Opening songs
OP 1-Beautiful fighter (Angela)

Ending songs
ED 1-Hikari, Sagase Naku tomo (Angela)
EP 1 ED-Beginning (Angela)
EP 2 ED-My story (Angela)

Genre:Action, comedy, horror, supernatural

Finally, here we are, closing up the shikabane hime series with shikabane hime kuro, the sequel to aka. Theres really not much to say here, what you know and like about aka...its all here, of course with a different story. As a continuation, I would say kuro really hits the spot, its every bit more intense and impacting than aka, mostly because of the story progression going on here. No need for recommendations, this is definetely what all those who watched aka should go with. The only thing here that sucks, is the ending. While the ending of aka was an awesome build up to kuro, kuro's ending leabes much to be desired. Well, lets carry on.

Well something entirely lazy of the studio that did the shikabane hime series has done is not changing the opening song. I mean, come on, its a new season! At least switch things up a little bit. Anyway, the only new song here is hikari, sagase naku tomo, its an ending. While I STILL don't find it as good as spiral, alternative OR kanata no delight, its a ways better than beautfiul fighter and my story. Plus, I like the way they made the ending animations, sooo sexy~.


There is something I need to comment about here. Shikabane hime aka was abit normal, plain and sometimes predicatable for most of the part, the superb ending episodes made up for that. Well, shikabane hime kuro is kind of the opposite. For the most part, the story progression from the 1st season made the episodes quite enjoyable and intense, it was a great change of pace, and the storyline felt alot more significant. The ending however, is something thats so ubrupt, uncalled for, and incredibly cut-short. I mean, COME ON, after all the episodes, this is what you give us?!?! The series itself deserves more, more I tell you! At least give it a proper ending! Either that or they are implicating another season, which is NIGH impossible.

Well fight scenes don't get any cooler than this.
 Shikabane kuro's story is the continuation of aka, and it takes place after keisei's death. Makina got sealed up after going shit berserk, and ouri goes training in the mountains to become a worthy contractor priest. The shicisei are on the move, and they are supposedly after makina and her curse. Ouri trains hard, in the process, he learns many things about being a contractor priest, and how to treat his shikabane hime. Of course, this season also sees the fights of the many different shikabane himes and thier contractor priests against the many members of the shicisei, as they go around causing big trouble. The fights scenes in this series are significantly better and more interesting, as we get to see the other shikabane himes that didnt get much showtime in the 1st season fight, and the different members of the shicisei, along with thier unique powers. I especially like hokuto and hazama, but I won't spoil about them. You just have to know that the superb fight scenes and characters make this an entertaining season.

Kuro has everything, I would have easily given it an 8.0 score, but the ending is really disappointing. As said before, I feel like there could have definetely been more, other than just....that. Watchers of shikabane hime aka, be sure to catch kuro, it has everything we could have asked for in a sequel....except a real, legit ending of course.