Opening songs
OP 1 - Precious (Heikyoh Gakuen Seitokai Lv.2)

Ending songs
Too many ending songs~~~

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life

Episodes: 10

Well I never thought "Seitokai No Ichizon" would get a second season. Remember when I reviewed the first season, 3 freaking years ago? When I was but an inexperienced blogger? Yeah, that was the one, and I shit you not, I really did not expect there to be a second season, a whole 4 years after its predecessor. I didn't exactly feel very excited for it, but I sure was happy to make a return to this series. Since its a whole 4 years after the first season, there were changes to the seiyuus for some of the characters, but it didn't really matter TOO much, because those characters that had seiyuu changes still sounded good (Chizuru and Mafuyu). Since this is technically a super late sequel, those who enjoyed the first season should find this one good as well.

Sexy Chizuru is still sexy.

Like in the first season, the opening song is sang by the seiyuus of the 4 important female leads. This time, the song is called "Precious", and really, there's nothing much to it. It may be a different song overall, but it sounds almost like "Treasure", which was the opening song of season 1. I stated that I liked "Treasure" all those years ago, but I guess I've grown past those types of songs, since "Precious" isn't all that great to me at this point of time.

Rating: 7.5/10

It's the same thing, and even after seeing it again in 3 years, you can tell that they came into this with almost the same mind set. Its still hilarious to watch, but it feels like we've seen some of this before. Our four heroines are still unique in each of their own ways, and its funny to see them torture our poor hero all the time, teasing him like its an everyday chore. The concept of the entire anime is still about a group of 5 students, sitting in the student council room and discussing about pointless stuff which eventually leads to nothing. Eventually the anime introduces some characters which were never explained about in the first season, which is good, since there were some loose ends they had to tie. 

Well, yeah, get out of  here.

Sugisaki Ken is still the kid that gets all the ladies. He is the only guy in the student council, surrounded by 4 other beauties that he claims are part of his harem. Following the events of season 1, they still sit int he club room all day thinking of proposals to better improve their image, to no avail of course. All they do are fool around in the club, making fun of each other. Ken still likes to admire his female counterparts, ogling them and fantasizing about situations that would never happen, while all of the girls tease him about his pervertic personality. Kurimu is still president, Chizuru is still sadistic, Minatsu is still violent as all hell and Mafuyu still remains as the helpless gaming otaku that goes crazy over BL stuff. You know you have a crazy lineup for this with those characters.

"Seitokai No Ichizon Lv.2" wasn't really a sequel that was needed. It didn't do much to improve the franchise, but it was still good to watch. They could have ended the franchise during its original run, but I won't complain. The ending is perfect for what it was, and manly tears were shed that day (not literally, but still). "Seitokai No Ichizon" was locked deep in my memories as a ridiculous, funny, yet likable anime, with the coming and going of season 2, that memory has been strengthened.