Opening Songs
OP 1 - Vivid (May'n)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Blood Holic (Yuuka Nanri)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Episodes: 10

With a title as cool sounding as "Blood Lad" and with such badass looking promotional art, almost anyone would be drawn into watching the anime. Well, at least that's how I got to know about it. It doesn't take a genius to tell that "Blood Lad" talks about vampires, werewolves and the supernatural, and with such a quirky cast of characters, its hard not to like the characterization that the anime provides. However, cool characters and quirky jokes aside, there's quite an extra bit to like about "Blood Lad".  Some nice action scenes can make the blood of us viewers boil, and there are some pretty wicked powers in stall here. However, is awfully short, the story is decent at best, and there are some potentially epic fights that just get wasted. The anime is pretty damn good, but it sure as hell could have been better.

I too, would want to suck her blood....

Its been awhile since I heard a song from May'n, I know she has been singing for quite a few recent anime, I just never got around to watching them. Anyway "Vivid" is a song by her, and as always, its a great song. Not only does it fit the anime well, its great to listen to. It has her usual pop flair that makes the song so jumpy and energetic. The ending theme is "Blood Holic" by Yuuka Nanri. Its alright, at least its not one them slow songs. It also fits the anime really well, as it sounds a LITTLE bit similar to "Vivid".

Rating: 7.5/10

I'm already pretty damn used to animes ending abruptly, so "Blood Lad"'s pretty shitty ending didn't really startle me too much, I've seen worst. The ending aside, the action seems all over the place. Some action scenes are great, while others are just cut away. While the lore of the entire series itself is pretty f**king badass, the story was pretty "meh". Maybe we just never got to the nice part. Other than these issues, the rest of the anime is pretty awesome. I loved the visual style that they had going, the characters were all pretty funky, funny and unique (except for poor old Fuyumi of course, she's just a normal girl). As I mentioned earlier, the lore that the entire series background had going was fantastic, with all the demons and their different class levels. Everything blended pretty well together, and I loved the characters, its too bad that our experience with "Blood Lad" is a pretty short one.

Shonen anime rule 101- fanservice please.

The anime talks about Staz, a cool ass vampire living a cool ass life. The lower demon world is split into different segments, each with their own territory and the big boss of that territory. Staz is a boss of his own town, but he's pretty different. He stays in his little room, playing games, watching anime and reading manga for his entire day. Of course, when someone attacks his territory, he stands up for his gang and he destroys them in cruel, vampiric fashion, but otherwise, he's always in his room, being a true NEET. Of course, the demon world doesn't have anime, games and whatnot, he has them all imported from the human world, so that only means that he is fascinated about humans, and can only think of them since they do not exist in the demon world. However, one day, his gang vice head reports that they just captured a human girl in their district. Staz, being excited as all hell, wants to meet her, but she is killed and turned into a ghost. Feeling lost after losing his first human specimen, Staz swears to revive the human girl, who goes by Fuyumi, and takes off on his journey to human resurrection. 

So that's "Blood Lad". Its nice, but it could have been nicer. If you're a fan of these shounen-esque plots, you'll like this one. Hell it even has parodies to some of the other more popular franchises out there, and if you get those, more laughs for you, which is always good. You can get the feeling of badassery and comedic awesomeness out of this one, but sadly, it ends too quickly.