Opening songs
OP 1-Now loading...Sky!(Sphere)

Ending songs
ED 1-Kokoro no Madobe night (Kana hanazawa)
ED 2-Omoide ga jama suru (Haruka tomatsu)
ED 3-Happy sunshine (Kanae ito)
EP 12 ED-Smile peace (Kana hanazawa, Haruka tomatsu, Kanae ito)

Genre:Comedy, Romance, Science fiction


When it comes to anime, cat girls are an absolute necessity. Well I'm not really into the whole cat ear thing, but well, it can't really be helped since they are everywhere in anime. Asobi ni ikuyo looks like a high production anime with lots of effort put into it. The animations are pretty good, and the seiyuus are pretty popular. Visuals are top notch, and some CG scenes are done pretty well. Still, it all just boils down to a regular harem with cat girls thrown in, nothing special. At least the plot is not a complete throwaway like most harems, some scenes can be heartwarming or at least slightly touching. The comedy is there, but not entirely memorable as I don't remember laughing my ass off to anything particular in this anime. Well, if you like harem and cat ears, this is something you'll enjoy.

There are only 3 main heroines, but they're kinda above average :)

For such an anime, you can expect really really cute-sy songs that aren't epic at all (in other words, not something on my radar). That is the case with the endings, but the opening song is surprisingly not too bad. "Now loading...Sky!" is pretty catchy, and while it may not be too fast on the beats, it easily fits as an opening theme for an anime like this. The endings are sang by the respective seiyuus of the 3 heroines. The 1st ending is by kana hanazawa (Futaba), 2nd ending by Haruka tomatsu (Manami) and 3rd ending by Kanae ito (Eris). All 3 are unappealing and too seiyuu-ish for my likings. The combined effort for the final episode ending works well for the situation, but still not something I would listen to on a daily basis :X.


Well, I'll give Asobi ni ikuyo some credit. The plot is slighty better than most existing harems, and the fact that there  is still no REAL romance involved makes me a sad panda. Sure, the love rivalry tension exists, but there is no real romance going on between the guy and the girl, and that's just fail on a romance basis! Well, no point whining. There are a bunch of funny characters, and the concept of cat people coming from space to make peace with humans is kinda different from what we usually see. The show also goes more in depth with the 3 heroines, which is good as we get to see character development. Aside from that, everything is just same old same old.

But of course! Cat people have better technology than we do!

Kio is your typical otaku, stay-at-home kinda guy. There's absolutely nothing special about him, and he likes that. One day however, a discovers a cat girl, and she introduces herself as Eris. Eris is a curvy young women with a body any girl would kill for, but there's just one thing. Cat ears. Yep. Eris has cat ears, and she introduces herself as an alien from a distant planet known as Catia. It seems that she crash landed on her ship, but it was discovered. Speculations fly that an alien has disembarked on earth, and soon things esculate out of hand. Due to circumstances, the people of Catia land on earth, and before they knew it, humans had cat people living alongside them...and it just to happens that the Catia girls use Kio's home as their base of operations. Harem time.....

To me, Asobi ni ikuyo isn't anything too special. Being funny is one thing, but it doesn't go over the top with that. The focus on only 3 heroines (instead of like 5 or 6) really helped , seeing more of the tension between Manami and Futuba is sometimes interesting and gives the anime some much needed serious moments. Still, the conclusion is super cliche and that's another point that drags Asobi ni ikuyo down. If you do like harems and cat ears (I recommend this if you found Nyan koi enjoyable), this is one you can enjoy.