I can't believe I haven't done one of these in April.

Anyway, our 3 animes of the day. "Kore Wa Zombie Desuka?" is another one of those comedy/harem animes with a twist. Its really funny and easily puts a smile on any viewer's face, though I'd say season 1 is better than season 2. "Kokoro Connect" is some intense stuff. Its hard to explain about 5 average high school students trying to get their lives back to normal, but it turns out to be an incredible emotional ride. "Kannagi" is just, you know, "Kannagi". Crazy shrines maidens, is what it is. Its another romance/comedy anime, its pretty good, but nothing too amazing.

Kore Wa Zombie Desuka?

This has got to be one of the funniest animes I have ever watched, and it expanded into a pretty lovable franchise that made no sense, but was just enjoyable nonetheless. There are tons of great, funny characters here, but here's my favorite.

Sexy ninja....she's not the first.

Kanzaki Kaori lookalike? Check. Huge boobies? Check. Tsundere as f**k when she needs to be? Check. Sexy beyond all hell? Check. Voiced by Yoko Hikasa? Check, check, check. Seras is just the sexiest girl in the series, and that goes without a second thought. Every time she shakes those huge boobs of hers she just puts a perverted smile on my face. That being said, what does the vampire ninja offer to the table other than just a sexy body?

Ever felt like a masochist? Like when a girl insults you, you feel girl and ask her to continue? That's the case with Seras. She is pretty much sadist throughout most of the series. Her insults hit spot on, she shoots Ayumu down hard like a bee stinging an ant. Out of all the girls that surround Ayumu in his life, Seras is probably the girl he has the least chance with, just because she keeps a cool head around everything and everyone.

In the house of four, she's probably the big sister figure. As I said earlier, she doesn't freak out, and does everything perfectly. In rare cases in which she messes up, she goes completely embarrassed and that is just insanely cute to watch. She doesn't offer much to the fight section despite being a vampire ninja though. I mean, she fights, but we just don't see enough of her swing that leaf sword of hers to actually define her combat ability, compared to the magical girls.

Kokoro Connect

Now this one was easy. The entire series had great characters throughout, and without a doubt every single character had an insane deal of character development. There were lots of internal stuff going on, and when it boiled down to it, there could only be one.

Dem feels.

Inaba, was just an amazing character. I thought using Miyuki Sawashiro's badass woman voice would be a little bit too much for a high school girl, but it worked out well in the end. She was the character that changed the most throughout the entire series, and I felt that she had made the biggest improvement in character over 17 episodes of the series. 

Inaba started out as a stuck-up, anti-social prick that really didn't think too much of being a "friendly" person. She only communicated with others when she needed to, and out of the 5 club members, she seemed to be the biggest bitch in the club at the very start. She picked on others on their inabilities, and commented on how Taichi's "knight" personality was just sickening and helping others was just too much to poke into. She made a huge deal out of the first case, when obviously Iori had it harder.

Of course, she grew greatly  throughout the series, and when the final arc came, she just became this beacon that held the club together. She stayed positive throughout, and just helped stopped things from steering too much out of control. During the last few episodes, you can just feel that she helped keep everyone strong, and you just can't dislike the fact that she was the one ending up with Taichi.


I do not have much recollection about "Kannagi", it is a pretty old show. I can only remember it being an anime about a crazy goddess that got carved out of wood and just started invading the life of another innocent high school kid. And by pure coincidence, she was a goddess that had the body and looks of a high school girl as well. What the hell is wrong with this world....


I remembered this girl though. Zange is just a bad girl, a priestess that gives no f**ks at all. She is Nagi's sister, and as a fellow rival god, she intends to compete with her sister for worshipers, in any way she sees fit. Who can forget her always trying to pick on Nagi when she was weak, or that gym storehouse bondage scene where she just tied her sister up and threatened to hang her naked in the room just for rivalry's sake. What a naughty girl indeed.

Its really hard to hate Zange though, even after all that (Kana Hanazawa as her seiyuu btw), she stands as the cocky, seductive girl that tries to steal away the main character even though she knows that he's got eyes on someone else. She knows that Jin is going to freak out every time she clings onto him, and she continuously does that just for the sake of it. She makes fun of her sister often, but when it comes down to it, they still get along well at times.

Zange gained her popularity not only by being cute and sexy. She was a "sister" that would give advice to anybody who needed them, and she gained a good deal of worshipers there. Many would flock around just to ask her for advice (for a price), and whether or not they were accurate, the people didn't really care. Hell, I wouldn't care, I'd still see her everyday!

Peace for now, next one should be out sooner.