Opening songs
OP 1-Sora ni saku (Lisa komine)

Ending songs
ED 1-Aruite ikou (Jungo yoshida)

Genre:Adventure, comedy, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, supernatural

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of game reviews. Why you ask? Well theres only one reason, because I am lazy! *Insert trollface.jpg here* Not to worry, I will compensate with more game reviews in the upcoming posts. Anyway, rental magica, something my cousin introduced me as one of his facourite anime. Of couse I went in with high expectations, but even though this didnt really strike me as something amazing, its still pretty damn good. Cool characters and an interesting world combined with some kick ass voice acting make this one enjoyable ride.

Songs wise rental magica has nothing much to offer, with only an opening and an ending, there really isnt much to go around. The opening sora ni saku by lisa komine isnt bad....but its not something I would listen to alot, not really in my awesomeness range. Still, the remixed version by exit trance is badass, do check it out. The ending is aruite ikou by jungo yoshida, and it is boring...sorry to say. I'll be straight, its slow, peaceful and not something I would enjoy.


First off rental magica is quite an old show, you can tell from its dated visuals (this coming from someone who watched it in 2011). I won't decrease the score off its visuals though. Rental magica is quite lenghty, and while majority of the episodes are quite enjoyable and the characters are pretty cool (I stress this again and again, because I like majority of the gorup), the main character is very hard to find likable -.-. The other characters are mostly cool, I have no issue with this, but when a main character turns out to be someone weak, pathetic and so overly dependant, I find it stupid. Plus, in the opening animations, we see the ultimate villian, but he only appears in the last 3 episodes or so, making him quite insignificant = =.

Ahh, the typical scenario of 2 girls fighting over the main character in an anime.

Rental magica stars iba itsuki as the main character. Hes not the brightest guy, and while hes the owner of his father's rental magica, known as "astral", he isnt very capable at all. Astral has tons of mages to be allowed for dispatching, but iba, the leader (or director, as they call him), is the weakest of them all. He gets wailed on day after by honami, the group's most talented mage, and also iba's childhood friend, for not studying to become a dependant mage. While he is mostly a useless fella, people still go astral for thier services. When on jobs, itsuki usually sits on the back lines, doing nothing, sometimes going for reckless dives, thats about it. But itsuki has a special power, he posseses a special red eye that is covered by his eye patch, allowing to predict and forsee enemy attacks, and also gaining a sudden authority to command his team mates. Itsuki must work together with his crew and learn to control his power, to further provide his services as the leader of astral.

Rental magica isnt the best at what it does, but it is an interesting anime, and will prove entertaining to watch. While itsuki seems useless and you really want to strangle him for being such a wimp at times, his "cool mode" when he takes off his eye patch kind of makes up for it. All in all, rental magica falls under the category of anime that you will want to watch if you are after these supersticious and fantasy kinds anime.