Opening Songs
OP 1 - Shape My Story (Anna Yano)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Hajikero! C3-bu! (Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu)

Genre: Action, Slice Of Life

Episodes: 13

Its time for another one of those, if you get what I mean. "Girls Und Panzer..."Upotte" know the kind. "Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu" talks about air soft, another topic that we don't get to see often in the likes of anime. So how do we make air soft something interesting so that anyone will want to watch it? We girlify the entire cast, like how every anime does it! "Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu" feels just as a slapstick experience as almost any other of the same genre, and if you are expecting something different with this, don't. Its a very typical tale about girls following ambitions and doing what they like, though as with my previous experiences with shows like this, I don't particularly dislike them. It feels like I've said all this before, but it also applies to "Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu". If you like air soft, "Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu" is for you. For others, its just a good time waster like most other anime.

Meet the team!

"Shape My Story" by Anna Yano is the opening theme for the anime, and man is it pretty misleading. When I first saw the opening, I thought that the anime was going to be something epic! Apparently not to much though. The song itself is pretty good, but I felt it would be better for something different. The ending theme, "Hajikero! C3-bu!" is your typical slap stick anime ending theme, where it involves the entire female cast of the main heroines singing it. Its rather catchy, but its nothing too different from what we usually get to be honest.

Rating: 7.0/10

What can I say, its what you'd expect, pretty much. The story has its own turns here and there, and it all boils down to the character development of the main character, which is, to say the least, pretty interesting to watch. The entire anime is a huge character development course for her, and how she changes as a person. The end result makes us smile, but the entire journey is somewhat something you'd already pretty much expect. Not to discredit the anime by any means though. It has some good characters, but the spotlight all points to the main character, which isn't that impressive of a person early on, so the anime pretty much dulls early and slowly ramps up, to the very cliche happy ending towards the end. Well, I guess that's how it all goes, there's even a fan service episode at the end to mix things up abit.

Well, I'm with you there.

The show talks about a deject high school girl known as Yura Yamato, who is moving to Stella Women's Academy to begin her high school life anew. She has never been good with people, and in her middle school life, she was pretty much neglected because she never made much of an impact....she intends to change that in her new school. Unfortunately things weren't going too well for her on day one, and when she found her new room her room mate wasn't there. Instead, she found guns and war movies. She watched one and got too overly excited...only to be seen by another girl. Instead of discriminating Yura, that girl calls her a weirdo and asks her to join her club. The girl introduces herself as Rento, and introduces Yura to the C3 club, an air soft club where they, obviously, play air soft everyday. After a beating in an air soft game she refuses, but after realizing that her room mate was IN the club as its president, she gave up and joined as a member too....

"Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu" was made for a pretty specific audience. If you aren't into the air soft idea, you're probably not going to get the full experience out of "Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu", just like many other anime. The show itself was pretty decent for me, but if you like air soft and cute girls, you may get more of a kick out of it than I did.