Friday, 17 August 2012

Dark souls boss profiles: Stray demon

Stray demon
Skills: Horizontal swing, Explosion hit*, Explosion swing*, Flying butt slam,

Times died on 1st play through:5-ish

After gaping dragon, take the shortcut through the sewers back to the firelink shrine. Go up the elevator and fall off after the first few seconds. Follow the beaten path and eventually you'll come across a bird's nest. That belongs to the bird that took you to firelink shrine at the start of the game. Lie in the nest for a few seconds and the bird will take you back to the undead asylum. There, head to the area where you fought the asylum demon and fall into the pit of doom.....He is, obviously the second and final boss of the undead asylum. 

Its you again!

Don't be fooled. He may look like the boss you have fought so long ago, but he is much deadlier. His new explosion type attacks spell doom to almost anyone inexperienced enough to face him. His attack patterns are rather similar to that of the Asylum demon, but with the explosion effects, it gets hard to predict his attacks and a wrong prediction will result in you taking tons of damage. In other words, you will have to play very safely to actually beat him.

Horizontal swing- A simple swing attack that his weaker self at the start of the game has. Nothing much.

Explosion hit*- Douche bag skill number one. He swings his weapon over his head and smashed it into the ground slowly, causing an explosion. He might actually fake this and do a regular smash, without the explosion, so there is some guessing involved. Of course you can just play safe and not hit him at all.

Explosion swing*- He swings his weapon at a fast speed, and an explosion spawns in front of him. This is pretty fast and its quite difficult to see it coming.

Flying butt slam- A stupid attack that his weaker self had as well. Nothing wort mentioning as its so freaking predictable.

Most of the strategy you used while fighting the Asylum demon will be null and invalid this time, because his explosion attacks aren't just "roll away and you'll be fine" material. His other attacks are the same as his the Asylum demon, so nothing to worry about there. You can hit him pretty much just like the Asylum demon, his shape, body and build are similar. Being the slow, fat ass that he is, you can hit him just fine. He has a decent health pool though, so it may actually take awhile before he goes down.

Explosion hit and swing are where things get sticky. These two moves will take down your health quickly, and they aren't the easiest things to see coming. Explosion hit is easier to predict out of the two. Here, he raises his hammer slowly and just slams it into the ground. It is pretty slow, but the aftermath causes an explosion that deals great damage. You cannot block this explosion. When you block it, you take medium damage and lose a lot of your stamina. That's not worth it considering he uses a lot of explosion attacks.

The general strategy is to avoid these explosions completely, since eating them right in your face isn't very ideal. There are 2 solutions to this. One, when you see him do an explosion move, run away as far as you can. Two, immediately roll behind him and start hitting him. This is the more beneficial method, as you get to deal damage to him. 

His second explosion move, the explosion swing, is a tricky one. Unlike the hit, this comes out quick, and the explosion comes out quicker. The explosion is the same as the previous one, and you can deal with it the same way. But for the explosion swing, I suggest rolling away, because you probably won't have the time to react (unless you're very used to fighting this boss).

Chop your belly!

The rest of the battle is very similar to the old Asylum demon. If you can get past his explosion attacks, everything else should be manageable. If you play safely and predict wisely, you should be able to beat him. He is an optional boss, but 20000 souls is quite a good reward. If you are really having a lot of trouble. I suggest equipping a shield with good magic resistance and you will take minimal damage from his explosions even while blocking.

If you really have to, skip this boss. Good luck!