Opening songs
OP 1 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Eyelis)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Koi no wana (Haruka Yamazaki)

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 12

Third times the charm. Two anime seasons and 1 movie later, the "Hayate No Gotoku!" franchise still grows strong. The fans' never dying love for the characters of the series still remain after all these years, even after 2 years of having no news of the franchise. Still, the 3rd season showed through and now we even have a season 4 that's currently ongoing. Pure shenanigans if you ask me. Still, this 3rd season, "Can't Take My Eyes Off you", is a brand new story that is NOT part of the manga main story line. Its based off of the author's ideas for the series that never made it into the manga. So, how does that all fair, now that it's made into an anime season? Let's find out.

Meet Nagi and her new sister, Tsugumi.

I always have this feel that "Hayate No Gotoku!" songs should be sang by Kotoko, but unfortunately, not this time around. The opening song is "Can't Take My Eyes Off You!" by eyelis, and its a surprising new take on a song for this series. Its a little more lighthearted than usual songs of the series, and far less energetic. But its still a good song to listen to, albeit missing some catchy phrases that most openings of the series had. "Koi no wana" by Haruka Yamazaki is what'd you would expect out of any regular ending song, which is not something I like too much.

Rating: 7.0/10

In my opinion, this 3rd season was a downgrade. Yeah, I said it, its pretty much obvious why it was a downgrade. There were only 2 cool things about this season, everything else was just...meh. The 2 things were meeting Nagi's parents, and the ridiculous character Tsugumi, Nagi's new sister. Everything else was just the series trying for a new direction, and in my opinion, it didn't work. "Hayate No Gotoku!" to me, is a series of daily events that you can just watch everyday, not something you necessarily have to FOLLOW. This 3rd season takes kind of a weird turn of a story and in the end it doesn't work too well.

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As expected of "Hayate No Gotoku!", our main character is still the unlucky, poor and sympathetic butler Hayate. Taking place after the events of the movie and season 2, Hayate continues to work tirelessly for Nagi..which has evolved with the world. The house layout has changed, and smartphones galore! So much has changed. One day when watching TV, Nagi receives a call from LA, saying that she is to go there and claim some items that her father left there. Not interested in her father's belongings, she didn't want to go, but after some events recurring a new character that appeared, Tsugumi, and claims to be her sister, Nagi starts to grow a little annoyed. Tsugumi wants this item called the black camelia, which is supposedly in LA, and only Nagi can get it. And thus begins another goofy adventure of our misfitted group of idiots.

I'll wait until season 4 to judge. Season 3 seemed to me that the series was taking a different route instead of what we are all used to. Not to say I hated season 3, it was decent, but not what I was expecting from the series. Even random old episodes that appear on animax seemed better to me. We can only wait to see what other does "Hayate" have to offer.