Tuesday, 11 October 2011

S.U.N online

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.8

(+)Pros:-great dungeons that are fun to play either alone or with parties,-awesome character classes and character designs,-open world looks and feels great,-each and every character classes can be built differently into many seperate types,-leveling isn't as tedious as many other MMOs.

(-)Cons:-dungeon will have huge difficulty spikes later on,-relatively tough without godly armor later on,-monsters repeat alot.

gameplay time:-

My apologies for the late post, I have been fooling around too much too recently -.-. Anyway, here's today's review, one the the many MMOs out there, S.U.N online, dubbed, soul of the ultimate nation. If you have played MMOs and are familiar with thier concepts and basics, sun online will be easy for you to play and catch on. You grind monsters, do quests, level up, gap at skill trees and purchase new weapons, just like in many MMOs. Some MMOs do it poorly (perfect world/asda story/fiesta etc), while others do great jobs (cabal online/dekaron etc). Some others just do it rather well and manage to entertain players enough to be playing the game for decent amounts of time (rohan/rf online/latale etc), sun online falls under that category. It doesn't do anything special to make it an extrodinary MMORPG, but it has enough content to keep one occupied for a long amount of time, and is overall a rather fun game.

MMO....story....not caring. I have never really paid attention to stories in any mmorpg games and probably never will (however the cabal story was rather interesting). Sun does seem to have a story...just that I couldnt bother to get into it. Anyway, that doesnt really matter, something like that won't really effect an MMORPG in the least. 

Team up with friends and slay monstrous beasts that roam the land.

Being an MMO, you can expect almost everything other MMO has in this one. A bunch of classes, a huge open world, tons of towns, mosnters, NPCs and quests. The game starts with you creating a character, you get a choice from 5 classes. The berserker, elementalist, dragon knight, valkyrie and shadow. The classes are gender locked, so if you want to play a guy elementalist or female dragon knight, too bad. Still, the classes are all awesome in thier own right and the characters look badass, its a pity there will be many of the same characters out there. Each class has thier own weapons, armor and skill trees, which are VERY in depth. Each class's skill tree have split routes and paths that all function very differently.

Playing a dragon knight? You can choose to fight with a sword, a spear, or just become a tank with dragon form. Being a valkyrie? No problem. You can choose to gun down foes with dual crossbows or an ether turret, you can also choose to be a support valkyrie by playing as a summoner! You can totally play 3 valkyries at the same time, and all of them will feel different everytime you play them, if you go with the 3 different builds. Its always nice to see a class get multiple branches, it gives the game alot more variety, and in an MMO with only 5 classes, that is obviously a huge plus.

Flying knights....weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
 Other than the superb characters, sun also has a great open world. Each and every area feels new and fresh. It feels great to traverse a great forest for a long time, then suddenly appear in a big town, bearing new weapons, armor and quests. You will traverse a variety of amazing places, ranging from caves, plains, icy mountains, and my personal faviourite, the sewers. But my personal favourite thing about sun online...are the dungeon quests. As you proceed through the many story quests you encounter, you will be doing lots of these dungeon quests, and they are a blast.

These dungeons are early on are simple as hell, mostly just moving from point A to point B, then killing a boss eventually. Later dungeons are much more fun, as they become more challenging, have traps, puzzles and many more. As you beat on the dungeon monsters, progess through the many traps and puzzles, then finally beating the boss (which usually looks cool) into submission, you will definetely feel great. Its even better if you do this with a party of friends, as you congratulate each other after finally defeating a boss, spliting loot and rewards...it all adds to the experience. Speaking of experience, its not hard to earn them in this game. Unlike many other games which require you to grind like a total fool (ESPECIALLY maple story), sun online is linient, and while quests may be quite tedious at times, they provide the heft experience you need to level up. Its not difficult at all to get to the fifties in terms of leveling, combined with the fact that you can redo the extremely fun dungeon quests as many times as you want.....its a relatively good deal.

Thats a big gun there.
 While the dungeons in sun are a ton of fun, they are sadly compulsory if you wish to continue with story quests (which are your main income of exp), and the later dungeons can be really tough, the difficulty suddenly goes through a huge spike. With poisonous gas that one shots your characters, or trap rooms that spawn shitloads of aggressive guys that proceed to murder your ass....these only occur in later dungeons however....still, these can sometimes be a huge turnoff. This means you need godly armor, and while the game is kind enough to provide you with a +12 armor at the start of the game, it wears out later on and even the normal mobs start hitting you for shitloads of damage. Finally, there are lots of monster repeats, that shouldnt be hard to explain, since many games have them.

Well thats the breakdown for sun online. Its a solid MMO, but it isnt as kickass as dekaron or cabal online, in my opinion of course. It serves as a good distraction and can easily last you a couple of months if you decide to invest time into it. If you're looking for a good MMO, sun online is for you.

Happy gaming.