Thursday, 3 May 2012

For fools (Fooly cooly review)

Opening songs
OP 1-One Life (The pillows)
OP 2-Instant music (The pillows)
OP 3-Happy Bivouac (The pillows)
OP 4-Runner's high (The pillows)
OP 5-Carnival (The pillows)

Ending songs
ED 1-Ride on shooting star (The pillows)

Genre:Comedy, Drama, Science fiction


Okay, so I'm probably going to get hated for this shit, but I don't care. Seeing as how well FLCL is received all around the world, I am probably in the minority. This is a stupid show. Crazy, but stupid. 99% of the time you have no freaking idea what the hell is going on, and watching this at the current time is a bad idea. With the increasing standards of anime, watching something with such an  old visual style only made the experience less appealing. It may not be total garbage, but its really not something people would want to watch nowadays. Plus, it only has 6 episodes, how are you going us to understand the shitload of stuff going on in 6 episodes? 

Fan art is always nice..

Okay, so I wasn't aware this had opening songs, so I went to listen to all of them again on youtube. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan. I didn't go to listen to the songs over and over again just to get a feel of them. Its the same with the ending, since they are all by the same band, "The pillows". Not my style, probably more fit for some who like more old school music.


I said it before, I did not enjoy FLCL. Its probably lower in my scale than stuff like "Rio-Rainbow gate" or "Ladies vs Butlers". But, since it has some insane scenes, I'll just leave it as below average (anything below a 7 in my scale is pretty much bad already). Some of the stuff going on can be mind blowingly crazy, and it can be kind of fun to watch. Still though, its pretty lame seeing an entire robot or monster pop out of a kid's forehead through an idiotic lump. And, I'm not gonna lie, the voicing is terrible. Other than maybe Haruko or Naota, the entire cast has voice acting so bad that's its almost hard to stand....

Tru dat my boy, I couldn't care less either!

The story stars a young troubled kid as our star, and his name is Naota. Naota's brother up and left one day, and leaves his girlfriend behind, Mamimi. Mamimi, seeing something in Naota, starts to flirt with him everyday, and Naota still stupidly goes to see her everyday (out of pity I'm sure). However, shit gets real when a crazy girl by the name of Haruko knocks Naota on the head with her vespa. This causes a lump to grow on his head. Not long after that, a crazy space alien attacks, and the lump on Naota's head grows into a robot and starts to CLIMB OUT OF HIS FKING HEAD TO FIGHT THAT ALIEN. From then on, things get even more crazy as that robot lives in Naota's home and the lump on his head refuses to disappear. Crazy.....

Yeah, I do not like FLCL. The craziness of the anime is what saves it from failing epicly. With so much other anime out there nowadays, save yourself the trouble and skip this, go watch something else. BUT....if you want to see some insane mind blowing shit, go ahead and give this a go, its only 6 episodes. Chances are though, you'll be wasting your time.