More favorite characters from anime! I reviewed 3 new anime series in the early alphabetical orders during my last "Favorite anime characters" post, so those are the focus for this post. I'll go for a straight breakdown of the 3 animes.

"Anohana" is beyond godlike in terms of my standard in anime. It is a must watch for EVERYONE, even if you don't watch much anime, this anime is one that everyone can appreciate. "Eureka Seven" is a pretty bad ass anime with a substantially long story and cool concepts. Its definitely worth a watch if you like anime. "Dragon Crisis!" is just some generic harem with a little bit of extra stuff you don't see in other harems so it gets some points to be slightly above average. May be worth your time if you're into harems.

Spoilers....if it isn't obvious enough.


Anohana:The flower we saw that day
God I feel all emotional already just by thinking of the freaking ending. "Anohana" is a great emotional experience that really shows that even anime can draw out the many emotions of the viewers. It is so touching and at most times it just shows us to appreciate our friends as who they are. Definitely a triple A title.

She's so cute that she makes you cry (Literally)

Lets review Menma as a person in "Anohana". One, shes loli. Two, she is THE source of almost everything that happens in the anime. Three, she is like, the only cheerful person in an anime of freaking depressed people (other than Popo, of course). Finally, she makes everyone who watches this anime cry. She is the one and only true star character of "Anohana", and if that isn't worthy of a favorite, I don't know what is.

Menma is the one who died amongst the group of 6 friends. She fell into a river and passed away while she was still young. After that, the remaining 5 friends split up and went their separate ways, trying to break free from the past. Menma herself materializes in front of Jinta but only he can see her. She is so cheerful and cute its hard to actually ignore her....but scumbag Jinta was too blind to the truth to actually see.

While Jinta was trying to make her rest in peace by reconciling with everyone who was part of the 6 man gang in the past, he runs into a lot of problems. Conflicts within the old friends were too much to handle, and the constant rebuttal between him and Yukiatsu makes everything so depressing to watch. She was the one to break everything by writing in her diary during real time, to make everyone believe she existed. And in the end after seeing that all 5 friends are together again she rests in peace...which was a completely depressing moment. Menma FTW.

Dragon Crisis!

So whats the deal with "Dragon Crisis!"? What makes it above average to me? has likable characters, its a harem, it has action, it has somewhat of a plot, it has some romance (cheesy romance, but still romance) and it has Rie Kugimiya! Its definitely not a "MUST WATCH" by any means but if you enjoy harems, this is one you can add to your list.&nbsp

Yes, even hot girls that just came out of the bath can stomp a man with a straight face.

I freaking love Eriko. While I do think Ai is the sexiest character in the anime, Eriko takes it for my favorite character. She's cheerful, full of spunk and attitude, and she brings the PAIN on everyone. She's funny, whiny, and a completely likable woman. Her acting all immature even though she is older than most of the cast is just icing on the cake. You just can't help but love this girl, its just too much.

Despite being only a level 7 breaker compared to Ryuuji being level 10, I believe that Eriko is a much more efficient and useful character of the "Dragon Crisis!" team. She mostly leads the other kids, she knows what to do, how to deal with certain bad guys and stuff like that. She's like the the immature leader of a group! Besides, her staff is a way cooler weapon that Ryuuji's knife. Summoning butterflies is always cool.

All in all, she's just a fun person to watch. She likes to mess around with others and while she states early on that she doesn't like Rose, she grows to accept her and soon becomes friends. I think she has the best impression out of every other character in the cast, and with her incredibly charming personality, she is easily my favorite character of the series.

Eureka Seven

"Eureka Seven" is a great anime with tons of likable characters. It is 52 episodes long, and because of that it has quite a big character cast (bigger than most anime). Its great plot, characters, action and many more make it a huge success in my opinion. Because there are so many great characters, its very very hard for me to choose favorites. But when it comes to the most memorable....

Cute girl. Drives robots.

There are many reasons why Eureka is the most memorable character in the series to me...rather than many others (Renton, Talho, Holland etc.). First, her transformation throughout the anime. She changed to much throughout all 52 episodes its hard to forget her at all. From the start with the clipped hair and cold personality, then to short hair with slight disfigures, and then back to long hair with a more open personality. She changes so much that its hard to even forget her.

She's a cute girl that drives a robot. Not just any LFO mind you, she drives the Nirvash, the oldest LFO around and she makes other LFOs look like toys when she's piloting it. She "speaks" to the Nirvash and thus can communicate well with it. Later though when the Nirvash shifts its attention to Renton she gets all emotional and stuff, that part was kind of memorable. Then when she drives it with Renton together again everything goes all happy happy.

She was also the key coralian to making the entire series come together towards the end. With her attitude towards Renton changing throughout the entire show, it was sweet that towards the end when she was going through the transformation, that Renton accepted her. Finally, for the comparison of looks. I actually wanted to go with Talho for sexiness, but in the end I preferred Eureka, she was too cute to say no.

That's it for now folks, peace out.