Ending Songs
ED 1 - Fixed Star (Mami Kawada)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

This one really took awhile. Believe me I was the very first guy who wanted to watch the movie for "To Aru Majutsu No Index". I consider the "Index" series to be the most imaginative and awesome anime franchise out there, so I'll go bat shit insane just to watch the movie subbed. Apparently until late this year, I thought that the movie was NEVER subbed, until my cousin told me that it had apparently already been subbed for quite some time. So I jumped right in, and of course, I love the movie. Probably not as much as I would love a new season of "Index" (anytime J.C Staff, anytime), but it was still a great experience. Given screen time to almost all the characters introduced to the series on both the magic and science side made this movie a pretty awesome run for me. You can't count the total amount of times I chuckled to myself or grinned whenever something cool happened on screen, whether it be a cameo of a certain character or just an awesome scene overall.

Say hello to the movie cast!

"Index" is not complete without music by Mami Kawada: FACT. I know for a fact that most movies do not have openings, and I was fine with that. The ending theme for "Index"'s movie is "Fixed Star" by Mami Kawada, and yes, its a good song. It may not be on the same level of awesomeness as her previous songs that were used as opening themes ("Masterpiece", "No Buts", etc), but it was still a good song nonetheless. If anything else, it had a lot of same vibes as the songs sang by Arisa, the songs that were pretty much the focus of the entire movie.

Rating: 8.5/10

It was an awesome movie. It was filled with action, it had a lot of characters in it, even those that I thought would be rather insignificant....they got in. Being a movie there's no doubt that not every character could be in it, but the crew managed to squeeze quite a sizable and respectable cast in it, which was cool. As mentioned earlier, with characters from both the magic side and the science side making appearances in the movie...it was really interesting to see them come together and even interact with one another. But of course, since it is labeled under "Index", there was more magic involved, and there was a strong emphasis on magical terms, more than the science side. The characterization of the characters we all know and love stay in tact, which is to be expected. Also, since this is Touma we're talking about, we gotta have some misfortune and fan service...which is also present in the movie. Yeap! The newcomers aren't spared! We'll all get to see Arisa boobies!

Typical Touma, always living the life of misfortune.

The story talks about Kamijou Touma, most possibly the most unfortunate (fortunate, actually) dude on the planet. Following the events of the 2 seasons, he continues to live life in academy city as a regular high school student but with one of the most powerful little girls in the world at his side. Index continues to live with him as a freeloader, and it was a day like any other, with them both on the streets of academy city, until they see a popular urban musician, Meigo Arisa, performing on the streets. The 2 immediately try to talk with her and after spending the day together, the 3 become good friends. Of course not everything is as simple as it looks, as they are about to part ways with each other for that day, Arisa is attacked by 3 magicians that control the elements. As Touma tries to stop them, Stiyl steps in and attacks him. The academy city security comes right after that. As he retreats, Stiyl warns Touma about the girl Arisa, saying that being around her will only cause disaster to himself. Looks like Touma got himself into another sticky situation....

And so we end on a high note....if you're  fan of the "Index" and/or "Railgun" franchises, this movie is a greater step forward towards deepening your love for the franchise. It does many things right, and will please fans of both "Index" AND "Railgun". However, before anything else, it says true to its roots being a more "Index" film than one geared more like the "Railgun" anime. Now I'd like to see a "Railgun" movie, just to see how different it'll be from this one.