The Last Giant
Skills: Foot stomps, Arm swipe*, Extended arm swipe*, Fall

Difficulty: 2/5

And so begins our new journey...a whole new series of the bosses about "Dark Souls II". After covering bosses from "Dark Souls" for the past 3 years or so, its time to start a new one. And of course, as with all beginnings, we'll start with the very first boss of "Dark Souls II"....The Last Giant. Considering the trend in the "Souls" games, the first bosses are always pretty easy, so is it safe to assume so with The Last Giant? You might actually be in for a surprise....he's a lot harder than I thought. Instead of pushovers like "Phalanx" or "Asylum Demon", this guy can actually kill you if you aren't careful. Either how, you'll have to tread carefully with this first boss. He is the boss of the "Forest Of The Fallen Giants".

Okay buddy, let's go.

For a first boss, he's pretty intimidating, and he should be. Because of his size, you can expect him to hurt. A single swipe or two will be enough to kill those with low health builds. His attacks are slow, but pack a huge punch, especially this early in the game. Blocking isn't recommended, because his attacks do take up a huge portion of your stamina and may leave you open to being attacked by something else. Make use of what you have over him: your speed.

Foot stomps - He stomps his feet when you're below him. This is heavily telegraphed and if you're underneath him, you can see this from a mile away. Dodge or simple move away.

Arm swipe* - He swings his arm below in a wide arc, attempting to get to you. If you are quite a distance away from him, you can see this one coming. But if you're below him, this is going to be hard to predict as it can get you from behind. Dodge away,

Extended arm swipe* - He only uses this when his health is below 50% and he tears his arm off. Its a wider and more powerful version of Arm swipe.

Fall - He falls on top of you. This one is very easy to see coming, simply run away at full speed when he starts crouching forward.

Not much attacks to talk about, but he can still kill you. As I mentioned earlier, his damage is very high for being the first boss, and one mistake can really set you behind for the entire fight. If you're ranged, this fight is going to be about keeping the distance from him. As long as you stand more than a third of the arena's space from him and fire your projectiles, he shouldn't be able to touch you, he's slow as heck. If you're melee, then there's only one thing to do: you need to chop away at a vulnerable point, one where only you can reach, his feet.

Chopping away at his feet is an easy task, but you'll need to look out for foot stomps. Its easy enough to see coming, and rolling away from that won't be a problem. Take note though that he might stomp multiple times if he doesn't like you, so you'll have to keep away for a bit. Anyhow, just keep hitting his feet whenever you have the chance for some easy damage. Its even better if he falls over, though hitting any other part of his body won't amplify the damage that you're doing, so just keep hitting his legs.

Next up you'll need to keep an eye out for his arm swipes. The initial arm swipe is already deadly enough, since it has a wide range and if you're underneath him most of the time, you can't really see him coming at you with this skill. Rolling away is the proper action here, but its going to be even harder when he hits 50% health. He'll rip off his arm and use it as a weapon for longer reach with his initial arm swipe. Not only does this do more damage but it has a larder range as well.

That's a wrap, folks.

Beating him grants you 10000 souls, which is quite a hefty amount for a first boss. Still, I feel that its a fitting reward for the following bosses to come. Spend it wisely, as "Dark Souls II" isn't going to let up. The Last just the tip of the iceberg.