F**k yes more league! I have a little bit of spare time now so I can lighten up my schedule for more posts. I am still playing League, don't think I'm gonna stop anytime soon, because it is so f**king addictive! So here are more champions I like to play.

Remember I do not consider myself a pro. I mostly play normal games and like to leave the ranked games alone, because those are super tense. Oh, and solo queue is shit. All of these are based on MY opinion and experience.

Sit back and enjoy!

The Headman's Pride

Now I can play every role in the game, but among all the roles (support, off tank, tank, carry, ap carry), I hate to play the role of an AD carry the most. Its a stressful and boring life, you have to try your best to stay alive in team fights and 90% of the game you're just gonna last hit minions. When you die first in a team fight, consider it lost. This is why my go to carry is Urgot. He plays very differently from other carries, and his kit is unique...something I very much appreciate over other carries.

Urgot is a carry, but he does not depend on auto attacks to kill his enemies, and this alone makes him more fun to play than other carries.  Hitting enemies with his E and them locking them down with acid hunters is always a powerful combo Urgot has, and usually during the laning phase, a couple of E>acid hunter combos can finish off an enemy. Obviously I play Urgot as a bottom lane carry, like all other carries, and just farm my ass off with normal attacks and acid hunters. When the tank, support or jungler engages, just sit back in the comfort of the back lines, hit them with the smoke grenade and acid hunter them to death. Never gets old.

Carrying the game with a unique style!

Well as Urgot, you are just like any other carry. Do not go face first into fights, and if you're being focused, GTFO. Stay at the very back, hit enemies with your E, and spam acid hunters in their face. If you miss your E....god help you, go into the fight and poke with acid hunters or auto attacks. Make sure to turn on your W as it slows enemies with each attack or acid hunter. Focus on squishies, like their AP carry or Ad carry, tanks and off tanks are your secondary priorities. Your ultimate, the kinetic reverser, is best used for ganks, or in team fights when the enemies are running away. Its hard to find a right time to use it, since using it badly can get yourself killed. Still, it remains as one of the best position ruiners in the game. It also has a suppress time, in which your team mates can go and maul the victim of your ultimate.

Urgot is a unique carry that plays differently from the rest, that's why he's my go to AD carry when the need arises. I usually hate to play the role of an AD carry, but if I have to, Urgot is the man for me. Assassinating from afar has never felt so satisfactory!

My build for Urgot

-Doran's blade/ Boots + 3 potions
-Tear of the goddess
-Ionian boots
-Frozen heart
-Banshee's veil
-Guardian angel/Bloodthirster (Sell brutalizer)

The Blood Hunter


These days when I play with my friends, most of the time I play the role of a jungler, because most of them can't jungle for nuts. Warwick is one of my favorite junglers, because when I build him the way I do, he becomes a complete monster that is nearly unkillable. His late game scaling is pretty damn good, and while his pre-6 ganks are pretty terrible, he becomes a constant treat once he gets his ultimate. His ability to 1v1 other champions is nearly unrivaled in the league, because of his crazy life steal. Warwick, like what he really is, is a complete beast.

Jungling with Warwick is stupidly easy. Your passive is so badass that you won't even need to use much potions at all. You'll clear minions with ease, and while your speed isn't great, your sustain with your passive and hungering strike will carry you through. Your pre-6 ganks sucks, but if a lane needs help, its still your job as a jungler to be there and help out. Once you hit 6 though, any lane you gank is most probably a guaranteed kill. A 1.7 second suppress is pretty godly, and during that time most champions can focus down the target.  Also, if any champion tries to 1v1 you while you're at full health, just stand there and hit him in the face, show him whose boss. You won't lose most of the time.

Who wouldn't want to play as a big badass wolf?

As Warwick, your job is to be a badass. No joke, you probably can't die unless they throw EVERYTHING at you, which is kind of stupid, because they should be aiming for your characters. Your job is simple. You don't initiate fights, your primary tank does that, you just follow him into the fight and ult the enemy AD or AP carry. During that time your team should focus that suppressed target, if they don't their retarded. After that, all you have to do is activate hunger's call and start MAULING EVERYBODY! Your attack speed and movement speed is so quick that they'll fall in no time flat if they ignore you. Just spam hungering strike and hunger's call whenever they're not on cooldown, and you've got yourself a dead enemy team. Your sustain is so godly its not even funny.

Warwick is a late gamer. Do not be discouraged by his awful early game, if you persevere and make it to the point where you start to become invincible, you will not regret picking this badass wolf. Jungling with him is a breeze, I recommend him to jungling beginners. When you're fed enough, they will shake in fear every time they hear the wolf's howl...

My build for Warwick.

-Boots + 3 potions
-Madred's razors
-Mercury treads
-Madred's bloodrazors
-Sunfire cape
-Frozen heart
-Force of nature
-Guardian angel

The Cursed Troll

Trundle is another one of my favorite picks nowadays, because he is a very prominent jungler. Unlike Warwick, his ganking is pretty awesome, and most of the time I just waltz up to a lane, put a pillar in their face and maul them with my ugly club. When they die it just feels so god damn good. His early game presence is one to be feared, and while he isn't that great during the late game, he is definitely a good pick for a jungler, especially since he has great ganking, above average clear speeds, and godly sustain in the jungle.

Jungling as Trundle is also pretty easy. Like Warwick, your sustain is stupidly high. Grabbing an early vampiric scepter will ensure you safe and easy jungling, your health will never drop too low. Rabid bite makes it so jungle minions do minimal damage to you, and because of your passive, your health always stay up, so invaders will regret ever trying to pick a fight with you in your jungle. Your ganks are already awesome at level 2 when you pick up the pillar of troll. Just go to the lane that needs ganking, show your ugly face and activate your contaminated field. Run to them and just maul them normally, once they flash, use your pillar to stop them, that should ensure an easy kill. 

Time to troll!

During team fights, this is where things get tricky. Trundle is easily kited, and if your up against a team with full of slows, blinks or escape tools, you're going to have a hard time. Your job is to ult either a tank or a carry. Using your ult on the tank gets you some godly armor and magic resist, while he gets squisher. Using it on a carry just makes them even squisher than they already are. Just bite the enemy AD carry as much as you can to steal his damage and make him less of a threat. You can also bite AD casters like Lee sin or Renekton to makes them less scary. Other than that your job is just to make sure they stay in your contaminated field as you smash them with your ugly club. Use pillar of troll to escape from pursuers, or to prevent enemies from escaping. Or you can just use it to put the enemy team out of position, that is always fun to do.

Trundle has an easy time in the jungle but becomes a little bit harder to coordinate with during team fights. He is not a main tank, so try not to engage with him since he has no proper initiating tool. Just keep biting the enemies until they find you a pest and decide to back off, just try to keep the enemies off your carries while doing as much damage as you can.

My build for Trundle

-Vampiric Scepter
-Wriggle's lantern
-Mercury treads
-Heart of gold
-Frozen mallet
-Aegis of the legion
-Randuin's omen
-Force of nature
-Bloodthirster (Sell lantern)