Opening Songs
OP 1 - Click (ClariS)
OP 2 - Step (ClariS)

Ending Songs
*Too many to list

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life

Episodes: 20

There was really nothing much to be hyped out of "Nisekoi" if you ask me. Sure it was one of the most popular love/comedy manga out there during the time (if you ask me, it probably still is), but when all is said and done, its still what it is. A high school romance comedy harem, nothing more, nothing less. Getting me hyped out about a proper romance aspect really got me going for the most part, and the show does start off strong, but then slowly trails into the path of all generic harems as it proceeds into its later stages. While it overall shows potential of being a really good romance anime, it probably only flourishes on later in the story. Aka, season one doesn't particularly have anything too strong or convincing in the romance section, and if I had to guess, its mostly buildup and character development for a stronger second season. This is just a guess though, I've never read the manga. But if you're here looking for the usual high school romance comedy harem thing, then look no further, "Nisekoi" delivers wonderfully on that end, and then some.

Yep, the girls are pretty hot in this one.

First off, this is one of those shows with way too many damn ending themes (they change ending themes every couple of episodes or so), so I'll just cover the opening songs here. Both opening themes are by ClariS. The first one is "Click", and in my opinion, its the better of the two, even though they both sound pretty similar. "Click" has more of a simplistic feel, which pretty much suits the laid back style and atmosphere of this anime. As I mentioned, "Step", the 2nd opening, sounds pretty similar to "Click", though that one has a more fantasy feel to it. I like both, but "Click" feels more suited for "Nisekoi".

Rating: 7.5/10

As mentioned earlier, if you're looking for another good spirited high school romance comedy harem kind of show, "Nisekoi" will fit right into your book no problem. There's potential room for some really good romance here, but season 1 just feels like its for buildup and character development. In that department, yes, "Nisekoi" does very well. Characters are developed respectably well throughout the anime, and you'll feel that many of the characters change for the better later on (especially Chitoge. Holy SHIT I hated her f**king guts during the anime's first few episodes). The main story about Raku's pendant and long lost love is very interesting early on, but it slowly fades away...and its mentioned a lot less later on (much to my disappointment). Other than that, there's a lot of cliche rom-com moments, but these are handled decently well. Still....I do wonder. When are romance animes going to stop relying on the typical dense high school kid that just can't take a f**king clue about the feelings of girls? Jesus, Raku is like typical high school romance comedy main character number 752.


Ichijo Raku is one hell of a his home. He is the son of a Japanese Yakuza boss, and because of that, all the gangsters that live in his home call him young master. He longs for a normal school life, but because of the gangsters that are always around him, he never really gets close to any girls in his previous schools. However, he had a memory from his childhood, where a girl that he used to like gave him a pendant before she left. He would have a locked pendant, while the girl would have a key to unlock it, and together they would discover what was inside. Little did he know though, that during his first day, he gets jumped on by a blonde girl transfer student known as Chitoge. He lost his pendant because of that, and he gets Chitoge to look for it with him. The two despised each other, and despite this, they worked together to look for Raku's pendant. All is well when they decided to never speak to one another ever again, but then their parents have something else to say. As a peace treaty between the mafia and the Yakuza, they are to have their heirs date one another. And guess who is the daughter of the Mafia's boss? Chitoge and Raku could only stare at each other as their parents have grins the size of moons.

"Nisekoi" works well with its own themes. The love story of Ichijo's past would have been hella interesting, but too bad we don't get to see or hear much of it in this (supposedly) first season. Without relying too heavily on fan service, "Nisekoi" stands on its own with its own rom-com situations and stereotypical characters. Its pretty good, but I'm sure as hell it could have been better.