Opening songs
OP 1-Ma ke se te tonight (Iori Nomizu)

Ending songs
ED 1-Kizuite Zombie-sama, Watashi wa Classmate Desu (Rie yamaguchi and manzo)

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Due to my workload, I won't be having a lot of time to post anything that takes too long to write out, so bear with anime reviews for awhile since they are easy to cough up and take the least time to type out. So those who keep up with anime seasons should know that Kore wa zombie desuka 2 has been released. Nonetheless, its great, because you really cannot expect less when the first season is that awesome. Kore wa zombie desuke is a gem of an anime, and while it is just a harem, its over the top, its funny and it is absolutely insane. There is a "hint" of love involved, but its really not that big of a deal to turn into romance. Still, this is a kick-ass anime that should not be overlooked by any decent otaku.

A shout out to Sora no Otoshimo fans!

To complement with the awesome anime, we have some awesome songs used in Kore wa zombie. The opening song is "Ma ke se te tonight", and its sang by Iori Nomizu (Haruna's seiyuu). Its an awesome tune, and it fits extremely well with the anime. Badass opening visuals make it all the more entertaining to watch. The ending's name is ridiculously long so I won't type it out. Basically its another cute-sy ending with a catchy tune, not as awesome as some I have heard in other animes, but its still good enough to put a smile on my face :).


Its not easy for me to like an anime that much, but Kore wa zombie made me adore it. Not only was it funny as hell, it has interesting characters, a cool setting and amazing character background stories. It was indeed a hell of a ride, and for the most part, the serious sections of the anime got me pumped up. The comedy is definitely top tier material as I laughed my ass off for the majority of the funny parts (not as godly as baka test though). With so much good content, its really hard not to like Kore wa zombie desuka, especially with such cute girls too :). PLUS, THERE IS A KANZAKI LOOKALIKE THAT GOES BY THE NAME SERASPHIM! Godlike. To top it off, this is one of the few harem types anime that has a likable main character.

Epic moments of epic face palms.

Ayumu is your regular high school kid with a regular life. He likes it that way, however, there is a problem. Ayumu is a friggin zombie. He can't die, he regenerates every time he is cut up, banged by a car, or beat to a pulp. Yeap, that's the life of a zombie. How did he turn into a zombie? He befriended a nercomancer by the name of Eucliwood Hellscythe, and when he died, she revived him. Now she lives with Ayumu, leeching off him. One day though, he is confronted by a monster, and he is saved by a magical girl by the name of Haruno. Haruno is cheery, noisy and full of spunk. Due to complicated circumstances, Haruno saved Ayumu and lost her powers. Her powers now reside in Ayumu, and he becomes the next magical girl. Now a cross dressing magical girl zombie guy, Ayumu lives a life extreme misfortune, but is surrounded by cute girls in return!

Kore wa zombie desuka is a great watch. Season 2 is underway, and its great as well. For season 1 though, its a great anime filled with serious moments and extremely funny ones. Throw in some wonderful girls and you've got a crazy harem that is over the top insane. As I am now, I can easily Kore wa zombie desuka to anyone. As long as you've watched anime, you will love Kore wa zombie desuka.