Opening songs
OP 1-No buts! (Mami kawada)
OP 2-See visions (Mami kawada)

Ending songs
ED 1-Magic world (Maon kurosaki)
ED 2-Memories last (Maon kurosaki)

Genre:Action, comedy, drama,  fantasy

I have been waiting a long long time to do this review -.-. To aru majutsu no index is possibly my favourite anime of all time (with code geass R2 following close behind), with the release of season 2 I immediately followed the damn series and watched it every week. Of course, it was well worth it, I loved it, but while I could have easily given season 1 of index a 9.5, I obviously cannot do the same for season 2, for a very simple reason. It all feels too familiar, while the show is awesome, I have mostly seen all of it in season 1. What season 1 accomplished, season 2 did it, maybe even better. Still, the unique background and concept was what index my favourite anime, having known all of that already, season 2 didnt come off as such a suprise to me.

The songs used in index are top notch, both opening and ending songs. The first opening is no buts, and its probably my favourite mami kawada song up to date. Strong electric-techno beats combined with her absorbing vocals make it an absolutely addictive tune. The second opening is see visions, and while its a little slower and less techo-ish, its still great. The ending songs are magic world and memories last. Both are great, but I like magic world a little bit more. Oh and lets not forget, the animations for both openings and endings were pretty awesome (especially the openings, hell yeah!).


To aru majutsu no index 2 is great anime material, thats for sure. It still feels great, fun and entertaining to watch, many a time I really wished I could dive into the world of academy city. I mean, seriously, I would be content there even as a level 0! Altough index 2 brought these feelings back, they werent as strong as back then when the original index premiered. Index 2 kicks major ass, but it didnt feel like it was a significant step. The story progressed quite abit, thats for sure, and the ending STILL provokes the vieweres, practically telling everyone in the world that a season 3 will be coming (which I am grateful for).

Touma and index are back for another round of shanenigans!
 Being a sequel, index 2 obviously picks off after the events of season 1. It continues the life of touma and index as they live through their lives in academy city. Shit still happens because of index's very being herself, being the holder of the grimoires and all, but that has become something ordinary for touma, and he is more than ready to fight off anyone who comes for her. Index 2 just shows more different incidents that get touma even more involved in the magicians society, and while index still plays an important part in these incidents, shes plays a more supportive role, which is cool because in season 1, shes just there to be rescued. Its also safe to say this time round, theres alot more exposure to the science side of the index universe, instead of full magic exposure (like in season 1). This definetely sheds alot more light on stuff viewers need to know.

Index 2 successfully captures the spirit of its predeccesor, but if you have already been captivated by this spirit the first time round, index 2 won't be as huge of an impact as index 1 did. Still, this is a great sequel, those who watched season 1 and loved it will obviously love this. A recommended watch to those who loved the orignal.