Friday, 5 September 2014

More About The Fool

This should be a fairly quick filler, post. I figured I haven't updated the "About Me" portion for quite awhile, and that there were actually quite a few things about me that you all, as readers, should know. Once this post is done I'll link it in the "About Me" section so its much easier for you guys. This is mostly about my online persona so I won't be posting a picture of myself (I probably never will).

First things first, I'm 20 years old, hitting 21 this year, I started this blog when I was 16, making this blog 5 years old. I went through a lot since I started blogging, and while I still make a lot of stupid mistakes (grammar/spelling errors here and there), I do enjoy what I'm doing as a hobby. I'm from Singapore, and I'm currently serving the military at this period of time (because screw Singapore, every capable male HAS to serve the military, its compulsory). I study design and I have a diploma for it...

Enough about the stupid ass real life stuff, nobody gives a shit.


I started this blog primarily to talk about games, but then started doing anime reviews too. Still, gaming is a massive part of my life, and while I may not have too much time to play them now (because army), I'll definitely find time in my daily life to play some games. I'm currently playing "League Of Legends" everyday with my 4 friends, and we've been playing together for the past 3 years. We're mostly casual, but after playing normals and some ranked team matches for 3 years, we know some stuff.

For the past 3 years "League" has been an everyday thing, but of course, I play a lot more than just "League". As an avid gamer, I cycle through games as I finish them, spending time on some more than others.  This is how things work. As for other games that I play everyday, "Hearthstone" comes to mind, because that's probably the best free to play online TCG out there, I'm serious.

My favorite types of games are JRPGs, my favorite game of all time is a tie between "Final Fantasy VII" and "The World Ends With You" (both Square Enix titles, go figure), with the "Shin Megami Tensei" games not too far behind, like "Persona" or "Devil Survivor". Other than these though, I generally enjoy playing most other JRPGs, be it modern and innovative ones or the old school turn based ones. As long as its a JRPG, I'll most probably try to get my hands on it and enjoy it ("Tales Of" series, "Atelier" series, "Etrian Odyssey" series...yeah, I love all the weird stuff). Why JRPGs? Because I enjoy the traditional JRPG characters, story and most of the time, the battle system. I'm a sucker for turn based combat and random encounters, as well as the overall design for most JRPG character stereotypes.

A close second favorite genre will be fighting games. While I do NOT run a fight stick for most of my fighting games, I enjoy them A LOT. For me though, there's a strict restriction to this. I actually do not enjoy "Street Fighter", which is the highest regarded fighting game out there, and most people play it. I enjoy the more fast paced fighting games, be it 2D or 3D, as long as it doesn't evolve too much turtling, I can get into it. For 2D fighters, "Blazblue", "Guilty Gear", "Persona 4:Arena" and "Marvel Vs Capcom" are some of the best shit around. For 3D fighters, I like "Soul Calibur" and "Tekken". Why fighting games? I do enjoy a little bit of the competitive nature that they give. I also LOVE action anime, so what better way to play out an action scene in games other than fighting games? They are the best representation of video games to do epic fights, because well, they ARE fighting games!

What else? I love rhythm games and to some extent, action platformers as well ("Devil May Cry", "Bayonetta" etc). My most hated genre of games include shooters and sports games. Mostly sports though, since there are some pretty f**king good shooter games out there (I love the "Bioshock" series). My favorite game development company is "Atlus", and my favorite video game character is Cloud....because yeah, he's my childhood hero. Maybe favorite isn't the right word, I should have used "most memorable".


Anime started off as a side priority for this blog, but somehow became one of my most oftenly posted topics. While I definitely came to love anime a lot more than I used to do, I still favor gaming over anime. I say that, but just take a look at my anime column...I've easily clocked an insane amount of anime over the years, and I can safely say that it's become part of my daily life already. 

Okay, first off, my favorite anime is "To Aru Majutsu No Index" as a series.

My second favorite anime is "Code Geass R2".

My third favorite anime....I don't have one, because its a tie between MANY amazing shows ("Fate Zero", "Shingeki No Kyojin", "Sword Art Online", "Baka Test", "Higurashi", "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood", "The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou"...the list goes on). There's too much to talk about anime, because there are SO many freaking types of shows out there, and each genre is good for something. For something more specific though, my favorite genre is a mix between action and harem.

Action harems are great, because they satisfy everything that I can ever ask for in an anime. Girls and amazing fights. Action has always been something I'm a fan of (come on, which guy doesn't enjoy watching a good old fashioned fight?), and of course, who can say no to all the types of girls in harems. Sure, it may be stereotypical, but its still something that many wish for.

I can't really list a 2nd favorite genre, because there's way too many anime genres that I enjoy as a second rate. Comedy, romance, mystery, horror....all of these really get me going. If there's a genre of anime that I generally dislike, it would be the sports anime (as you can tell, I hate sports). As for my favorite anime character, its too freaking hard for me to list one out. But if there's one character whose design I REALLY love, its Black Rock Shooter.

Erm...that's it, right? What else am I missing? I think that's all you need to know about me as the author of this blog. Actually....this whole post was just about my preferences in games and anime, wasn't it? Bah, forget it, enjoy.