Friday, 31 August 2012


Gamespot Score:n/a

My score:8.0

(+)Pros: - Great story, - Memorable characters, - Unique visual novel elements that separates it from others, - Main play through is lengthy and enjoyable, - Beautiful and gorgeous art style, - Fully voiced with "triple A" quality voice actors.

(-)Cons: - Its just reading and listening to voices...not much gameplay involved, - Early levels of the plot can get rather boring with lack of any interesting events.

Gameplay time: 20-30 hours

I am now free of everything school related. Screw school, I am now free...( for about a month or so). I'll be going to STGCC this weekend so expect updates of that. For now, my 2nd eroge ever, "Steins;Gate"! Yes there is no hentai content in here, but since it is technically a dating sim, I'll call it an eroge. Despite watching the anime before playing the game, I enjoyed my time, and I can say that there is substantial content to satisfy any player, whether or not you've watched the anime. It has too many things unique to an eroge to pass up. If you're looking for a good visual novel to spend time with, Steins;Gate does just that and more. However, you're going to want to look for an English patch before starting.

If you've watched the anime, you know where the story going. You star as Okabe Rintarou, self proclaimed mad scientist who is out of his mind. He thinks that a secret organization is after him, when that organization itself is self imagined by himself. He posses the power "reading steiner", which allows him to retains memories of a previous timeline when he jumps to a different one. He realizes this after a first initial time travel, upon discovering a dead Makise Kurisu. After that incident he asks his friends if they remembered anything about what happened that day, and they don't. But Okabe himself remembers every detail of what happened. With this, he decides to investigate further, not knowing what deepshit he is getting himself into. Lets not forget, he dates girls in the process.

Talk to girls, get all their love!

Being a visual novel, you've got to have not only a good story, but girls that you actually want to GO FOR! Fortunately, the girls of Stein;Gate are pretty likable, and you'll probably want to go for most of them. The tsundere Kurisu? The happy go lucky Mayushi? The working warrior Suzuha? You've got quite a few choices, and most of them are good ones. There are also other characters that will just make you remember them, like the super hacker Daru or the crazy Mr Braun, they are all just part of the already awesome package. Throughout the lengthy experience, you will be running into a lot of these characters, and the story changes depending on how you interact with the girls, like most VN.

Speaking of character interaction, the way you do that in this game is pretty different. Instead of the usual "asking a question" and "picking an answer", Steins;Gate utilizes its choice making through instant messages from the girls. Throughout the game you will be using your cell phone a lot, and while the cell phone itself is already a cool feature on its own (calling others and dialing numbers for the microwave), it is actually your choice machine. Throughout the game when you receive messages, you have to reply these messages, and the way you reply them using the different keywords presented will count as a different choice. Its kind of cool, and is definitely a new way to dive into the many different story paths of the game.

The art style is different...and I like it!

To further differentiate itself from other VN experiences, Steins;Gate gives itself a priority list. While most eroge type games tend to focus on the main character getting the girls, raising flags for their routes an eventually delving into the different storyline of the girls, Steins;Gate is more of a single story VN. It focuses on the main plot over everything else. The story, dating and choosing of other girls is just a side activity when compared to the main story. In many ways, its just like Persona, and by doing all the routes of the separate girls, you get exclusive CG, and that is of course for all you 100% completion faggots.

Since my experience with eroge is very very limited (Steins;Gate is only my second visual novel experience), I'll go ahead and praise Steins;Gate for having voices. Steins;Gate is more of a high budget VN rather than Katawa Shoujo, so its really hard to compare the 2. Steins;Gate has some pretty solid voice acting, featuring voices like Asami Imai and Kana Hanazawa. It feels more intense in the anime, but putting them in the game just makes it less dry, since some of the science related content can be rather boring. The art style is also different, and it is of rather good quality. They obviously put a good amount of effort into the art.

Wanna go for Kurisu? A good choice!

Well even with just two eroges under my belt, its quite hard for me to find flaws within them, since they aren't really considered as "games", without much gameplay in them. Steins;Gate is no different. it is a "Visual Novel", you just read and listen to voices, there's close to no gameplay at all. Things can get a little dry sometimes. Another thing that really bothers me is the lack of any interesting content at the start of the game. Just like the anime, the starting few segments can get a little dry and boring, before actually getting to the good parts in the story.

Overall, Steins;Gate is a great VN experience for me. It definitely has more to offer than the likes of Katawa Shoujo, but I have a feeling this would have been a much better experience had I not watched the anime beforehand. Still, if you want an eroge or VN that has a very strong plot, Steins;Gate is a game for you. Just know that there is zero hentai content in here, so don't go in with the wrong mindset.

Happy gaming!

More favorite characters from anime! I reviewed 3 new anime series in the early alphabetical orders during my last "Favorite anime characters" post, so those are the focus for this post. I'll go for a straight breakdown of the 3 animes.

"Anohana" is beyond godlike in terms of my standard in anime. It is a must watch for EVERYONE, even if you don't watch much anime, this anime is one that everyone can appreciate. "Eureka Seven" is a pretty bad ass anime with a substantially long story and cool concepts. Its definitely worth a watch if you like anime. "Dragon Crisis!" is just some generic harem with a little bit of extra stuff you don't see in other harems so it gets some points to be slightly above average. May be worth your time if you're into harems.

Spoilers....if it isn't obvious enough.


Anohana:The flower we saw that day
God I feel all emotional already just by thinking of the freaking ending. "Anohana" is a great emotional experience that really shows that even anime can draw out the many emotions of the viewers. It is so touching and at most times it just shows us to appreciate our friends as who they are. Definitely a triple A title.

She's so cute that she makes you cry (Literally)

Lets review Menma as a person in "Anohana". One, shes loli. Two, she is THE source of almost everything that happens in the anime. Three, she is like, the only cheerful person in an anime of freaking depressed people (other than Popo, of course). Finally, she makes everyone who watches this anime cry. She is the one and only true star character of "Anohana", and if that isn't worthy of a favorite, I don't know what is.

Menma is the one who died amongst the group of 6 friends. She fell into a river and passed away while she was still young. After that, the remaining 5 friends split up and went their separate ways, trying to break free from the past. Menma herself materializes in front of Jinta but only he can see her. She is so cheerful and cute its hard to actually ignore her....but scumbag Jinta was too blind to the truth to actually see.

While Jinta was trying to make her rest in peace by reconciling with everyone who was part of the 6 man gang in the past, he runs into a lot of problems. Conflicts within the old friends were too much to handle, and the constant rebuttal between him and Yukiatsu makes everything so depressing to watch. She was the one to break everything by writing in her diary during real time, to make everyone believe she existed. And in the end after seeing that all 5 friends are together again she rests in peace...which was a completely depressing moment. Menma FTW.

Dragon Crisis!

So whats the deal with "Dragon Crisis!"? What makes it above average to me? has likable characters, its a harem, it has action, it has somewhat of a plot, it has some romance (cheesy romance, but still romance) and it has Rie Kugimiya! Its definitely not a "MUST WATCH" by any means but if you enjoy harems, this is one you can add to your list.&nbsp

Yes, even hot girls that just came out of the bath can stomp a man with a straight face.

I freaking love Eriko. While I do think Ai is the sexiest character in the anime, Eriko takes it for my favorite character. She's cheerful, full of spunk and attitude, and she brings the PAIN on everyone. She's funny, whiny, and a completely likable woman. Her acting all immature even though she is older than most of the cast is just icing on the cake. You just can't help but love this girl, its just too much.

Despite being only a level 7 breaker compared to Ryuuji being level 10, I believe that Eriko is a much more efficient and useful character of the "Dragon Crisis!" team. She mostly leads the other kids, she knows what to do, how to deal with certain bad guys and stuff like that. She's like the the immature leader of a group! Besides, her staff is a way cooler weapon that Ryuuji's knife. Summoning butterflies is always cool.

All in all, she's just a fun person to watch. She likes to mess around with others and while she states early on that she doesn't like Rose, she grows to accept her and soon becomes friends. I think she has the best impression out of every other character in the cast, and with her incredibly charming personality, she is easily my favorite character of the series.

Eureka Seven

"Eureka Seven" is a great anime with tons of likable characters. It is 52 episodes long, and because of that it has quite a big character cast (bigger than most anime). Its great plot, characters, action and many more make it a huge success in my opinion. Because there are so many great characters, its very very hard for me to choose favorites. But when it comes to the most memorable....

Cute girl. Drives robots.

There are many reasons why Eureka is the most memorable character in the series to me...rather than many others (Renton, Talho, Holland etc.). First, her transformation throughout the anime. She changed to much throughout all 52 episodes its hard to forget her at all. From the start with the clipped hair and cold personality, then to short hair with slight disfigures, and then back to long hair with a more open personality. She changes so much that its hard to even forget her.

She's a cute girl that drives a robot. Not just any LFO mind you, she drives the Nirvash, the oldest LFO around and she makes other LFOs look like toys when she's piloting it. She "speaks" to the Nirvash and thus can communicate well with it. Later though when the Nirvash shifts its attention to Renton she gets all emotional and stuff, that part was kind of memorable. Then when she drives it with Renton together again everything goes all happy happy.

She was also the key coralian to making the entire series come together towards the end. With her attitude towards Renton changing throughout the entire show, it was sweet that towards the end when she was going through the transformation, that Renton accepted her. Finally, for the comparison of looks. I actually wanted to go with Talho for sexiness, but in the end I preferred Eureka, she was too cute to say no.

That's it for now folks, peace out.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Gamespot score: 7.5 (Good)

My score:7.4

(+)Pros:- Traveling through different timelines is cool, - Tons of optional content, - Fun and epic boss fights, - Great soundtrack, - Cool monster  capture mechanics and it provides a huge change to gameplay, - Good story that is filled with joy induced cameos.

(-)Cons:- The entire game is TOO easy and only starts becoming a little bit challenging towards the VERY end, - Some parts of the game drag you down with unnecessary padding, -  "What the F**k" ending.

Gameplay time:20-30 hours

Oh how low the mighty have fallen. The FF series was one I truly looked up to, and I have admired it for a long time until now. People said FF 13 was bad, I thought it was great. Then 13-2 came out, and it was supposed to be "better" than the original. I went into the game expecting that, but I was disappointed, BIG time. And deep down I was raging a little bit. What happened to this once high and mighty franchise? Why has it fallen to this decree? Like before when I reviewed FF 13, I said it was a great game alone, but as a FF title, it was average. For 13-2, I think it is a decent game on its own, but as a FF title, it fails, badly.

Fortunately, like all Final Fantasy games, 13-2 has a good story. It takes off after the events of the original Final Fantasy 13, and it stars Serah, Lightning's Sister, as the main character. After the fight with Orphan, a time distortion took place, and Lightning disappeared. With her disappearance, the cast went into a state of sadness, and each one went on their own separate ways. Snow, Serah's fiancee, promises to find Lightning and leaves on a journey to look for her...but never came back. Serah lives the rest of her life in her village, hoping one day that Lightning and Snow will return. She sees dreams of Lightning fighting in an imaginary place against another man, and that leads her to think about various things. One day a young man named Noel arrives and tells her that he can bring her to Lightning. Without thinking, Serah leaves on a journey with Noel to find her sister.

Seem familiar? A little too familiar perhaps....

Before I go any further I have to clarify this. 13-2 is a different kind of Final Fantasy. It is very very different, and as proof, we have the brand new mechanic of traveling through timelines. It completely defies everything that is Final Fantasy, but it works. Through the many different areas you explore, you will come across gates, that let you travel through them to different timelines, hopefully finding one suitable timeline that will lead you to Lightning. There are different timelines, and many of them lead to the same place, but at a different time. You can see how your previous actions in other timelines affect things at another one. Its cool, kind of like Radiant Historia.

While exploration, battle and the like remain mostly like Final Fantasy 13, 13-2 introduces tons of optional content. Side quests and bosses ahoy, at every different location or timeline, there are different NPCs you can interact with that actually give you ACTUAL side quests....UNLIKE the original Final Fantasy 13. You can wander around a map until you go crazy to find an artifact to open an optional gate, and travel to that already optional area and take part in MORE optional side quests there. There are lots of stuff to do...IF you want to do them. Traveling to some of these optional areas also lead you to more battles against different monsters....which will benefit you.

Nice try, but I'm a freaking dragon.

Another new mechanic that is a welcome addition to 13-2 is the monster collection. Similar to Pokemon, every monster you encounter has a chance of becoming your loyal underling. Every time you fight new monsters and defeat them, there is a small chance that they will drop their crystal. Earning that crystal gives you the right to use them in your party as somewhat of a "third character". These monsters come in a different variety of classes, such as "Ravager", "Medic, "Commando" and so on. Adding them to your team arsenal opens up a whole new variety of paradigm shifts. Thing is, you can only equip up to 3 monsters, so you have to choose wisely.

Of course Final Fantasy games won't be complete without epic music and boss fights. To me, the music in FF 13 wasn't too memorable (except for "Blinded by light" and "Saber's edge"), and 13-2 fixes that up nicely. While we still get some tracks from the original, the new ones are pretty f**king amazing. Every time I enter a battle and the battle themes "Paradigm shift" or "The last hunter" kick up, I feel pumped up to beat the enemy's asses down! There is also a nice boss track by Shootie G , the dude who did music for the DMC series (freaking love those songs). It may defy everything that's Final Fantasy, but I don't care, it sounds bad ass. Bosses are, of course, a blast. Probably the only enjoyable battle segments in the game, these provide challenge and moments of bad-assery. The QTEs aren't really needed, but they don't necessarily ruin the game so its not too bad.

Boss fights ahoy!

Now, the flaws, these are bad. First off, the game is far too easy. Minus some of the boss fights and the very last segments of the game, the rest of the game is too damn easy. If you went ahead and did side quests, its even easier! You can practically sleep and hit O all day, the enemies will just fall to your overwhelming power. There is NO way you can die in a normal battle for the first 75% of he game unless you fall asleep. There are also parts of the game that drag you down and just feel like unnecessary padding. Like this one part where you have to find 8 cores or something. You have to travel across every FREAKING area you've been to before and use the moogle search in thin air until you happen to luckily find the damn item. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BIG THE MAP IS, F**K YOU!

Oh yes, and the ending. Dat ending. DAT ENDING! WHAT THE F**K SQUARE!?!

If I were to go in depth, the flaws part could last quite a bit, but most of it just boils down to the game being a complete breeze and cakewalk. Except for the good story, you'll be in for a sleep fest during the battles. You will find normal battles to be nothing more than a troublesome chore. The end parts of the game get a little harder, but come on, you only bare your fangs at us when there's only 2-3 hours of the game left? There are things the game does right, but overall, 13-2 is a disappointing FF experience. As I said earlier, its a decent game on its own, but just not the FF game we're looking for.


Happy gaming.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Dark souls boss profiles: Stray demon

Stray demon
Skills: Horizontal swing, Explosion hit*, Explosion swing*, Flying butt slam,

Times died on 1st play through:5-ish

After gaping dragon, take the shortcut through the sewers back to the firelink shrine. Go up the elevator and fall off after the first few seconds. Follow the beaten path and eventually you'll come across a bird's nest. That belongs to the bird that took you to firelink shrine at the start of the game. Lie in the nest for a few seconds and the bird will take you back to the undead asylum. There, head to the area where you fought the asylum demon and fall into the pit of doom.....He is, obviously the second and final boss of the undead asylum. 

Its you again!

Don't be fooled. He may look like the boss you have fought so long ago, but he is much deadlier. His new explosion type attacks spell doom to almost anyone inexperienced enough to face him. His attack patterns are rather similar to that of the Asylum demon, but with the explosion effects, it gets hard to predict his attacks and a wrong prediction will result in you taking tons of damage. In other words, you will have to play very safely to actually beat him.

Horizontal swing- A simple swing attack that his weaker self at the start of the game has. Nothing much.

Explosion hit*- Douche bag skill number one. He swings his weapon over his head and smashed it into the ground slowly, causing an explosion. He might actually fake this and do a regular smash, without the explosion, so there is some guessing involved. Of course you can just play safe and not hit him at all.

Explosion swing*- He swings his weapon at a fast speed, and an explosion spawns in front of him. This is pretty fast and its quite difficult to see it coming.

Flying butt slam- A stupid attack that his weaker self had as well. Nothing wort mentioning as its so freaking predictable.

Most of the strategy you used while fighting the Asylum demon will be null and invalid this time, because his explosion attacks aren't just "roll away and you'll be fine" material. His other attacks are the same as his the Asylum demon, so nothing to worry about there. You can hit him pretty much just like the Asylum demon, his shape, body and build are similar. Being the slow, fat ass that he is, you can hit him just fine. He has a decent health pool though, so it may actually take awhile before he goes down.

Explosion hit and swing are where things get sticky. These two moves will take down your health quickly, and they aren't the easiest things to see coming. Explosion hit is easier to predict out of the two. Here, he raises his hammer slowly and just slams it into the ground. It is pretty slow, but the aftermath causes an explosion that deals great damage. You cannot block this explosion. When you block it, you take medium damage and lose a lot of your stamina. That's not worth it considering he uses a lot of explosion attacks.

The general strategy is to avoid these explosions completely, since eating them right in your face isn't very ideal. There are 2 solutions to this. One, when you see him do an explosion move, run away as far as you can. Two, immediately roll behind him and start hitting him. This is the more beneficial method, as you get to deal damage to him. 

His second explosion move, the explosion swing, is a tricky one. Unlike the hit, this comes out quick, and the explosion comes out quicker. The explosion is the same as the previous one, and you can deal with it the same way. But for the explosion swing, I suggest rolling away, because you probably won't have the time to react (unless you're very used to fighting this boss).

Chop your belly!

The rest of the battle is very similar to the old Asylum demon. If you can get past his explosion attacks, everything else should be manageable. If you play safely and predict wisely, you should be able to beat him. He is an optional boss, but 20000 souls is quite a good reward. If you are really having a lot of trouble. I suggest equipping a shield with good magic resistance and you will take minimal damage from his explosions even while blocking.

If you really have to, skip this boss. Good luck!


Opening songs
OP 1-Straight jet (Minami Kuriyabashi)

Ending songs
ED 1-Super stream (Yoko Hikasa, Kana Hanazawa, Maria Inoue, Yukana, Asami Shimoda)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Science fiction


Well.....ahem. I.Love.Infinite.Stratos. Yes, it may not be the best anime in the world, but in my eyes it is what we define a TRUE AND UNIQUE HAREM!!! If there's anything to describe it, its just harem, harem and more harem. If this isn't harem, I don't know what is. Unlike generic harems, this actually has a nice plot setting and interesting concept! It may be generic in the way it does some of the "harem-ish" segments, but overall, Infinite Stratos still strikes me as one of those unique gems of an anime. If you are a fan of the harem theme, this is definitely a must watch! Hell, we'll even throw in mecha suits and some combat segments!

Should be called "Infinite Harem"....

So, both songs used in the anime are actually pretty good. The opening song is "Straight jet" by Minami Kuriyabashi, another popular anison singer. It is nice and catchy, as expected of her, but there are some songs she does better. The ending song is just amazing, and its none other than "Super Stream" by the 5 female seiyuus of the main heroines. It is extremely catchy (especially with the 5 girls singing towards the end episodes), and its hard not to sing along. Fun fact, this is one of my ace songs in Jubeat. 


Seriously, I love Infinite Stratos. As a regular anime guy, I see tons of harems, and throw most of them into the generic harem bin. Although I generally like the harem genre, too many of them are similar, Infinite Stratos is one of those that tries to be different with everything else that ISN'T a harem. It is such an enjoyable experience, and this anime is practically a female overload, a complete girl fest....with one guy. Its like the ultimate harem, any guy in the shoes of Ichika would be drowned in happiness. Its not just harem all the way though, there are some solid, mecha action segments that will put a smile on guys' faces. The intense action and powers are just what we guys like to see in action anime.

Girls....girls everywhere....

The center of the ultimate harem stars Ichika as the lucky boy. The world is now in a state of technological advancement, with the development of the IS battle suit. Only females can wear this suit, and because of that males have been overshadowed in this world. However, one lone male in the entire world can pilot the IS battle suit, and his name is Ichika. Ichika is enrolled into the IS academy where the girls and himself learn to pilot and control the IS. He is enrolled due to his sister, whom was a teacher there, and coincidentally ended up being Ichika's homeroom teacher. There Ichika meets Houki, his childhood friend...and they end up being room mates, since there is no guys dorm. This is an all girls school damnit! AND THUS! The ultimate harem unfolds.....

If you like harems this is a must is the pinnacle of harem anime. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this to everyone, since this mostly appeals to guys, I see little form of entertainment to female viewers. Unlike some others like "Baka test" or "MM!" which are ridiculously funny, Infinite stratos is more towards action and its harem segments. There is close to zero real romance here (that last episode final scene was mostly a derp up anyway), so don't expect much. Everything else though, is definitely A grade quality.

Peace out!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Battle of the Immortals

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:7.0

(+)Pros:- Makes you feel powerful, - Leveling isn't a chore unlike most MMOs,  - Pet system is cool and acts like a trading card game, - Fun instances, - Bad ass looking boss and monsters, - Great variety in environmental visuals.

(-)Cons:- Highly repetitive, - Character customization is almost non existent, - Soon becomes a daily exp stone collecting game.

Gameplay time:-

So why Battle of the Immortals? Surely the sequel War of the Immortals was already out by the time I decided to play BOI. Well me and my friends had a little back and forth debating about which to play, BOI or WOI. According to reviews and forum posts, it was said WOI was actually a bad game compared to BOI, which was rated as a good game. So we decided to go with BOI. I must say that BOI is very fun for the first couple of hours or so and it just gets better with every increasing level. However like many MMOs it suffers from its own flaws. BOI is a simple MMORPG, and if you can stand much of its simplicity, its can be fun to play.

Story? Meh, it hardly has one. BOI suffers from the MMO-story syndrome, which most MMOs suffer from. It hardly has any noticeable or memorable story segments and thus it falls completely flat. Sure there is a story going on in the text and conversations with NPCs, but without any incentive or purpose to read those, it just gets pointless. Moving on....

The first thing you see when you enter the town.

So lets start off with why BOI is a good game. First things first, the game makes you feel like a powerful bad ass. At early levels you destroy mobs at incredible speed and it only gets better as you earn more powerful skills as you level up. You can decimate tons of mobs in a shot with AOE attacks, or deal massive damage to a single boss and kill it almost instantly....the game makes you feel as though you were a god. Plus the armor sets in this game look pretty damn awesome, even the lower level ones. It makes you feel even more powerful than you already are.

Another good thing is the grinding, or leveling up. Its easy to level up in this game, like seriously easy. Accept a level one quest to walk a few steps and talk to another npc, and bam, you're level 2. Go outside and kill a few mobs, you're level 5. Before you know it you can reach level 18 in an hour and you won't even know it. It continues this way until the 40s-50s, where it starts to slow down a little bit. Doing quests and stuff make you level faster, and these are easily done like in most MMOs, so you will be leveling at quite a fast rate. one bad ass looking dragon....

The pet system is also worth praising, as its probably one of the best pet systems I have seen in an MMORPG. Killing monsters will random drop their pet symbols, in which you pick up and add them to your existing pet slots. The monster can now be summoned as a pet, and you can raise and level him up like a Pokemon. You can only have so many pets, and you can release old pets to take in new ones. Pets will fight alongside you and some can even learn skills to further improve their combat prowess. Instances are also fun, as these mostly just rip off scenes and dungeons and movies (lol dragon emperor and pirates of the Caribbean). Mostly mob clearing and bosses at the end, but doing these with friends do provide some moments of fun.

And of course at the end of instances we have bosses, and let me add that most of these monsters look very big and very bad ass. Most are impossible to solo, that's why they're called instances, you need party members. Some monsters also look pretty bad ass, but alas, they are but mere monsters and it is their fate to be one shotted. The areas where these monsters dwell also come in great variety, ranging from temples, deserts, tombs, underwater environments, beaches, dark caves and many more. This makes exploring a fun sidetrack if you're the kind that likes to explore the world in MMOs.

Character customization is BARREN.

Unfortunately we have come to the end of all the good things of the game. Repetitive game play haunts BOI, badly. You are so overpowered that beating monsters becomes nothing but a lazy CHORE, and there are so many quests that you won't even bother to do. Its the same quests over and over, and its just not worth doing them as killing high level monsters or doing instances gets you more exp. The character creation...ugh, its abysmal. You don't even get to change much of your character, and that is just terrible. Just the face, portrait, and not much else. Another thing is once you reach level 45, you can get exp stones that level you up once per piece. You can grab 5 of this stones per day...whats the point of grinding then? It becomes just a daily stone collection, use them then log out...rinse and repeat.

There are reasons to why BOI has the exp stone system...its an old game, and it shows. Its repetitive nature really strips off a lot of incentive to actually boot this game back up and play it once you've reached a high level (50 to 60ish). There are skills up to level 120, but would you play that far when you already feel like a god at level 30? There are things the game does right, but when it boils down to it, there are better MMOs. Not to say this game is bad, if you like simple MMOs with a cool pet system and want to feel like a bad ass, this game does just that.

Happy gaming.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pervetic post 3:Well rounded body

Well my epic amount of free time will come to an end on Monday, so here's a final post to wrap things up for awhile. Its time for a another pervertic post, and this time its about those well rounded girls. They aren't too tall, too short, and their boobs aren't too big or too small, these are what we call the "well rounded girls". To me anyway. And of course there are plenty of hot girls in these category as well :).

If you find the sizes too big or too small, maybe the average suits you best? Look no further!

Espers? Time travelers? Aliens? No, Demon hunter!

From:'The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' series

Come on, Haruhi is hot. No matter how much of a spoiled bitch she can be, she is sexy. Personally I am not too huge of a Mikuru fan, and Haruhi is just sexy. I personally chose this picture because I made it into a poster and its been on my wall for a long long time. She likes to cosplay with Mikuru in the anime, and I spend more time ogling her than Mikuru, which is what the makers intended. Fan service of her is always great, and in the movie, her long haired version is just as hot. Lets not forget her swimsuit commercial on the Lucky star series, that was just smexy as hell.

Never thought we would get another sexy heroine ever since X-2!

From:Final Fantasy XIII

Yes, I think Lightning is sexy. Screw all the theories saying Fang is the chick of FF 13. NO! I SAY LIGHTNING IS THE HOTTEST! Lighting is an overall incredibly sexy person. Her hair, outfit (that skirt omg) and personality all just scream the word "SEXY!" to me. Lets not forget, pink hair, I freaking thing pink hair is a great feminine girly color for cute or sexy girls. And that is so ironic considering that she has a "go in and kill everyone guns blazing" personality. She's just too bad ass and sexy for anyone to handle.


From:Shin megami tensei:Persona 3

The persona series would be nothing without its girls and its dating sims system, and immediately right off the bat when I played Persona 3, I just knew I had to romance with Yukari. She has a tsundere like personality and was all quick tempered like...that immediately drew me into her. And between Mitsuru (who is freakishly hot as well), I thought Yukari would be an easier and more enjoyable choice. Yukari proved to be pretty sexy, and just her being in her school uniform or her casual formal wear already made me think she was hot. She has a pink uniform for god sake! Oh and yes, high cut armor. High, f**king, cut, armor.

This is the girl guys should be drooling over in Fate.

Name:Tohsaka Rin
From:"Fate" series

Don't get me wrong, I love Saber as much as all of you. However, I love Rin more. Personality wise Saber wins, but Rin is way sexier in my opinion. Her hourglass figure is an example of how freaking sexy well rounded girls can be, and I always thought of her to be a better pick in terms of romance for Shirou. Well its unfortunate, but yes, tsundere Rin is sexy, and I wish there would just be a scene where somebody fondles her boobs or something, that would just make my day. Oh and she's just as sexy in Fate/Extra.

She's the hottest exorcist, period.


D.gray-man was one of my favorite anime in the past, but it came to an abrupt end and refused to continue even until now, when the manga is already so far ahead. And well, since I first saw her, I freaking fell in love with Lenalee. She was a kind, innocent, and when the situation called for it, a battle hungry girl. She has a perfect body, and because her innocence was a pair of boots, she constantly flies around kicking akumas in the face, and shows off a lot of leg with her exorcist outfit. Just seeing her flying around shows how sexy she can be. Even with short hair, I still give her points for sexyness. Get working on the second D.gray-man season damnit!

That's for now folks! Till next time!

Opening songs
OP 1-Aoi Shiori (Galileo Galilei)

Ending songs
ED 1-Secret base ~10 years after version~ (Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, Saori Hayami)

Genre:Drama, Romance


Remember Angel beats? Or any sad anime you watched? When was the last time you watched an anime that made you on the verge of bursting into tears? If you ask me, other than Angel beats, or maybe the ending of Code geass R2, there were no other anime that ever made me feel that sad...until I watched Anohana. This is now the saddest most tear jerking screen crack I have ever encountered in my life. It is so touching and heartfelt that you CANNOT help but feel sad along with the characters of the anime. I have never came so close to crying in a LONG time. Anohana sets the standard of how touching an anime can ever be, and is definitely a touching experience that you will not forget. Just remember to bring tissues.

The character cast in all their coolness.

I never thought I'd say this to a sad and touching anime throughout, but it has some pretty nice songs. The opening is "Aoi Shiori" by Galileo Galilei, and it is a great piece. The song is calm and soothing, but when paired with the opening animations it feels a little sad, and that a little part of your heart will just soften up every time you watch it. The ending song is "Secret base ~10 years after version~" by the 3 female seiyuus of the 3 girls. I suppose it isn't too bad, but not something that I would listen to too much.


I wanted to give this an 8.5, but thinking back about the ending made me already want to shed some tears. It has been so long since my heart was touched so bad. I didn't cry at the ending, but I was so damn close to bursting into f**king tears, and its pretty hard to bring me to that level of emotion. If you don't at least feel ONE drop of sadness in your heart after watching this....I don't know. You must be some kind of machine, or cold blooded monster. Watching the lives of high school kids unfold is very common in an anime, but in this case, its pretty much a very touching experience. Finding the meaning of friendship for an old friend has never been so heart warming.

Your face....and everyone else after finishing the anime.

Starring Jinta as the main character, Anohana tells the tale of a group of friends, and a particular one who is currently troubled. Jinta is a socially awkward boy who has close to no friends in school, and always skips it because he doesn't want to show his face there. He lives with his happy go lucky father who allows him to do whatever he wants. One day though a ghost of his deceased friend, Menma, starts to live at his house. She pesters him everyday as if she were still alive, and nobody but Jinta himself can see her. Slowly his old friends that used to hang out with Menma and Jinta 10 years ago start appearing in his life, and he wants to show them that Menma exists, but 10 years have past...things aren't the same before. Watch as severed bonds of friendship get tied again, and how Jinta goes to express his experience of Menma being alive.

Anohana is an amazing anime that shows off that not all anime have to be generic harem, ecchi, fanservice, action or gore to be well received. Personally, I enjoyed Anohana from start to end, and it gets a very high score from me because of how emotionally touching it is. If you watch anime, Anohana should be on your list if you haven't seen it.

"Dem ninjas putting onions in my room..."

F**k yes more league! I have a little bit of spare time now so I can lighten up my schedule for more posts. I am still playing League, don't think I'm gonna stop anytime soon, because it is so f**king addictive! So here are more champions I like to play.

Remember I do not consider myself a pro. I mostly play normal games and like to leave the ranked games alone, because those are super tense. Oh, and solo queue is shit. All of these are based on MY opinion and experience.

Sit back and enjoy!

The Headman's Pride

Now I can play every role in the game, but among all the roles (support, off tank, tank, carry, ap carry), I hate to play the role of an AD carry the most. Its a stressful and boring life, you have to try your best to stay alive in team fights and 90% of the game you're just gonna last hit minions. When you die first in a team fight, consider it lost. This is why my go to carry is Urgot. He plays very differently from other carries, and his kit is unique...something I very much appreciate over other carries.

Urgot is a carry, but he does not depend on auto attacks to kill his enemies, and this alone makes him more fun to play than other carries.  Hitting enemies with his E and them locking them down with acid hunters is always a powerful combo Urgot has, and usually during the laning phase, a couple of E>acid hunter combos can finish off an enemy. Obviously I play Urgot as a bottom lane carry, like all other carries, and just farm my ass off with normal attacks and acid hunters. When the tank, support or jungler engages, just sit back in the comfort of the back lines, hit them with the smoke grenade and acid hunter them to death. Never gets old.

Carrying the game with a unique style!

Well as Urgot, you are just like any other carry. Do not go face first into fights, and if you're being focused, GTFO. Stay at the very back, hit enemies with your E, and spam acid hunters in their face. If you miss your E....god help you, go into the fight and poke with acid hunters or auto attacks. Make sure to turn on your W as it slows enemies with each attack or acid hunter. Focus on squishies, like their AP carry or Ad carry, tanks and off tanks are your secondary priorities. Your ultimate, the kinetic reverser, is best used for ganks, or in team fights when the enemies are running away. Its hard to find a right time to use it, since using it badly can get yourself killed. Still, it remains as one of the best position ruiners in the game. It also has a suppress time, in which your team mates can go and maul the victim of your ultimate.

Urgot is a unique carry that plays differently from the rest, that's why he's my go to AD carry when the need arises. I usually hate to play the role of an AD carry, but if I have to, Urgot is the man for me. Assassinating from afar has never felt so satisfactory!

My build for Urgot

-Doran's blade/ Boots + 3 potions
-Tear of the goddess
-Ionian boots
-Frozen heart
-Banshee's veil
-Guardian angel/Bloodthirster (Sell brutalizer)

The Blood Hunter


These days when I play with my friends, most of the time I play the role of a jungler, because most of them can't jungle for nuts. Warwick is one of my favorite junglers, because when I build him the way I do, he becomes a complete monster that is nearly unkillable. His late game scaling is pretty damn good, and while his pre-6 ganks are pretty terrible, he becomes a constant treat once he gets his ultimate. His ability to 1v1 other champions is nearly unrivaled in the league, because of his crazy life steal. Warwick, like what he really is, is a complete beast.

Jungling with Warwick is stupidly easy. Your passive is so badass that you won't even need to use much potions at all. You'll clear minions with ease, and while your speed isn't great, your sustain with your passive and hungering strike will carry you through. Your pre-6 ganks sucks, but if a lane needs help, its still your job as a jungler to be there and help out. Once you hit 6 though, any lane you gank is most probably a guaranteed kill. A 1.7 second suppress is pretty godly, and during that time most champions can focus down the target.  Also, if any champion tries to 1v1 you while you're at full health, just stand there and hit him in the face, show him whose boss. You won't lose most of the time.

Who wouldn't want to play as a big badass wolf?

As Warwick, your job is to be a badass. No joke, you probably can't die unless they throw EVERYTHING at you, which is kind of stupid, because they should be aiming for your characters. Your job is simple. You don't initiate fights, your primary tank does that, you just follow him into the fight and ult the enemy AD or AP carry. During that time your team should focus that suppressed target, if they don't their retarded. After that, all you have to do is activate hunger's call and start MAULING EVERYBODY! Your attack speed and movement speed is so quick that they'll fall in no time flat if they ignore you. Just spam hungering strike and hunger's call whenever they're not on cooldown, and you've got yourself a dead enemy team. Your sustain is so godly its not even funny.

Warwick is a late gamer. Do not be discouraged by his awful early game, if you persevere and make it to the point where you start to become invincible, you will not regret picking this badass wolf. Jungling with him is a breeze, I recommend him to jungling beginners. When you're fed enough, they will shake in fear every time they hear the wolf's howl...

My build for Warwick.

-Boots + 3 potions
-Madred's razors
-Mercury treads
-Madred's bloodrazors
-Sunfire cape
-Frozen heart
-Force of nature
-Guardian angel

The Cursed Troll

Trundle is another one of my favorite picks nowadays, because he is a very prominent jungler. Unlike Warwick, his ganking is pretty awesome, and most of the time I just waltz up to a lane, put a pillar in their face and maul them with my ugly club. When they die it just feels so god damn good. His early game presence is one to be feared, and while he isn't that great during the late game, he is definitely a good pick for a jungler, especially since he has great ganking, above average clear speeds, and godly sustain in the jungle.

Jungling as Trundle is also pretty easy. Like Warwick, your sustain is stupidly high. Grabbing an early vampiric scepter will ensure you safe and easy jungling, your health will never drop too low. Rabid bite makes it so jungle minions do minimal damage to you, and because of your passive, your health always stay up, so invaders will regret ever trying to pick a fight with you in your jungle. Your ganks are already awesome at level 2 when you pick up the pillar of troll. Just go to the lane that needs ganking, show your ugly face and activate your contaminated field. Run to them and just maul them normally, once they flash, use your pillar to stop them, that should ensure an easy kill. 

Time to troll!

During team fights, this is where things get tricky. Trundle is easily kited, and if your up against a team with full of slows, blinks or escape tools, you're going to have a hard time. Your job is to ult either a tank or a carry. Using your ult on the tank gets you some godly armor and magic resist, while he gets squisher. Using it on a carry just makes them even squisher than they already are. Just bite the enemy AD carry as much as you can to steal his damage and make him less of a threat. You can also bite AD casters like Lee sin or Renekton to makes them less scary. Other than that your job is just to make sure they stay in your contaminated field as you smash them with your ugly club. Use pillar of troll to escape from pursuers, or to prevent enemies from escaping. Or you can just use it to put the enemy team out of position, that is always fun to do.

Trundle has an easy time in the jungle but becomes a little bit harder to coordinate with during team fights. He is not a main tank, so try not to engage with him since he has no proper initiating tool. Just keep biting the enemies until they find you a pest and decide to back off, just try to keep the enemies off your carries while doing as much damage as you can.

My build for Trundle

-Vampiric Scepter
-Wriggle's lantern
-Mercury treads
-Heart of gold
-Frozen mallet
-Aegis of the legion
-Randuin's omen
-Force of nature
-Bloodthirster (Sell lantern)


Opening songs
OP 1-Days (Flow)
OP 2-Shounen heart (Home made kazoku)
OP 3-Taiyo no Mannaka he (Bivattchee)
OP 4-Sakura (Nirglis)

Ending songs
ED 1-Secret base (Kozue Takada)
ED 2-Fly away (Izawa Asami)
ED 3-Tip Taps Tip (HALCALI)
ED 4-Canvas (COOLON)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science fiction



Why didn't I watch this sooner? Being a 2005 anime, I was skeptical about Eureka Seven. Although it  was pretty popular, I still neglected it, since I wasn't really into the concepts of mechs and stuff like that. I was introduced to this by a good friend of mine....and I was not disappointed. A couple of episodes later, I found myself hooked. Its not a harem, its not generic, and it is something quite new to me. Bearing similarities to Xamd:Lost memories, Eureka seven does a great job letting viewers experience life on a ship filled with illegal smugglers and criminals, and quickly shows how entertaining it is as the story ramps up.

The all-so-awesome crew of the Gekkostate

Well since this is a long anime with 50 episodes, I won't go through the endings, but I'll do the openings, which should I say, are mostly great selections for the anime . The first opening is "Days" by flow, and it quickly escalated to one of my favorite Flow songs. Its slower and more peaceful pace was something incredibly enjoyable, and is always pleasing to listen to. The animations are also spot on, and is probably my favorite amongst the forth. The second opening is "Shounen heart" by Home made Kazoku, and believe it or not, this is my first song from them. I was not disappointed, and it quickly became my favorite song among the four openings. The animations are also great, my second favorite among all the opening animations.

The 3rd opening, in my opinion, was the only bad one among the three. "Taiyo no Mannaka he" by Bivattchee was a pretty rough and somewhat annoying song. Its all in the vocals man, it sounds like a pretty bad song overall, and I thought the opening animations were kinda off sync with the song. The 4th opening is "Sakura" by NIRGILIS, and it is pretty good. It is the only opening song sang by a female voice, and I must say her voice along with the opening animations can be quite captivating.


I did not regret watching Eureka seven. Why is it that my many recent animes are of such great quality. Though it is a 2005 anime, unlike old shows like Bakuretsu Tenshi, Kaibutsu Oujo or Inukami....Eureka Seven actually looks GREAT! The visuals and animation quality are unreal for a 2005 anime, and is on par with other animes with great visual quality back in the older days (Darker than black S1, Shakugan no Shana S1). The story is good, and escalates to epic levels towards the end. Character development for most of the characters in the show also make for one of the best selling points in this anime, which I, personally, enjoy watching the most. The action is good, and the anime's concept of mechs riding riftboards is just badass!

The anime is filled with many epic and heartfelt moments.

So, anime, main character, young boy, name, Renton Thurston. Well, you get the idea, that's how all animes go. Renton is a regular kid yearning for a more interesting life. His dream is to go lifting with his board, but the air waves in his town are too static and stagnant for him to actually do any lifting. Things are only going to go more downhill with his boring life, until one day, a LFO landed at his grandfather's garage area, destroying his room. The LFO is called the Nirvash, and is piloted by a girl named Eureka. 

Deciding to help the girl, Renton and his grandfather decide to patch the LFO up, until they realize that the girl and LFO are being targeted by officials. The LFO goes into battle, and Renton's grandfather asks to deliver a device of extreme power, the Amita drive, to Eureka, to power up the LFO. After that, Renton follows the girl Eureka to her home, the Gekkostate, a ship filled with criminals and mercenaries. Thus ends his boring life, but little does he know how stressful it is to live life as a Gekkostate member.

A pretty long post for an anime, but I just had to do it, since this IS an awesome anime, comparable to many modern day ones. THIS is something people can legitimately waste their time on. Eureka Seven is a great anime that manages to accomplish many things into one package. Story, action, character development, and its concept. With so many good points, how does one not be entertained by such an anime. It can get draggy at times since it is 50 episodes, but you'll feel entertained 90% of the time.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Radiant Historia

Gamespot score:8.0 (Great)

My score:8.2

(+)Pros:- Great story, - Grid combat system is a welcome change from regular turn based combat present in other JRPGs, -Time travel mechanic is very innovative and provides some unique game play choices, -Likable characters, especially Stocke, - Has an awesome villain, -A lot of post game and optional content.

(-)Cons:- Backtracking back in time for story or side quests can be freakishly annoying and tedious, - Side quests can be ridiculously unclear at times.

Gameplay time:30-40 hours

I apologize for the lack of posts. I have a shit load of school work so posts are going to come in a little slower...sorry guys. Radiant Historia is a very unique JRPG. At least to me anyway, I have never seen any JRPG using the concept of time travel quite as well as Radiant Historia does. Because of that, Radiant Historia becomes quite the experience, providing a great story (like most JRPGs), a nice take on usual turn based battles and an innovative time travel mechanic and more. If you have a DS, you owe it to yourself to at least try out this gem of a game.

Stocke is a secret agent top class spy, with skills that are unrivaled by most others. The city of Granorg is at a dire state of war, and Stocke's boss,  Heiss, sends him out to escort a contact back to the city safely. This contact has information about enemy lines and formations, which is crucial to win an upcoming battle. Stocke sets out to escort this contact, like every other jobs he has taken, but Heiss sends him 2 others to help. These 2 are Rainey, a female spear wielder, and Marco, a little man armed with sword, shield and healing abilities. And before he leaves on the job, Stocke is given a strange book known as the white chronicle by Heiss, told to be kept as a "Good luck charm". Of course, when things start to go wrong during the mission, Stocke is suddenly sucked into the world of the book itself, and the tenants of the book, two young children, give him a chance to turn back time and set things right for the missions. What could this mean? Play the game for more!

Well, the story is pretty epic when it wants to be.

Well lets just start with the best thing the game has to offer, its time travel mechanic. In many ways, Radiant Historia is just like your regular JRPG, but the time travel mechanic is something that makes this different from all the others. Not only is it very innovative, it allows players to make some choices that you usually can't in an RPG, and to make things even better, most of these choices you take will dynamically alter the game's course of the story, and this is really cool. Watch your base camp burst into flames, and you are powerless to stop it, but travel to another timeline and acquire the power to see invisible items. Then go back to the time before the camp exploded, and find all the invisible bombs and stop that event from ever happening!

You can make plenty of choices and watch things happen with this time travel mechanic, as it also allows you to interact with past timelines for side quests and other interesting things. Speaking of which, interacting with characters of previous or other timelines that already exist in your current ones can prove to be quite amusing. The characters in this game are pretty likable, especially Stocke towards the end of the game, he becomes quite the man. While your party members each carry certain levels of charm on their own, other side characters also do a good job being pretty likable. And of course, our main villain (I won't spoil), whom is pretty f**king bad ass and awesome. If you think typical JRPG characters aren't your thing, prepare to be taken aback by Radiant Historia's cast.

The grid battle system is something new for standard JRPGs.

Another good focus for the game, is its grid battle system, which is something quite new and I haven't seen it being used in other games yet. Basically its like the old school Megaman battle network, where the enemies have 9 spaces on their grid, and your attacks take up spaces on the grid in which you may fill up and damage your opponents. A group of enemies cuddles up in a space of 4 squares together will take full damage from an attack that fills up four squares. With this system you can a lot of crazy stuff. You can line up and push multiple enemies onto one square, then unleash massively powerful attacks on that one square to wipe out all enemy opposition. Or, you can skip your turns and move them next to your next turns, and unleash twice the amount of attacks in one shot.

Hell you can make an enemy sleep, delay as many turns as you want, then unleash your fury by going all out using all of your accumulated turns at one go. This system makes for some great strategic play and is a ton of fun to play around with, rather than just regular turned based battles in most JRPGs. The game also has a ton of optional stuff to do, mostly side quests and optional bosses. Each of these side quests have little stories of their own, making them feel less boring or monotonous, giving your purpose to actually do these. What's more is that you get good rewards for doing these, and some even give you new skills for your characters!

I'll stab ya both with mah spear!

And here we are with the flaws. The game is great, but due to the time travel mechanic, you will be back tracking ALOT, and although you can skip scenes you have seen before, it will get annoying if you see the same area, people and scenario over and over just to get to the part you want to. And most of the time, you will be doing this because some side quests are VERY hard to do and the descriptions can be super unreliable and very unclear. And there is no freaking marker of who has a quest or not. So you'll be walking around entire maps in different timelines over and over....sound fun? Skipping side quests is one thing, but they give good stuff, so.....

Radiant Historia is a great journey through the time traveling white chronicle. It has likable characters, an awesome story, a well thought out and refreshing battle system. It also has a ton of side quests to keep players entertained, so getting a good 30 to 40 hours out of this game isn't a difficult thing. JRPG lovers will love Radiant Historia. If you're not one of them, but want a JRPG that isn't so mainstream, this is for you.

Happy gaming!