Opening songs
OP 1-Aoi Shiori (Galileo Galilei)

Ending songs
ED 1-Secret base ~10 years after version~ (Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, Saori Hayami)

Genre:Drama, Romance


Remember Angel beats? Or any sad anime you watched? When was the last time you watched an anime that made you on the verge of bursting into tears? If you ask me, other than Angel beats, or maybe the ending of Code geass R2, there were no other anime that ever made me feel that sad...until I watched Anohana. This is now the saddest most tear jerking screen crack I have ever encountered in my life. It is so touching and heartfelt that you CANNOT help but feel sad along with the characters of the anime. I have never came so close to crying in a LONG time. Anohana sets the standard of how touching an anime can ever be, and is definitely a touching experience that you will not forget. Just remember to bring tissues.

The character cast in all their coolness.

I never thought I'd say this to a sad and touching anime throughout, but it has some pretty nice songs. The opening is "Aoi Shiori" by Galileo Galilei, and it is a great piece. The song is calm and soothing, but when paired with the opening animations it feels a little sad, and that a little part of your heart will just soften up every time you watch it. The ending song is "Secret base ~10 years after version~" by the 3 female seiyuus of the 3 girls. I suppose it isn't too bad, but not something that I would listen to too much.


I wanted to give this an 8.5, but thinking back about the ending made me already want to shed some tears. It has been so long since my heart was touched so bad. I didn't cry at the ending, but I was so damn close to bursting into f**king tears, and its pretty hard to bring me to that level of emotion. If you don't at least feel ONE drop of sadness in your heart after watching this....I don't know. You must be some kind of machine, or cold blooded monster. Watching the lives of high school kids unfold is very common in an anime, but in this case, its pretty much a very touching experience. Finding the meaning of friendship for an old friend has never been so heart warming.

Your face....and everyone else after finishing the anime.

Starring Jinta as the main character, Anohana tells the tale of a group of friends, and a particular one who is currently troubled. Jinta is a socially awkward boy who has close to no friends in school, and always skips it because he doesn't want to show his face there. He lives with his happy go lucky father who allows him to do whatever he wants. One day though a ghost of his deceased friend, Menma, starts to live at his house. She pesters him everyday as if she were still alive, and nobody but Jinta himself can see her. Slowly his old friends that used to hang out with Menma and Jinta 10 years ago start appearing in his life, and he wants to show them that Menma exists, but 10 years have past...things aren't the same before. Watch as severed bonds of friendship get tied again, and how Jinta goes to express his experience of Menma being alive.

Anohana is an amazing anime that shows off that not all anime have to be generic harem, ecchi, fanservice, action or gore to be well received. Personally, I enjoyed Anohana from start to end, and it gets a very high score from me because of how emotionally touching it is. If you watch anime, Anohana should be on your list if you haven't seen it.

"Dem ninjas putting onions in my room..."