Opening songs
OP 1-Toki no Mukō Maboroshi no Sora (FictionJunction)

Ending songs
ED 1-Tsukishirube (Yuuka Nanri)

Genre:Horror, Mystery, Magic


Confusing and boring stuff in anime always get to me. I'm actually okay with them as long as the following explanations or scenes provide some satisfaction, but in this case, Okami Kakushi does not. It attempts to give off a feeling of horror or mindf***ery, but completely fails to do so. It is boring in almost every aspect, and while final 1 or 2 episodes may be a little entertaining, it doesn't nearly make up for the shit we had to put up with. If you want something that can fk your mind up, Higurashi is for you, this doesn't even come CLOSE. Now this is what we call disappointing. I suggest giving yourself second thoughts, even if you're a fan of the horror/mystery genre, there are just better animes than this.

Fanservice makes everything look good. 

Despite me not liking the anime, the opening song is rather likable. While it is the only opening song to the anime, "Toki no Mukō Maboroshi no Sora" by FictonJunction is pretty kickass and since I have been quite a fan of FictionJunction's songs for quite a while now, this sounded pretty good to me. If only the anime was as good as the opening animations made it look like. The ending is yet again another song joining the ranks of the other songs not hitting my radar, so lets not go too in depth.


Yep, this pretty much says it, I do not like Okami Kakushi (as if my opening paragraph wasn't enough). Its boring, uninteresting and there is too little "action" going on it almost makes me want to pull my eyes out. Most of the anime is just needless explanations without much scenes to back it up. Gay interactions and retarded main character aside, there's not much to make this a likable anime. If they actually focused more on their actual "people disappearing act", it would have been SLIGHTLY more interesting. Whats there now is just boring, and not something I can recommend at the moment.

Angry people with red eyes...get away!

Hiroshi is your regular nerdy/cowardly loser of a boy. He is transferred to the rural village of Jogamachi because of his father's work as an occult researcher. There he is well received by the students of the school he just transferred to, and he does not know why. Not just the students, almost everyone accepts him, and life goes on as per normal. However, things go wrong as people start disappearing, and while that was the case, the others are acting just as though it did not happen...or are just desperately trying to cover something up. While he tries to ignore all these strange happenings, things start to get sticky as he is dragged into some village matters that would soon threaten his life.

Okami Kakushi has a good solid plot ground, but fails on its execution. It would have fared better if they focused more on what happened during the "action" scenes, like in the final few episodes. Sadly thats not the case. Its boring, and the final 2 good episodes aren't enough reward to cover everything. There is a fan service episode at the end which is pretty alright, but when it all boils down to it, Okami Kakushi just isn't interesting enough to hold its own.