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S" series. While she looks like a fabulous light show at first glance, there's way more to Mugino than you think.

Mugino is the leader of ITEM, an underground organization that takes part in operations for the more shady parts of academy city. That just tells you one thing about her right off the bat...Mugino is by no means a good person. Taking underground deals and doing dirty work is part of ITEM's code, that just means that Mugino and her people are never nice. Especially when she takes the job to guard the tree diagram from a certain scientific railgun.

When Mikoto tries to stop the level 6 shift experiment by destroying facilities, she was ambushed by Mugino, who sent her team to guard the premises. After defeating Frenda, Mugino appears to teach Mikoto a real lesson. She apparently shows no remorse to Mikoto's concerns about the clone experiments, and states that academy city's dark side is nothing to be trifled with. She's sadistic as hell, she loves a good fight, and most of all, she detests how Mikoto is the 3rd strongest esper in the city. She tests that logic with a good, old fashioned beatdown, though she never did catch Mikoto. Mind you, Mikoto didn't win, she just "managed to get away", she never truly fought against Mugino. If the 2 really went head to head, I'd put my money on Mugino, just saying.

Do not take that hand....

4. Nora
From: Noragami

Next up in 4th place today is Nora, the wandering shinki with plenty of gods as her master, from "Noragami". While Nora didn't really play too much of a part in the show until later on, she's still quite the bitch (I'll be frank here).

Nora was just straight out created to be hated, that's how I see it. From her first appearance though, she didn't seem all too bad because at that point, she wanted to replace Yukine, who was a complete asshole during that part of the show. However, when Yukine reconciled with Yato, you can see that Nora wasn't really pleased. She was insistent that she would be a better sword....and what better way than to manipulate Rabo, the god of calamity?

However, she only makes the dick move later on. When Hiyori was alone WITHOUT Yato or Yukine, Nora approached her, summoning her demonic shadow underlings to attack her. Even in spirit form, Hiroyi could not defend herself, and she fell victim to her shenanigans. You know the rest, Hiyori's memories got stolen away, Rabo challenged Yato, blah blah blah. To make things worse, Nora DESTROYED Hiyori's memories during the actual fight. A real bitch to the end, this girl. Too bad she's still alive though, she'll be up to no good once more if a new season pops up.

Evil...evil at its finest.

3. Nio Hashiri
From: Akuma No Riddle

3rd place villain today goes to Nio Hashiri, the two faced, deadly as heck assassin loli girl from "Akuma No Riddle". As cute as she looks up front, she's really just another scheming, twisted girl on the inside working for a bigger evil.

Nio was f**ked up since the start, and we all know it. Her very first appearance already showed that she had what it takes to be an assassin. She showed no emotion towards her target, no matter how weak/frail/naive she was. She was probably scheming to take down Haru from the start, just that she left her priorities to everyone else. She was directly under the wing of the chairperson in the school, and it can be said that she was the co-orchestrator of all the events that took place in class black.

Nio usually stood at the back for most of the assassination attempts by her classmates. Everyone would go to her to confirm their wishes, because she was directly under the chairperson. She acts like she's not "one of the bad guys" for the majority of the anime, she just gives advice to others, tries to cheer them up, or simply wants to hang out with Haru. It all just a ruse. When every single assassin made their move and got expelled, she started her advance. When Tohkaku tried to kill Haru, she came in, disguised as a fake Tohkaku, and tried to screw with Haru's mind. While it almost worked out, she was inevitable defeated by Tohkaku. She was revealed to be a member of the Kuzunoha clan, an infamous assassin bloodline that uses illusions on their victims, but it doesn't matter. She survived at the end to tell the tale, but who knows if its the last of her antics?

I love this guy.

2. Hiruko Kagetane
From: Black Bullet

This guy takes 2nd place today. His name is Hiruko Kagetane, the crazy masked man with a different outlook for the world of "Black Bullet". He's badass, and you won't want to mess with him.

Kagetane is what we like to call a villain from first sight. From the very moment you see him, YOU KNOW he is going to be a villain, and a badass one at that. He kicks Satomi's ass, he says that they'll meet again, and then he disappears. He later shows up during a meeting of initiators and civil officers, only to blackmail Seitenshi, cast a shroud of doubt on everyone in the room AND kill off a bunch of civil officers as well, showcasing the difference in strength. Just from that scene, I realized, I freaking love this guy.

Kagetane has an initiator as well, his daughter, a cursed child, Hiruko Kohina, a little sadistic girl who wields two swords. Kagetane was a survivor of an old war, and ended up with his entire body being plated up with varanium. He claims to have seen hell, he has seen how the world works now, and wants to change it like Satomi does, albeit using a more vicious and more cruel method. He asks Satomi to join his cause, but is rejected multiple times...yet Kagetane still believes that he'll manage to convince Satomi one day as he continues to unfold the many truths of the corrupt world. While he ends up killing many civil officers and cursed children, he is defeated by Satomi. While he was thought to be dead, he comes back many episodes later to lend his aid to Satomi. What is this man after? We don't know, and that only makes him more amazing.

You know what they say, the cuter the girl, the deadlier she is.
Nui is the epitome of both being cute and deadly.

1. Harime Nui
From: Kill La Kill

There are very few girls who creep me the f**k out (Gasai Yuno takes number 1), so when one of them actually comes by, it leaves a lasting impression. Harime Nui from "Kill La Kill" takes the number 1 spot on today's villain list, and with good reason.

Nui is just all butterflies, rainbows, ribbons and frilly dresses....but that's only how she looks. She's actually a cruel, deadly, merciless, sadistic, two faced bitch that's out to make people suffer like no other. She's just so...well done, that's what makes her scary. She ALWAYS keeps a smile on her face and speaks with her incredibly high pitched voice (GJ Yukari Tamura), like she's kidding around, even when dealing with the most intense of situations. She's the killer of Matoi Isshin, Ryuko's father, and wields the second half of her scissors blade.

In battle, Nui is a beast, being able to wreck the living shit out of pre-buff Ryuko, and even her "beast form" as well. It turns out that she's an entire being made out of life fibers, just like Ryuko. She's the one responsible for all the living life fibers, and also responsible for Ragyo's Shinra Kotetsu, the ultimate clothing. Not to mention that she gets super, super, SUPER F**KING SCARY if she decides to go batshit insane. Yeah, a cute, happy go lucky girl turning into a demonic murderer psychopath is not a fun thing to watch, no no no. Nui is easily one of the scariest anime girls I've seen in years.