Opening songs
OP 1-Brave your truth (Daisy x Daisy)

Ending songs
ED 1-Yasashii uso (Chrome shelled)
ED 2-Ai no Zuellni (Chrome shelled)

Genre:Action, Fantasy, Science fiction


Sorry for not posting during the previous few days, I'm afraid school work and laziness are piling in....I'll try to get back to regular posting intervals, but until then, bear with me if I'm posting lesser than usual. For today we have an anime with one of the best settings ever made. Chrome Shelled Regios has an interesting premise. I loved the world it took place in, and it was intriguing from start to finish. It had great characters and superb combat big ass monsters! It was truly a treat to get this anime started, but the further the story advanced, the more of a pain it became to watch it. Basically they threw a whole lot of shit at once to us viewers to digest, which was not a good idea since during that period of the anime, the action became more scarce. Nevertheless you're going to get a good time out of Chrome Shelled, just do not expect it be consistent throughout.

The anime definitely has its share of powerful badasses.

The opening song is  great, truly a song worthy of the anime. It was so good it made me actually look up Daisy x Daisy for more songs. "Brave your truth" is a solid opening theme, and it has great opening animations to back it up. Every time I listen to this I cannot help but feel moving my body to the groove...yes, its that good. Still Daisy x Daisy's more recent song, Bouei no Honou is much better, nothing from her discography stands up to that. The ending songs are, once again, slow and uninteresting. Both are by a fictional band Chrome shelled, and they throw in the seiyuus of Nina, Felli and Leerin once in awhile to mix it up, having them sing the endings.


It deserved more, it really did. I loved the idea Chrome Shelled Regios had going, but it just fell too short. The premise was great, the idea of an academy city always gets me (Index/Railgun are still the winners of having a truly awesome city), and they even threw plenty of other cool shit. There were other cities and they would battle it out for territory, and there would be monsters that these schools would do their best to avoid. It was truly, a remarkable experience. I was actually okay with the black and white parts with english voices, but in the end, it felt like it was all pointless as they didn't explain much about it. There was too much left unanswered, and they ending was like a big slap in the face, telling us that a season 2 wouldn't be coming (I kinda spoiled a little, but fck it, it had to be addressed).

Seriously, Felli wins, HANDS DOWN.

For the star of the show, we have Layfon Alsief as our protagonist. Layfon came to the academy city to look for a peaceful life to study mechanics. But upon his arrival amongst other freshmen, he spots two dite user students fighting it out during the opening ceremony. He decides to ignore it, but the destruction of the fight caused a pillar to come crashing down on a poor unarmed girl. Everyone expected her to get hurt as they all gasp in horror, but Layfon dashed in at the speed of light and saved her. With this, his cover was blown. He was immediately transfered to become a combat student, and was thrown into an indie squad, with a bunch of rejects without much teamwork. So begins Layfon's new school life, but little does his team know, that they had just recruited someone so powerful that he would change their lives.

Chromed Shelled Regios is a waste. If they actually did a good job explaining the many existing plot holes AND making a better ending, I would be recommending this to pretty much everyone (easily an 8.5 if that were the case). But what we have here is a half-explained anime, with a ending that pretty much crushed most of my hopes for this anime. The 1st half of the anime is awesome enough to save it, and the characters are so lovable you can't hate them (Layfon is a badass main character). Its a shame, Regios had the potential to be one of my favorite animes... but oh well. Still quite a good show though, do look into it if you're interested.