Opening Songs
OP 1 - Divine Intervention (Fhana)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Witch Activity (KMM Dan)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy Romance

Episodes: 12

We always see the guy taking charge in harems. I mean yeah, the main protagonist in a harem usually isn't depicted as the strongest character, but most of the time, he is the one to push the buttons of the girls, getting them aroused, angry or simply flustered. "Witch Craft Works" is possibly the first show that shows me otherwise. Never before have I seen a male character designed to be so ridiculously useless (sure, there are other very good competitors for this position out there), such that the female lead has to hold his hand all the f**king time. Its annoying, that much I'll agree, to see the male representative of this anime to be so pathetic. But still, other than the main character himself being quite an eyesore, "Witch Craft Works" is another high school action harem with some interesting concepts BUT just isn't executed well enough. There is room for some cool interpretations here and there, but overall, it was just too short or insignificant to make a lasting impression. It isn't bad by any means, just a little soft spoken. It could really use more punch to it.

A...male witch?

The opening song is "Divine Intervention" by Fhana, and I expected it to be pretty awesome if it shares the same name as Kayle's ult from LoL (totally off topic, forgive me). Luckily, it IS good, almost too good for "Witch Craft Works". It's a very fantasy esque anison type of song that'll get passed for any sort of good fantasy anime, "Witch Craft Works" fits nicely for this. The ending theme though, "Witch Activity" by KMM Dan, is your typical anime ending theme song that tries to be catchy. It IS catchy, but its just not very good at anything else other than that.

Rating: 7.0/10

It could have easily been a lot more interesting if it didn't just focus about useless stuff. There are some awkward pacing issues here, and there honestly aren't too many interesting characters other than a select few, like maybe Takamiya's sister, or the strange girl Chronoire and her mysterious crocodile bodyguard. There aren't a lot of main action segments, but the few that are present are decently well done. The romance feels half hearted and honestly a little bit one sided, because Kagari is such a f**king Kuudere (I hate kuuderes, no emotion whatsoever). Other than that though, "Witch Craft Works" does do a fantastic job of keeping us entertained. It might not be the action, the characters, or any fanservice (at least it doesn't resort to that), but just the overall mood of the show. It can be funny at times, and honestly, I kind of like those 5 witches that always mess around, because hell, they're probably the funniest characters in the show. In terms of comedy, "Witch Craft Works" does well. And who can forget the magnificently ridiculous love story of Kagari and Takamiya's mothers?

Behold, the most fire-y female anime character ever made!
(Sorry Shana, she's got you beat)

The story talks about your everyday high school protagonist loser, Takamiya Honoka, just a regular boy with nothing too special in his life. Of course, like in any anime, something has to change his life, so a weird girl attacked him in the school courtyard with a flying building. He was saved by the most popular girl in his class, Ayaka Kagari, and "Surprise!", she's got super powers! It seems like Kagari was a witch that was destined to protect Takamiya just in case something like this happened to him. Kagari was fatally wounded, but miraculously survived. She fought back the witch to save Takamiya, and it seemed like the witches are after something inside him. Kagari revealed the world of witches and magic to Takamiya, only to have more witches enroll into school as transfer hunt him down. So his entire life went to shit, and Kagari sticks with him more than over to protect him.

So that's all for "Witch Craft Works". With the way that it ended, I'm expecting a 2nd season, though I'm not exactly too hyped for it. There are many things that could have been done better, and honestly, it needs more interesting characters. For a first season, it wasn't too bad, but of course, I expect a 2nd season to be somewhat similar. Let's hope that they make the story a bit better this time at least.