Danganronpa:The Animation

She's the best, seriously.

Celestia is seriously the best character in the series IMO, hands down. Both for the game AND the animation, Celestia nails the best character spot for many reasons. She has the most personality, she actually kills for her own accord, and the fact that she managed to sneak in multiple personalities into her fabulous ojou-san manor only made her all the more amazing of a character. Yeah out of everybody else, maybe only Kirigiri or Togami comes close, but other than that, she tops everyone else.

Let's really talk about Celestia for a bit. First off, her character design is fabulous, in my opinion at least. She's got this gothic lolita thing going on even though she really isn't loli at all. THen we've got her split personalities. She's usually nice. Very factual (she always goes on and on about the cold, hard facts and rarely uses feelings, friendship or human emotion to negotiate), but she's nice overall. Then, when things don't go her way, she can really become...fierce. 

Then, when she actually STARTS to kill someone, you feel that her reason is so selfish and inferior compared to everyone else before her...that's true, but that's also why I love her. Beneath all of this tough girl act, she's actually just a poor girl who acts like a spoilt princess, and is willing to do whatever she can just to get her hands on that. The way she snaps is so...awesome. I also felt that her murder case was one of the most interesting ones, and that if she really DID think through the whole thing, she's a genius as well.

Kill La Kill

The mark of awesomeness.

MEN DOU KOTE MEN DOU KOTE MEN DOU KOTE! Let the screams of Nobuyuki Hiyama flow into your head and sink deep into your memories, because Sanageyama is easily the most memorable character in "Kill La Kill". I'm sure everyone agrees when I say that "Kill La Kill" is filled to the BRIM with amazing characters, but nobody strikes me as awesome as much as Sanageyama does, the dude is a freaking beast from head to toe.

Each and every one of the elite four is well explained and developed, but I felt that we had the deepest connection to Sanageyama. If not for Satsuki or Nui, Sanageyama...would probably be Ryuko's next rival. He's a man that learns from his mistakes. First things first, he challenges Ryuko in an attempt to prove himself to Satsuki. He loses, then instead of begging for forgiveness like a cocky fella, he accepts change and SEALS his own eyes that he was so proud of. Then with his eyes shut off, he hones his other senses and becomes extremely powerful, eventually overpowering Ryuko for a short moment.

However after that, he never gets the chance to face of with Ryuko for real again. Instead, when shit gets real, he stands alongside the other elite four and follow Satsuki's orders as usual. As a wearer of the 3 star Goku uniform, his Blade Regalia never fails to impress. With its impressive offensive stats and brutal melee strikes, he strikes his enemies down without mercy. To make things even better, he follows the code of honor, that means he believes in fighting the "manly" way.

Log Horizon

Behold, the most badass and fabulous cat of all time.

Nyanta is indeed, the most badass cat in our generation. Never would I find myself praising a cat for its badassery...until I watched "Log Horizon" of course. Nyanta's moments of true badassery don't really last very long, but it was well enough to make him one of my favorite characters in the show. While he never really showed off TOO much in the series after that, he still contributed enough for him to be a potently important character to the story.

Nyanta once belonged to the Tea Party, and is an acquaintance to both Shiroe and Naotsugu. It was shown when he could call upon griffons as well. Also note that Shiroe and Naotsugu both call him "chief", either he was someone of great importance or it was just that they showed great respect to him...or maybe even both, because this cat kicks ass. During the arc where Shiroe and party went to rescue Serara, Nyanta easily solo-ed Demikas even when he had healers.

Then Nyanta made possibly one of the biggest contributions to the history of "Elder Tale"...making food taste great. Proving that his level 90 chef subclass would pay off, he made the inhabitants of "Elder Tale" understand the wonders of food once again, something that they had long since missed. He then joined Shiroe's guild "Log Horizon" and contributed in his own way since. He seems to be fond of Serara, though he doesn't quite see her as she sees him yet.