Opening Songs
OP 1 - Sympathy (Larval Stage Planning)

OP 2 - Gekijouron (ZAQ)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Houteishiki wa Kotaenai (Occult club girls)
ED 2 - Lovely ♥ Devil (Occult club girls)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Episodes: 12

Not much needs to be said about "High School DxD". Its a harem for the most part, it has nudity, big tits and probably everything that defines fan service, panty shots and the like included. Even so, it's one of those heavy fan service anime with an actual serviceable story about many supernatural themes. The concept about chess pieces is really cool, there are some sick abilities among the characters, and the show provides some really nice fights. For the most part, that is how season 1 was, and surprisingly, they managed to keep up the pace with season 2 pretty f**king well (I just got disappointed with IS season 2). Season 2 continues the story and expands on the background on many of the occult club members, as well as introducing new members completely. By going more in depth with the lore of this world, a lot more is uncovered, and its not a stretch to say that season 2 made me love the series even more, both from a serious perspective and from one based off fan service.

Chill out guys, its a dude.

I kind of liked the opening song in the first season, but I loved both opening songs in season 2. "Sympathy" by Larval Stage Planning is just an epic song overall...just from the starting line alone. It's like one of those songs you'll pop in during an epic fight. The second opening "Gekijouron" by ZAQ is a more synth based track, and while its slightly lower on the score board when compared to "Sympathy", its still a good song overall, just a little out of place with the "High School DxD" franchise. Both ending songs are kind of cute-sy esque generic catchy animu ending themes that are sung by the seiyuus of the main girls in the anime...both don't really catch my I'll just leave it as that. If you're wondering about what I think, " Lovely ♥ Devil" is the better out of the two.

Rating: 8.0/10

"High School DxD New" still stands strong. It is as good as, or maybe even better than the first season, just with the plot alone. The show even introduced new characters and enlightened us more about the great three factions, the angels, fallen angels and devils. With new characters in Rias's liege, the regular non-serious moments just feel more fun as a viewer, and the fan service element gets a boost too (because, of course, there'll be new girls). The anime also manages to be funny without trying too hard, though for the most part, the comedy only comes because of lewd thoughts or lack of sexual knowledge from some of the characters (Xenovia is the champion here). The story arcs manage to dig deep into the personal back story of some characters, shedding more light on them and developing them as an overall. However, the best thing about it all is probably the fact that we'll get to see more soon, and that in the next installment, things get even more lively. We can only wait.

This is highly misleading, no?

After the events of season 1, Rias has developed a new found form of affection for Issei. She moved in to Issei's home with Asia, and for some reason, Issei's parents welcome her with open arms. They continue their life in school as usual, but one day, Kiba notices the picture of a Holy Sword, and he starts to lose his cool. He becomes a lot more emotional and less attentive of his surroundings, and he starts to shun the likes of Rias and the members of the occult research club. It was not before long that Issei forced an explanation out of Rias about Kiba's past. Issei, being the protagonist and know it all hero, decides to help Kiba, but doesn't know what he is getting himself into when he realizes that the church are involved. It soon becomes an all out brawl fest between the church and Rias's group, with unexpected guests that start to appear  here and there...

"High School DxD New" is a pretty good second season. Maybe its because the story arcs were well developed in this one, but I felt that this second season opened up a whole new world of possibilities for a future installment. I really liked this one, and I can't wait to see what's next for Issei and crew. Please though, more Koneko and Akeno screen time, they needed some...more significant moments.