Opening songs
OP 1-Beautiful fighter (Angela)

Ending songs
ED 1-My story (Angela)
EP 4 ED-The pale sands of the sleeping star (Mayumi lizuka)
EP 13 ED-Beginning (Angela)

Genre:Action, comedy, horror, supernatural

Ahh the animes I see are either so one of a kind or so common-like. Well, shikaben hime is your run-of-the mill demon/monster killing anime featuring a normal high school kid who got himself into some weird shit, and suddenly gets involved into some grand scheme. Its cliche in a way, but its not afraid to do some things that some other animes dont, and the ending to this season sure sets one hell of an impacting impression, making it a good build up to the 2nd season, kuro. It may not be anything special at first, but stick with it, and what you will find is a solid zombie/demon/monster killing anime.

The songs in shikabane hime do not interest me much, sad to say. Most of the songs are sang by angela, and they really arent my type. Beautiful fighter is something different from what she usually sings, but it doesnt appeal to me, sadly. The ending song is my story and it sounds slow and boring -.-. The episode 4 ending is something I just skipped, so no comment about it, the final episode ending sounds decent but it holds no candle to spiral and alternative, both of which were also sang by angela.


I may be a wee bit linient here, but seriously, the ending few episodes of the anime never failed to impress me. The beginning to middle bits can be a little bit cliche, but at least it has solid action to back it up. The different kinds of shikabane himes and their respective masters are pretty badass, and its cool to see how each and every one of them fight differently. The variety is nice to have, but throughout the show, you will definetetly feel a little bit pissed that the main character is  a little bit too powerless. There is little to no stuff about school life here, maybe an episode or to, but not much emphasis on that, if you're looking into those kind of stuff, this show may not be for you.

Like gun totting school girls shooting monsters? This show is for you!
 The main character for shikabane hime is takami ouri, a regular school kid that lives in an orphanage. Recently, he notices his brother keisei coming back to the orphanage hurt and wrapped in bandages. Ouri is curious, but he never asked. One day, a school girl covered in serious wounds and injuries appears in front of ouri, unconcious. He sees his brother caring for her and reacting seriously. Ouri takes note of the girl and sees her fighting a monster in the city. Being the foolish boy he is, ouri follows her and finds her defeating that monster, after that, the girl introduces herself as hoshimura makina, a shikbane hime, a corpse princess meant to defeat shikabane, monsters just like the one he has seen. After finding out learning about many stuff concerning kougun sect, an anti-shikabane group, he starts getting involved in many of the shikabane incidents and slowly begins developing a will to fight them, to aid his brother.

Shikabane hime aka provides solid zombie killing action, but season 2 is better in terms of action. Still, aka has a promising ending that shows off what the anime is capable of, and makes a good build up to shikabane hime kuro.