Seriously, if you aren't watching it and you're a league fan, what the hell are you doing?!? But for now the stream is on break, so I'll get into some posting. "Unchained Blades" was probably a very niche title. Not many would know about it, it showed up on the PSN store when the PSP was already pretty much dead for the US. Anyway, if you like dungeon crawlers, especially ones like "Etrian Odyssey", this will definitely tickle your fancy. I know it was a little repetitive, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.


Looks like a final boss actually.

Name: Fang
Traits: Fire attributed, High physical damage
Rating: 8/10

As the main character, Fang is pretty dominant throughout the game. He has high as hell hit points (second to Hector), deals a shit ton of damage, probably the most in the game. Also, he's a dragon, and we all know how badass dragons are. He is fire attributed, so yeah, expect his ultimate high level skills Napalm and Dragoon raid to do fire damage. This is weird however, since those skills PRETTY much scale a lot on magic, which isn't his forte.

Fang is pretty hate-able throughout the early and easily for the most part of the game AS a character. As a thick headed idiot who only knows how to boast and brag about his strength, he really lets his past as the dragon king get to him. He gets better as he learns to care for others, but well, you'll grow to deal with it. He is pretty much a staple in your team for damage, and he fits well in the full out DPS team formation. Power charge makes him one scary idiot.

She fits the role "phoenix girl" really well.

Name: Tiana
Traits: Fire attributed, Early-mid physical damage, Late game magic damage, Healing
Rating: 8/10

Tiana is a really weird character statistically. When you first get her she's this weird rapier wielding girl that does pretty good physical damage and can do decent damage with magic. As you level her up her physical damage continues to scale well but not as well as the game's hard hitters. However, towards the mid forties/early fifties you will see her magic damage take a good rise. She is fire attributed (god that X-flare), and can deal a bunch of damage as well as HEAL the team. She is practically the utility character.

Tiana is this spoiled teenage phoenix girl that just thinks she's all that. In many ways, she is a female version of Fang, but instead of being a thickheaded bull charging  man, she's kind of girly. I feel that out of the entire party though, her wish is the most underwhelming, but that's that. She grows to become a likable character. She also works well in parties. Having painful normal attacks while wielding a staff late game for some insane magic damage, always works out.

Bah, another one of you guys.

Name: Lucius
Traits: Instant death, High physical damage
Rating: 7/10

Lucius is actually really good....if you ever get to using him. You have to play his ENTIRE chapter alone and that is just backbreaking, difficulty as all hell. The problem with Lucius is that when you do get him into your party, you have spent an ENTIRE chapter without him and he is severely underleveled when  he joins. This is where most players abandoned him, and trust me, I wanted to do that. But if you manage to get the patience to train him back up, he's actually good.

Lucius is this lone wolf type bijin character that doesn't trust anyone and just wants to get his job done. Basically a character that has to be in every anime or JRPG. I actually like these kind of characters...but they have grown rather stale to me recently. Trust me when I say you'll f**king hate him until the end of chapter'll see what I mean. If you actually get him to high levels, he has good physical damage and can cause instant death on his attacks.

Oh, a summon!

Name: Hector
Traits: Earth attributed, Tank aspects
Rating: 5/10

I hate tank characters in RPGs. Its understandable to have them in MMORPGs, but in regular RPGs, they feel redundant unless they are REALLY F**KING GOOD (I'm thinking the defender of Etrian Odyssey). Hector is one of those characters. Highest health in the game, highest defense, has a bunch of skills that have him covering for another character/defending himself/raising his defense. But, he has the lowest damage in the game, right along with Lapis. 

His character is also really really really REALLY hate-able. He acts like a coward for a good 2/3 of the game, and you'll see him want to pussy out almost EVERY time. Also, he gets this creepy obsession of Mari which gets totally wacked out (well, there are people into that kind of stuff). He gets better character wise, but meh, I don't like him. As a tank in battle, he is just a damage soak, but with enemies hitting your entire team for tons of damage he doesn't really cut that well.

Nine-tailed foxes, why must it be nine-tails? I'm fine with just one.

Name: Niko
Traits: Wind attributed, High agility
Rating: 6/10

Niko is probably one of my more liked characters in the game, but in battle she just doesn't DO much. She is an agility type character, and if you've read my previous posts on RPG parties, I hate agility types. They usually don't do a lot of damage compared to other characters, and even if they do get some late game, there is no incentive to use them early-mid. However, she still can output damage, at least more than Hector, and being the fastest, means she always gets to go first. I'm sure some people can use that to their advantage.

Niko's personality is just likable. In a party of misfits and unsociable people, Niko is the one that keeps the mood up. She is kind of stupid, but her positive personality really helps to change things up. And because she is a tomboy, the opposite of Sylvie, a very ladylike character, its nice to her getting scolded and having that pout face on. She really leans towards the physical damage side in battle, but as I mentioned earlier, you have to take advantage of her speed to really be good with her.

Ultra shy big-boobs girl alert!

Name: Lapis
Traits: Healing, Buffing
Rating: 7/10

Lapis quickly becomes a staple to your party. Heals, heals and more heals, you cannot do without a white mage in your RPG...for ALL RPGs in that matter. Lapis does everything you'd expect her to, AOE heals, single target heals, revives, buffs and more. She also gets to do damage, though not as much as some other obvious caster characters. Still, there is no reason to not want her in unless you'd want to die easily. 

Lapis is those kind of character that gets picked because of her personality. She is SUPER shy, with BIG boobs (reminds you of Mikuru from Haruhi Suzumiya, or Mizuki from Baka test), and she basically just doesn't want to be a burden throughout the game. She has an obvious crush on Fang. In battle, well, she's a healer, just take her with you and stop whining. The reason why her score isn't higher is because Tiana can heal as well, and that Lapis has pretty low damage.

A lot less demonic that I would imagine!

Name: Sylvie
Traits: Lighting attributed, Magic damage
Rating: 7/10

Sylvie is a straight out, all-in caster with a ton of magic damage. She easily does the highest magic damage in the game, also hosting the game's lowest defenses and health. In other words, she's a glass cannon. Give her Hexxa skills and Geyser, she'll wipe the floor with bosses and enemies without any issue. She starts off as a lightning type, but she gets to learn other elemental magic later which makes her a way more formidable force than you'd think. She works as a damage alternative if your team needs it.

Syvlie is my favorite girl in this game, right before Tiana. If there was a ladylike character in this game, it'd be Syvlie, and I am a sucker for those high class lady types. Constantly bickering on how Niko should act more appropriately as a lady or how Tiana should not sit with her legs crossed. Although her brother complex could be toned down a bit in my opinion. As a full blown magical based character, just put her into that caster spot, she can deal 0 physical damage.

Here you go you loli lovers.

Name: Mari
Traits: Debuffer, Status ailment
Rating: 7/10

Mari is the oddball of the team. She doesn't get a good stable source of damage until later (Arcana burst is wtf), but she still fits very well in the team for those people who like to play around differently. Her kit mostly focuses around throwing debuffs at the enemy and status ailments, this won't work for players who dono't know how to abuse this practice, but in any case, Mari is the best character to have around for unchaining monsters. Battle-wise, I'll leave it up to you.

Mari is the quiet silent type girl that doesn't say anything. She doesn't care about much and only speaks her mind if she needs to. She doesn't show much expression throughout, so she's easily the type of character that you won't really like or hate. She neither physical nor magical, but I'd say magical later on as Arcana burst is a truly broken skill to have for damage. Other than that, she fits as the standard debuffer.

Finally, here we go.

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