Opening Songs
OP 1 - Stalemate! (IOSYS jk Girls)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Please Enter Everyone's Names (Kana Hanazawa, Shizuka Itou, Aki Toyosaki)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 12

Looks like its that time again. What time? Time for more high school shenanigans of course, because it seems like that's where all the fun is, especially with shows like "D-Frag!" out there. Its shows like these where you can watch it at your own free time, get a few good laughs out of it and memories out of it....and you don't really have to pay too much attention. Its the beauty of these simple, comedy, high school romance harems that seem to work most of the time. Its good at what it does, introducing great characters with some cliched but spunky scenarios that'll break out a good sweat. There's a lot to like in "D-Frag!", and unless you have an overwhelming hatred for high school scenarios and the such, its pretty much guaranteed that you'll enjoy your time. Just be prepared for a lot of bullshit, the good kind.

I want a swim suit episode...why didn't we get a swim suit episode?!

And with ridiculous shows come ridiculous theme songs! "Stalemate" by IOSYS jk Girls is as speedy and fast paced as it gets. Its just crazy fast, and at the same time, catchy. It does a good job at not being too cutesy, and I really appreciate that, its an opening fitting to this anime. The ending theme, "Please Enter Everyone's Names" by Kana Hanazawa, Shizuka Itou and Aki Toyosaki, is almost the same. Its a fast paced ending theme that relies on being catchy and or cutesy at the same time. It kind of succeeds, but as much as the opening does.

Rating: 8.0/10

Its really enjoyable to watch...maybe because its one of those shows that manage to do well without having to use too much cliches. It doesn't require on too much fan service. In fact, fan service is kept to a minimum, and I'm surprised with that fact, considering its a high school romance comedy anime. It manages to make use of very cliched events that most other anime of the same genre have and manages to make them entertaining. We're mostly used to seeing bouts like school festivals or guys peeking on girls in the changing room, but "D-Frag!" manages to exaggerate them to the point of being ridiculous, so much that it becomes hilarious. Then we have some magnificently presented characters of insane variety, be it our club girls who fantasize about powers that they might or might not have, a ditzy club president with big boobs and cries all the time, or a crazy delinquent whose's special powers come from him watching an insane amount of anime. It's all too entertaining, really.

Do what?!

The story stars as Kazama Kenji, the biggest, somewhat baddest delinquent in the entire school. As he rolls the grounds with his gang, the Kazama family, they quickly find out that they don't really have much to do in their school. One day though he picks up some flyers for a girl recruiting members for her club in the school's front gate, and that girl remembers him for his kindness. Unfortunately, a fire breaks out in this girl's club room, Kazama and his gang mates help to put out the fire...only to find out that it was a trap. It seemed like this girl's club, the "Game Developing Club", was running out of members, and they were desperate to recruit someone new. Unfortunately for Kenji and his friends, she had him in mind, and they used the fire to lure them into a devious trap. Kenji is forced to join the club after some brutal mistreatment, and his entire delinquent life turned to shambles in a few days as he became a slave to the "Game Developing Club" for Roka and her girls.

Let's hope life improves for Kenji in his club, because I sure hope for a second season. It seems rather likely because apparently "D-Frag!" did get somewhat of a good response from the people. It was about time a good high school comedy themed anime came out, and "D-Frag!" was somewhat of a temporary response for my "Baka Test" fix. More ridiculousness like this could really do us good once in awhile.