Opening songs
OP 1 - Rakuen Project (Ray)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Foul Play Ni Kurari (Kanon Wakeshima)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 12

When its awesome, don't stop. The "To Love Ru" franchise has been rather successful, and it makes perfect sense that they would continue the show starting everybody's favorite lord of harem, the playboy of over 10 girls already. "To Love Ru Darkness" aims to continue what the series has already been doing for 2 seasons, fanservice and the story of getting all the ladies! You should already know what to expect, and you can be pretty damn well sure that we'll be seeing a lot more fanservice, though I have no knowledge of an uncensored version as of yet.... DAMMIT! Well censored or not, "To Love Ru Darkness" is still sexy to the core, and I'm quite sure fans of the series will continue to adore its shenanigans. 

Panties panties panties....

The opening song for the anime is "Rakuen Project" by Ray, and I gotta say, it doesn't fit the anime at all. Look at "Loop-The-Loop" for season 2, that's something I would expect out of an anime like "To Love Ru". Ah whatever, it may not fit the anime, but "Rakuen project" is a great song that I really enjoy, though I think it would fit more into a fighting anime or something. "Foul Play Ni Kurari" by Kanon Wakeshima is the ending song, and its another one of those cutesy catchy songs that you may or may not like. I thought it was pretty alright.

Rating: 8.0/10

They got rid of the episodic style of season 2 where they split each episode into 3 individual short stories and went back to season 1 style where each episode is a separate story on its own. I kind of liked the way they went with season 2, since that opened up opportunities for more character screen time for the girls we don't see too often, however that also limited the way that the actual story of the anime could be told (not that there is much focus on the story in the first place anyway). Now that everything is stringed in an episode,  you can see more of a connection and a little more of a story....but who gives a damn we are here for the boobs, the ass and the panties. Fanservice ahoy, there's still tons of what we all love here, though its censored pretty heavily. F**K!

A dream situation, I'm sure.

As usual we go back to the shoes of Yuuki Rito, the guy that everybody wants to be. Following the events of season 2, Rito continues to live his life as per normal. This time though, instead of Lala, Momo serves as the main heroine. Seeing Rito live an indecisive life, as he cannot choose between the girls, Momo decides to help him become a harem king so that he can have all the girls, and not just one. In the process, Momo meets a mysterious girl, Mea, whom has some ulterior motives towards Rito. Watch as Momo tries to take things one step further for Rito, and how she would want to assemble more girls for Rito's future harem...with  all the girls from before as candidates already.

"To Love Ru Darkness" is as we'd expect. Its a full blown ecchi fanservice centered anime with a great progression to the series. All the girls are so likable as they were before, and the animation only gets better with each additional season. I can only hope that the next iteration (we all know its coming) continues down this route, and guys....cut down on the censorship, I mean, you did season 2 uncensored :D.