Romance an anime is super f**king normal, its so normal that its nothing to be surprised at anymore. Some couples are well developed, some love each other to the ends of the Earth. Some are just one sided, some are just too embarassed to tell each other they're true feelings, even though both of them really love each other. These kinds of relationships are there, like it or not, and today I'm here to discuss some of my favorite pairings in anime. Note that these are subjective, and each his own I guess.

The Lovey Dovey Couples

Kirito And Asuna

Let's start with the more well known couples. Kirito and Asuna's relationship strikes off as more interesting and is actually one that we can relate to....if you play MMORPGs. Relationships in real life are one thing, but if love blooms from an MMORPG, its hard to really confirm it. Maybe you'll stay as couples in game, but in real life you don't know each other. In a situation as dangerous and desperate as "Sword Art Online", it's normal that you'd want to protect a love one like you would in real life. Kirito's love for Asuna and her love for his is really something you can UNDERSTAND, especially when they return to their normal lives, and you see Kirito, all weak and shriveled up when he awakes, try to see his loved one. This is one pairing I really like, even though I don't really love Asuna as a character. Sorry Leafa.

Ryuji And Taiga

This one is obvious. Ryuji and Taiga may not be so well made out for each other at first, but they're definitely great together when misunderstandings are cleared up. Tiger and dragon just sound so nice together, but another thing that's so amazing about these 2 is how they grew to understand one another. It starts off as a love hate relationship, with Ryuji helping out Taiga to get close to Kitamura, and Taiga will try to keep it from Minori that Ryuji is actually crazy about her. As Ryuji keeps helping Taiga out, it becomes obvious to her how nice Ryuji actually IS to her, and then she starts to develop feelings for him. She grew to find out that she loved him, and that she NEEDED him as a person. When all shit breaks lose in that final confession, Taiga finally breaks free of her tsundere mode and tells Ryuji how he feels. A crazy high school relationship, but also a very beautiful one.

Okabe And Kurisu

Okabe and Kurisu are like two sides of the same freaking coin. They're both scientists, they both look at the logical (or in Okabe's case, the illogical) side of things, and they both work things out for the best of their interests. Of course, but how could two science fags fall for each other?! Especially when Okabe has the likes of Mayuri, Suzuha and more at his side?! Well, it all boils down to how Kurisu actually shows interest in Okabe, and that how he, no matter how freaking clueless he is, actually cares for her. Mayuri is more of a supportive childhood friend, and no matter how much he wants to save her, he still loves Kurisu. Their love truly blooms when Kurisu needed to leave for the states, but it didn't matter. No matter what timeline he gets himself into, Kurisu and Okabe will still know, that they share a bond that no other could.

The What Ifs

Oreki And Chitanda

Oreki and Chitanda aren't exactly an official pair, but they might as well just do it already. Oreki doesn't really give a shit about anything else and wants a peaceful life, but out of the f**king blue comes Eru. KIRINARIMASU, was what she said, and Oreki could not resist those big blue eyes of hers. Time goes on as Oreki continues to solve Chitanda's curious mysteries, but have you wondered if they actually harbored any feelings for each other? Sure Oreki doesn't give a f**k, but he starts to grow more interested in Chitanda and what she was about. Chitanda doesn't really dive deep into romantic issues with Oreki, but perhaps she has a thing for him? Who knows, we'll never know. But hopefully they'll come to a point of agreement some day, these two would make a nice pair.

Kyouske And Kuroneko

I'm still really pissed about this one. Its a "What if" scenario because it really is. Kyouske and Kuroneko really got together in the anime for awhile, but then they broke up for the most stupid reason. Then when Kuroneko finally wanted to reconcile with Kyouske....he turned her down for his very own sister. Now that is just screwed up. The scene where Kuroneko bawled her eyes out and screamed into the night because of her sadness really ripped my heart into shreds. Think about it, if Kyouske said "Yes" to her at that very moments, things could have really gotten sweet for these two. I think Kuroneko really loves Kyouske, and even the Kyouske, who was a dick in that one moment, really loved her too. Two reasons why I think Kyouske rejected her at the time, he felt too strongly for his sister, and he didn't want to get hurt again, like what happened before when Kuroneko broke up with him. It was a blunder on both of their parts, but a more massive one on Kyouske, they could have been a wonderful couple.

Hayate And Hinagiku

This really needs to happen, even though I don't think it'll be the case. Hayate has a long running series now, and he has a lot to choose from. Honestly I think he'll take Nagi or Athena at the end, just because the plot wills it, but I think Hinagiku deserves his love. She's just like Hayate in so many ways, just that one is a lot smarter than the other. Both come from poor backgrounds, have scumbag parents, and if they kind of think alike as well. Hinagiku seems to like Hayate, and he sort of has some form of fondness for her, he just doesn't know what to do....just like Hinagiku in many ways, when she goes uber tsundere. I think Hinagiku just needs that little push for her to get to Hayate's heart, but she has many obstacles in the way though. More specifically, Hayate's thick skull and his lack of knowledge about girls.

The Crazies

Yukiteru And Yuno

Oh yeah, these two are a couple alright, but it almost makes you wonder if they REALLY just did that. I mean, yeah, they DO love each other at the end, no doubt about that, but man were they freaking crazy. Yuki is the poor victim, and Yuno was the crazy stalker. How many times did Yuno almost kill Yuki? How many times did Yuno go bat shit insane FOR Yuki? And Yuki is freaking insane as well. After all that Yuno did, HE STILL LOVED HER! He still continued to care for her, he still looked out for he. Sure he might give her the look of fear from time to time, but in the end, he overlooked everything Yuno did, and still loved her. He stayed alive for tens and thousands of years as the next god, all looking for an opportunity to see her again. These two are nuts.