Boss health

Old king allant
Skills: Three hit combo, hard slash*, backstep shockwave, rushing slash, soul sucker*, mighty explosion* , stance slash.

Times died on 1st playthrough:Uncountable

Here we are folks, the final boss of the game. He is the one and only true hardest boss in demons's souls, anyone who thinks so otherwise is a complete fool. He kills you like free, he moves like the wind, and has the highest health of any boss or monster in the game. Thats right, this boss is none other than old king allant himself, the demon of the man who brought the entire boletaria to its current state, the ultimate villian, and its your job to kill him. After coming all this way, its you or him, time to fight the ultimate boss. Old king allant is the boss of 1-4, penetrator's archstone.

Run far far away, for the old king is going to cut you up like a tomato.

Allant is a beast, he moves like nothing you have ever faced in the game thus far. Wheter you underestimate him or not, you are going to die the first time you face him, no matter what (unless of course you go in with tons of blues or watched tons of vids on how to beat him). Regardless, even the toughest of bosses can be killed, and it starts by analyzing his atttacks. Lets take a look.

Three hit combo- When close to you, allant does three simple swipes, with a minor shockwave coming out of his final hit. This is preferably blocked, it can be dodged, but we wary of the shockwave.

Hard slash*- Freaking gay. He holds the sword above his head with 2 hands and slams the sword down, breaking breaking your guard and your stamina, allowing him to follow up with another attack. He also releases a painful shockwave upon slamming his sword down.

Backstep shockwave- His retreating move. He does a simple backstep and fires a minor shockwave foward.
Rushing slash- You WILL be seeing this alot. He groans loudly and rushes to you at insane speed from anywhere in the map and slashes you, painfully. Its not that hard to dodge, but the speed he is moving at makes it rather hard.

Soul sucker*- Fuck this move, I swear. Its bloody easy to dodge, but if you are hit, its almost a guranteed one hit kill, and it has a tremendously annoying effect. His arm starts to glow and he reaches out to grab you, if he does so, he will lift you up undertaker style and stab you with his sword, doing insane damage and draining one SOUL LEVEL from your level cap, and decreasing the stat point you added.

Mighty explosion*- Something similar to old hero's exlposion move, but with a longer charge time, a much bigger radius, and doing a lot more damage. It can be interupted, but if you are not confident that you can reach him before he lets it loose, its suggested you run to the opposite end of the map.

Stance slash- He leaps slowly into the air taking a stance, then comes down and lands a slash, as well as emitting a shockwave from it.

Hmmm....thats alot of moves, and everyone of them could spell death to you. Im serious, if you are tired from dieing, this is the only match in the game that I would recommend you to summon some blues to help you. Seriously, usually I will recommend someone to just grit your teeth and press on until you beat a boss....but this guy is so damn powerful on so many levels that dieing even 20 times is not that big of a deal. He hits hard, he moves fast, and it takes so many hits to bring him down....this seems almost unfair. But then again, he IS the ultimate boss, so he IS supposed to be this powerful.

King allant can only be brought down melee, no doubt about it. Any attempt to arrow him from one end of the map to another will only cause you death, as you helplessly see him FLY towards you at incredible speed, before gutting that sword through your frail body. Downing him with magic is possible, but he has insane magic resistance...firestorm is the way to go. But fighting him melee is the most convinent, preferably with a fast weapon. Do note though, allant is VERY hard to stunlock, so if you have poor damage output its suggested you go grind a little.

His three hit combo is something he does frequently, when you are in range. Dodging all three slashes can be quite tough at melee range, especially since a shockwave will be flying out every now and then. Repeated rolls are the way to go, but its easier to just block them. You can punish him after his third slash, but make sure you get out of the way before he attacks again. His hard slash is hella annoying and hella painful. When you see him lift his sword, move far far away. You can block the shockwave that comes out, but unless you have some impressive stamina, blocking the blow itself will break your guard and cause you to stagger. If you are hit by the full brunt of this attack, prepare to be hurt pretty bad. A timed roll is all it takes to dodge it.

His stance slash move. Thats right, start rolling away!

After hitting him, you might want to be careful, since he likes to do backstep slash. That move is not terribly painful, but any damage you take in this fight is tyranny, since that little drop of life you missed because of that move can save your life. You will be seeing it alot though, he loves to dodge every now and then. Next up is rushing slash, something you will see ALOT. You will be finding yourself away from allant half the battle, casue of many reasons (heal, running from mighty explosion etc). This is his method of travel, when you hear a loud groan, you know its coming. Blocking this isnt a bad idea, but it takes off alot of stamina and might do some damage. Like most of his attacks, this hurts like a prick, do avoid it.

Stance slash is another of the moves he uses to travel. Unlike rushing slash which he uses at a distance, he likes to do this at mid range. It is rather painful, and the shockwave is there once again to annoy you. Its not a hard move to dodge, and you can punish after that. His 2 most powerful and annoying moves however..... are coming up next. Soul sucker is so cheap, it drains 1 level of your level cap and does crazy ass damage.
The range is short thank god, ROLL AWAY, you cannot block this. If you get one level drained off you, you have to grind that one level again and the stat point you added before is GONE. Meaning if you just got the requirement in endurance to roll around in your heavy armor the level before and you are hit by will be WALKING around. Yes, super gay, I know.

His other super move that you need to watch out for is the mighty explosion. If you see him charge up with surges of wind being sucked to him, prepare to run far far away. He also lets out a noticable shout, so use that as a warning. You can also, however, if you have the balls, to run up to him while he is charging and hit him. If you want to do this, its fine, you even get to net some free hits, but you have to access the situation. If you see him do this when you are close by, all the more reason to go hit him. If you see him do this far away, jus run even further. If you see him do this at mid gotta make a choice. You can take the safe way and run, or take the risk and go hit him. Either way, you gotta make the best out of your desicion.

Like I said....its highly recommended you fight him with blues, but if you have the balls to do this solo like with all the other bosses in the game....then go for it. Old king allant is worthy of a true challenge, and will kick your ass many times. After you finally beat it, you may open some champaigne, celebrate and congratulate yourself, you have beaten the game. The boss that comes after this is a complete joke, and old king allant is a billion times harder than him. Now with demons' souls out of the way, I can do a dark souls boss profile project. I have already purchased the game, so just wait for me to clear it and I can start posting.

Congratulations from me if you defeated this king of a man alone! Cheers to you!