Kana Asumi

Kana Asumi is as girly as girls go. Her voices are pretty varied...she has done of ton different character archetypes before, and most of which are very well done. She can do very high tone cute-sy voices like Bridget (Prism Ark) or Felicia (Darkstalkers). Then we have her more "normal" voices in very regular high school voices like Mikoto (Kampfer), Yuu (BRS:The Animation) and Kazari (To Ar Majutsu No Index), though in a way, these three have their own different alter egos. Madoka (Dog X Scissors) and Reina (Strike The Blood) are just your very regular loving little sister archetypes...even though Reina isn't really a little sister, she just acts a lot like one. Chihiro (The World God Only Knows) is easily the most emotional character she has played, and Airi (Devil Survivor 2) is probably her only tsundere character that I really know. Blanc (Hyperdimension Neptunia) is like, her most obvious kuudere role, Midori (Devil Survivor) and Ene (Mekaku City Actors) are her more cheerful characters, which I enjoy the most.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Bridgette (Prism Ark), Mikoto (Kampfer), Kazari (To Aru Majutsu No Index), Yuu/Strenght (Black Rock Shooter:The Animation)

2nd row: Chihiro (The World God Only Knows), Midori (Devil Survivor), Blanc (Hyperdimension Neptunia), Felicia (Darkstalkers)

3rd row: Airi (Devil Survivor 2:The Animation), Ene (Mekaku City Actors), Madoka (Dog X Scissors), Reina (Strike The Blood)

Emiri Kato

Emiri Kato is probably one of the voice actresses that I really liked, but she didn't appear in much of the stuff that I watched. She has one of the most likable voices for any female character, EVER. She definitely needs more recognition. She sets her standard first with the tsundere as f**k Kagami (Lucky Star), which is also her most normal voice out of everyone in her list. Next we have the more arrogant girls, like that of Disk (Needless), or the boasty Kate (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai). Blair (Soul Eater) is just championship level seductive, though she's also very cheery. The Kinoshita twins are just her masterpiece characters (Baka To Test To Shokanju), showing that she can do a male voice just fine. Hachikugi (Monogatari Series) is just downright adorable, while Noe (D-Frag) on the other hand is stupidly adorable. Finally, we have her kuudere types, which we've seen in recent anime with Akatsuki (Log Horizon) and Hajime (Hamatora).

Characters from left to right

1st row: Kagami (Lucky Star), Disk (Needless), Kate (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai)

2nd row: Hachikuji (Monogatari series), Kinoshita twins (Baka To Test To Shokanju), Blair (Soul Eater)

3rd row: Akatsuki (Log Horizon), Hajime (Hamatora), Noe (D-Frag!)

Minako Kotobuki

Here we have another lady well versed in the ways of the ojou sama. I mean, god, just look at her roles! She first got popular with her role as Mugi (K-on!), and honestly, that was just the tip of the iceberg for her, because she can do so much more than just your regular cheery high school girl. She's got bitchy girls under her belt with Sagami (My teenage Romantic Comedy SNAFU), a smart aleck who just wants to help her friends with Kanon (Guilty Crown), and then we have the typical shounen female who tries to be useful with Serah (Final Fantasy 13-2). Of course, I love the hell out of all of her ojou-sama esque roles. Kongou (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun) is just cocky as heck with that glamorous laugh and attitude of hers. Sen (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls) is just stupidly sexy and is just a spoiled rich girl on top of everything. Ninomiya (Valvrave) is just that popular girl that gets everything...except for what she wants. Gin (Kyokai Senjou Horizon) was just thrown there, showing that she could do a strong, kuudere type just fine.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Kongou (To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Sen (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls), Kanon (Guilty Crown)

2nd row: Gin (Kyokai Senjou Horizon), Sagami (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU), Ninomiya (Valvrave)

3rd row: Tsumugi (K-on!), Serah (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

Junichi Suwabe

Probably the male seiyuu with THE MOST BADASS voice out there, like, in all seriousness. He sounds manly as all hell, and he is able to bend that sexy voice of his into the most magnificent of character archetypes. Standard bijin main characters that you see everyday? No problem, Komuro (High School Of The Dead) and Andy (Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyouske) say hi. Both are full of emotion and heroic impulses to protect all of their friends. Majestic anti-heroes? Archer (Fate Series), Yamato (Devil Survivor 2:The Animation) and in some sense, Lars (Tekken 6) fit the bill very nicely. How about the fabulous, well mannered gentlemen like Theodore (Persona 3 Portable) and Friagne (Shakugan No Shana)? How about a bloodthirsty fighter? Grimmjow (Bleach) is as superb as he gets. And of course, if you want to do villains, this guy has got it covered like no other, with badasses like Shiro (Okami-San And Her Seven Companions) and Relius (Blazblue Series) out there, no one is safe.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Archer (Fate Series), Grimmjow (Bleach)

2nd row: Lars (Tekken 6), Yamato (Devil Survivor 2:The Animation), Komuro (High School Of The Dead), Friagne (Shakugan No Shana)

3rd row: Relius (Blazblue series), Theodore (Persona 3 Portable), Andy (Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyouske), Shiro (Okami-San And Her Seven Companions)

Kaori Nazuka

Probably having one of the most elegant voices in all of the anime industry, Kaori Nazuka stands very strong as a voice actor. She's got many types of characters under her belt, all using that loving, soothing and sometimes seductive voice of hers to act them out. Her best tone to me is the one that she uses in many of her characters, the one that makes a girl sound so frail, fragile and sometimes, worth protecting. I'm talking about the characters like Eureka (Eureka Seven), Miyu (Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya), Nunally (Code Geass Series), Lynne (Strike Witches) and Totori (Atelier Arland Series). Of course, many of these characters have different sides to them (Miyu being a little bit of a kuudere, Nunally acting all rebellious towards her bro towards the end). Nadeshiko (Inukami) and Kotegawa (To Love Ru) are her standard high school girl voices, that can sound pretty sexy at times...especially with Kotegawa.  Then we have Akari (Nagi No Asukara), who is kind of a loving older sister, an archetype that she could really get used to doing.

Characters from left to right

1st row: Eureka (Eureka Seven), Miyu (Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya), Akari (Nagi No Asukara), Nunally (Code Geass Series)

2nd row: Nadeshiko (Inukami), Lynne (Strike Witches), Totori (Atelier Arland Series), Kotegawa (To Love Ru)