Opening Songs
OP 1 - Birth (Eri Kitamura)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Waranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita (Mikako Komatsu)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Psychological

Episodes: 12

Very few anime get to move me to the verge of tears. As I said though, VERY FEW anime did, that means I got emotionally moved by anime quite a few times before, not that its surprising or anything. "Angel Beats" and "Anohana", just to name a few. "Sunday Without God" is going to be another one of those. Another one of those anime that feels unique, awesome and different, then it smacks you with an overly emotional moment and you cry at the screen. Yes, "Sunday Without God" is awesome that way, and you'll be pulled in by its strange and cruel world. A world so disturbing that you can't help but want to learn more. In fact, I'm yearning for a second season already, because its been quite awhile since I got so intrigued. "Sunday Without God" has a lot of potential to become  one of the better anime franchises out there, especially with so much hate on where anime is headed in general. The uber moe protagonist seems off-putting, but sticking with "Sunday Without God" will net you one of anime's finest experiences.

The feels...

The opening song gives off a very choir heavy feel at the start, and I listened in from there all the way. Its "Birth" by Eri Kitamura, and its definitely a very captivating song. However, this draws a lot from personal taste, I like songs with epic choir segments, and "Birth" has a mix of an anisong tune in there too. And it definitely fits an anime with the name "Sunday Without God". The ending song just fills me with nostalgia for no apparent reason. The song name is "Waranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita" by Mikako Komatsu, and once again, it fits for an anime like this. The song itself though sounds like something NirlLis (is this how you spell it?) would sing, you know, the group that did one of "Eureka Seven"'s opening themes.

Rating: 8.5/10

This is an easy recommendation to anyone who wants to look for a nice anime that different from what's available out there. As mentioned at the beginning, the uber moe main character might immediately put some people off, but deep within there's a lot of darkness, despair, emotion and innovation. "Sunday Without God" is like a blend of many different genres, and its hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of anime it is. The entire cast is pretty likable, though you'd have to put up with Ai's (the protagonist) annoying main character mindset for a little bit, and you'll grow to like them pretty quickly. The setting and lore of the anime is respectably well done, and there's a lot that you, as a viewer, will want to know. What's more, the different story arcs of the anime massively differ from one another, and as Ai is thrown into different situations, you get to see how the anime adapts to these new sections pretty well. Its a bizarre journey, to say the least.

Well, this is true...

The story talks about Ai Astin, a young girl grave keeper whom is a contradiction to the history of the world. 15 years ago, God abandoned the world, and turned the entire cycle of birth into nothing. Since that fateful day, no human has been able to reproduce whatsoever, turning the world into a pitiful state. As a result, humans can only be of age 15 or more, Ai is 12. Also, humans are unable to die since that fateful day, which gave birth to the meaning of "the dead". They are like zombies, but instead, when a human dies, they retain their sanity, and are aware of themselves being dead. But however, being dead people, they should not be allowed to roam the world, and as such, God created the grave keepers, a third party that involves burying dead people and helping them stay "truly dead". Ai is a 12 year old grave keeper...which is nonsensical when the facts of the world are taking into consideration. One day, a man known as Humpine Hambart intrudes on Ai's village and kills of its residents, and Ai is thought the truth of the world she lives in...

"Sunday Without God" is one of the more under appreciated anime of 2013, as far as I know. People know that its a great show, but not that many people know of it. Its shows like this that distinguish it from what the mainstream media thinks about anime (more bluntly, blood, action, boobs and romance). "Sunday Without God" throws you into a world of uncertainty and mystery. While it ends on a rather high note, it still manages to make the series as a whole very emotional to bear. Hell, you'll start feeling it on episode 3. I hope there's a season 2, because this anime has a HUGE amount of potential.