Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pervetic post 3:Well rounded body

Well my epic amount of free time will come to an end on Monday, so here's a final post to wrap things up for awhile. Its time for a another pervertic post, and this time its about those well rounded girls. They aren't too tall, too short, and their boobs aren't too big or too small, these are what we call the "well rounded girls". To me anyway. And of course there are plenty of hot girls in these category as well :).

If you find the sizes too big or too small, maybe the average suits you best? Look no further!

Espers? Time travelers? Aliens? No, Demon hunter!

From:'The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' series

Come on, Haruhi is hot. No matter how much of a spoiled bitch she can be, she is sexy. Personally I am not too huge of a Mikuru fan, and Haruhi is just sexy. I personally chose this picture because I made it into a poster and its been on my wall for a long long time. She likes to cosplay with Mikuru in the anime, and I spend more time ogling her than Mikuru, which is what the makers intended. Fan service of her is always great, and in the movie, her long haired version is just as hot. Lets not forget her swimsuit commercial on the Lucky star series, that was just smexy as hell.

Never thought we would get another sexy heroine ever since X-2!

From:Final Fantasy XIII

Yes, I think Lightning is sexy. Screw all the theories saying Fang is the chick of FF 13. NO! I SAY LIGHTNING IS THE HOTTEST! Lighting is an overall incredibly sexy person. Her hair, outfit (that skirt omg) and personality all just scream the word "SEXY!" to me. Lets not forget, pink hair, I freaking thing pink hair is a great feminine girly color for cute or sexy girls. And that is so ironic considering that she has a "go in and kill everyone guns blazing" personality. She's just too bad ass and sexy for anyone to handle.


From:Shin megami tensei:Persona 3

The persona series would be nothing without its girls and its dating sims system, and immediately right off the bat when I played Persona 3, I just knew I had to romance with Yukari. She has a tsundere like personality and was all quick tempered like...that immediately drew me into her. And between Mitsuru (who is freakishly hot as well), I thought Yukari would be an easier and more enjoyable choice. Yukari proved to be pretty sexy, and just her being in her school uniform or her casual formal wear already made me think she was hot. She has a pink uniform for god sake! Oh and yes, high cut armor. High, f**king, cut, armor.

This is the girl guys should be drooling over in Fate.

Name:Tohsaka Rin
From:"Fate" series

Don't get me wrong, I love Saber as much as all of you. However, I love Rin more. Personality wise Saber wins, but Rin is way sexier in my opinion. Her hourglass figure is an example of how freaking sexy well rounded girls can be, and I always thought of her to be a better pick in terms of romance for Shirou. Well its unfortunate, but yes, tsundere Rin is sexy, and I wish there would just be a scene where somebody fondles her boobs or something, that would just make my day. Oh and she's just as sexy in Fate/Extra.

She's the hottest exorcist, period.


D.gray-man was one of my favorite anime in the past, but it came to an abrupt end and refused to continue even until now, when the manga is already so far ahead. And well, since I first saw her, I freaking fell in love with Lenalee. She was a kind, innocent, and when the situation called for it, a battle hungry girl. She has a perfect body, and because her innocence was a pair of boots, she constantly flies around kicking akumas in the face, and shows off a lot of leg with her exorcist outfit. Just seeing her flying around shows how sexy she can be. Even with short hair, I still give her points for sexyness. Get working on the second D.gray-man season damnit!

That's for now folks! Till next time!