Crossbreed Priscillia
HP: 2300
Skills: Invisibility*, Ice blow, Scythe swing
Souls: 30000

Difficulty: 2/5
Times died on 1st playthrough: 1

Like Gwyndolin, this boss is completely optional, but is still recommended that you do it. Its best to kill every available boss in the game to get the best out of your souls. Still, I didn't post a boss profile for a good 2 months, but fret not, I just forgot, its still here. After the shenanigans in Anor Londo, and if you got the doll from your revisit to your cell in undead asylum, you can access the Painted World Of Ariamis, which is by the gigantic room which is filled with painting guardians. Going into the giant painting means that there's no turning back until you make it to the end, and you'll find the most sympathetic boss in the game. You don't have to kill her to leave, but being the heartless idiots that we are, here's the strategy.

Of course you did.

Priscillia really doesn't want to fight you. She just wants you to leave and will offer no resistance if you ever try. Still, beating her isn't difficult, she's one of the easier bosses in the game. You will probably die once if you don't know how to deal with her, but if you do, it should be easy. She can do a lot of damage and can instill an almost instant bleed effect on your character if she manages to hit you. However, those attacks are telegraphed and can be dodged easily.

Invisibility*- This is her trick, and probably what will get you the first time around. If you do not get around this, you will never win. Priscillia envelops the entire arena in a blizzard, turns completely invisible, and everything she does...cannot be seen.

Ice blow- She blows a fierce force of freezing wind towards you, dealing damage upon impact. Nothing much to worry about here.

Scythe swing- She swings her scythe, and upon impact, deals damage PLUS causes bleeding if you do not have strong bleed resistant armor. Can cause problems when invisible, otherwise is telegraphed heavily and can be dodged or blocked.

The moment you decide to hit her, the fight begins, and she turns invisible. If you do not know how to deal with this, you can never beat her, but hints come easily, and if you spot it, the method to counter her invisibility should come quite quickly. She has no far ranged attacks, her attacks are mostly melee or medium ranged at best. You can block all her attacks, dodge them, and she takes a good deal of damage from yours.  As long as you get past the invisibility, this battle is yours by a long shot.

She does look pretty badass.....

Priscillia's invisibility can be tracked as she moves around the arena. The entire area is covered in snow, and when she moves while invisible, she still puts tracks on the ground. Stay near any edge of the snow covered center of the map, and look around, spot the footprints that she leaves behind. She likes to stay motionless for awhile to bait you to move about so she can hit you when you come in range, but if you play the waiting game, she will eventually start to move, and make tracks on the ground.

Follow her movement with your shield up, and if you're ranged, just start throwing spells at the general direction of the footprints to hit her and eventually force her out of invisibility. If you're melee, just walk up to her and when she hits you, you'll block it. Same deal, hit her over and over, she'll eventually turn visible, now the fight starts for real.

She only has 2 attacks, and to add to that, she is rather slow, so beating her while visible is easy. Her scythe swing is slow, can be blocked/dodged without much problem, but can inflict instant bleed without proper resistances. Avoid this at all costs, but its simple to do so. Her ice blow is even slower and she stays motionless during the entire attack animation, making her vulnerable during this attack. Just maneuver around her to dodge and avoid this attack.

Note that when you attack Priscillia, its better to his her from the back, specifically, the tail. Chopping off her tail grants you one of the best DEX scaling weapons in the game. She has low HP for a boss and can be killed really quickly with a decent weapon. If you fail to kill her fast enough, she will make herself invisible and you'll have to repeat the entire process of killing her again. Shouldn't be too bad though.

...and pretty cute as well.

Unfortunately for everybody's favorite moe half-dragon waifu, Priscillia isn't a hard boss at all. After getting pass the invisibility there's nothing left to fear. She drops a good 30000 souls for your efforts, plus her soul to make into the broken Priscillia's scythe. Sometimes its good to just skip this boss entirely, because killing her makes you feel like a complete asshole as she is the only boss in the game that DOESN'T want to attack you.