Hyperdimension Neptunia:The Animation


Plutia is pretty freaking awesome in many ways, especially in a fanservice based anime like "Neptunia". With everyone in the series basically being goddesses that transform into skimpy outfits, everyone can be sexy, but only two goddesses that transform into their PC forms actually have a major change in their appearance, Neptune and Plutia (must be a planetune thing). Both Neptune and Plutia are somewhat flat board, all around cute lolies that like to fool around, and when they transform, they suddenly become big busty, model standard ladies.

While Neptune takes a more serious tune when she transforms, nothing beats Plutia's sadistic, BM personality in her goddess form. Normally she's just a ditzy, happy go lucky cute girl that has no idea what's going on and just wants to do her thing. I like her in her normal form too, because she is just so freaking adorable (she has to add Na-no in the end of all her sentences, kind of like Suiseiseki's desu). She likes to sew, she's easy-going as hell, she's almost happy all the time, and she's always on the neutral ground on everything (she takes neither side when Neptune argues with Pische).

When she gets angry though she turns into one of the sexiest, most sadistic things ever. You'd think that Rie Tanaka would be sadistic because she fits the voice so well, but Kana Hanazawa's sadistic Iris Heart is pretty seductive too. Her goddess form just wants to punish the bad girls...if you know what I mean. She takes pleasure in hurting her enemies and whips them over and over and over and over....until they finally break, then its too late. She does all this while laughing like a maniac...dual personalities are a wonderful thing...Its no wonder Neptune and the others don't want her transformed, easy as that.

Love, Election And Chocolate

Everything is normal to her, which is kawai.

"Love, Election And Chocolate" was kind of touch and go for me. It was nice, but its something that I wouldn't be looking back on too soon, and quite a few characters stood out for me. I'm usually not one to take the side of loli characters, but I love Morishita, for many reasons actually. One, she's the only loli character in the show (respect, gotta love some variety). Two, she's adorable in the way that she's oblivious to almost everything (always shows pantsu). Three, she is voiced by Asami Imai and her speech patterns are adorable. Four, she is easily the most protective and thoughtful character among the entire cast, fact. Finally, she is totally a cat girl, totally.

Morishita knows that she's not the most sociable person out there, and she doesn't hide that fact, she takes it as a part of her personality. The club makes sure not to leave her out in meetings and huge conversations, even though she won't say anything most of the time. Despite knowing this, she tries her best to help her friends, which is admirable. Whether its giving out flyers or trying to promote Oushima's campaign for student council president...she makes sure to help out.

Later on it was revealed that she was part of the "special ops investigation team" or something like that, one of two students that were handpicked by the current president Mori to lay dirt on the Osawas and gather information. When Oushima got information on Kana, Morishita went by herself to rescue her and brought her back to normal. Badass cat girl, eh?

Mirai Nikki

Please Yuno, calm the f**k down.

There's really no need for me to say anything, right? When it comes to the awesomeness that is "Mirai Nikki", only one girl takes the cake, only one. Ninth is a close second, but come on, when we talk "Mirai Nikki", we talk Yuno, the only girl that pops into our heads when we talk about the anime, is this crazy bitch right here. She is the very definition of Yandere, she never lets up, she's crazy from the start and she is crazy all the way, NOTHING stops her and if there is anything in her way, she goes chop chop and then starts laughing like crazy.

What is there to say about Yuno? Yandere is the only word that is needed to describe her. Her love and obsession about Yuki is just off the charts, and she will NEVER let go of him. She stalks him late into the night, she dreams about him, thinks about him...she BREATHES Yuki day and night. Her diary is practically called the "Yuki diary", which completely lets her know everything about Yuki, what he does, what he eats...its a little scary.

As for the lengths so goes to for Yuki...its off the charts. She kills her self in another world, she kills her parents, anyone who so much as touches Yuki dies in ridiculous ways...most involve chopping and brutally cutting them up. She is pretty much a superhuman high school girl who knows how to swing an axe, outmaneuver swat soldiers, shoot better than policemen...etc etc. And poor Akise Aru who tried to go for the best ending only got his ass handed to him on a stick.

That's all for now, peace!