Thursday, 31 December 2009


Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.8

(+)pros:-execllent skill graphics,-great character design,-great mob and boss detail, - huge environments to explore,-massive PK and PVP system,- no penalties when dieing,- good party share system

(-)cons:-most PKers in any online game that I have ever seen,- very non-user friendly

Gameplay time:200 hours+(near infinite gameplay)

A great online game, dekaron. A strikingly good MMORPG with great characters, mobs, skills and more. Dekaron is sure to provide a fun experience to many players, at least until lvl 70(which is alot). This review mostly points to dekaron SEA and points taken will be from it. Though it is quite behind many other versions of dekaron this is the one I played, so I can apply my experience and opinion towards it. Well, nothing else to say, lets get the ball rolling.

Dekaron was pre-named 2 moons before its pre-release version, and it is still called that for USA players. Well as the game title suggests the story is about 2 moons coming together and some catastrophe shit occuring. Well I dont know much about the story since its an MMO. Anyway, you get to pick from 6 characters. Once again pretty average amount, same as cabal. Knight, your basic swords person. Warrior, a martial artist type character. Mage, master of elemants. Segnale, a basic cleric / support type character. Summoner, a warrior/mage hybrid which calls on help of monsters. Lastly, the hunter, deadly fighters both up close and afar.

Graphic wise dekaron isnt bad for a free MMORPG. It loses to cabal but on its own it boasts pretty good graphical mehcanics. The shine and gleam to the knight's armor or the design and markings on warrior's big armor pieces, they all look good thx to dekaron's grahpics. Even the sexy armors of the female characters are good looking. Mob wise the designs are pretty good too. There is a variety of monsters to fight and there are almost no repeats to the monsters. Some of the monster designs are nice, and they are pretty detailed. Bosses are without a doubt, greatly made as well, some towering 10-20x above your character, they are nice looking and good to fight.
Another thing that shines along with the graphics are the skills. The obtaining of skills is easy, just get to the lvl requirement of the skill, sacrifice a small amoun of money, and the skill is yours. Nothing fancy needed. Also, the skills in dekaron are nice, though low lvl skills look mediocre and pathetic, the later level skills are great and very well animated. From summoner's dark avatar to the mage's aqua circle, these skills are great eye openers and players wontmind seeing them over and over.

Along with the skills that players will be using on mobs, they will of course want to test it on players. Thats right, there is a PVP and PK system in this game. Every character has thier own shield, which protects them from player dmg. When players attack you, instead of attacking your HP like normal mobs do, you take damage to your shield 1st. This way PVP/PK battles last longer, giving players more excitement.
Sure PVPs are fun, so is PKing but...there is a small issue. There are MANY, MANY MANY high level faggots in dekaron. And they LOVE to PK you. Dekaron is the game where I have been pked the most, for no apparent reason at all. While training quitely and innocently, when a pro happens to walk past, theres a 50% chance he will PK your ass.Its a bad habit players of the game have, and when you get stronger you will develop this habit as well. Other than that the game is very non user friendly. With boss mobs randomly spawning around to kill you, along with hordes of monsters usually coming up to gang the daylights out of you, dekaron is extremely non user friendly. Its like the GMs want you to die.

Other than that dekaron is quite a pleasing MMORPG with a lot of fun. Training is pretty managable early on, and winning people in PVPs, successfully fending off Pkers, defeating bosses..all these become very very satisfactory. With motivations such as new armor or skills to keep you training, dekaron becomes addictive quickly.

Happy gaming.

Monday, 28 December 2009

game of the year, LAN experiece

Okay being someone who checks in on gamespot often, I will have obviously seen the programme for game of the year.

And when I saw the result I couldnt have been happier. The 2009 game of the year is demon souls! Thats one more reason for me to buy that game. Although I have been happy about demon souls being GOTY, part of the world didnt.

From reading the damn comments there are so many godamn whiners who said stuff like "Should have been modern warfare 2!!", or "Uncharted 2 so beats demon souls!". Some also said " Halo 3:ODST so kicks ass!More than this game!", or even " Batman AA should have won!" Some even said " Demon souls looks gay!!" as an excuse.

Those people should just fuck off, and seriously, Im not the only one who says this. All the people who posted unnessecary comments about how other games where better than demon souls, thier comments got serious thumbs down, both in gamespot and in youtube.

Well enough about that nonsense, Im just happy demon souls won. Today I just went to LAN(aka cyber cafe) and had a lot of fun.

I havent went to LAN for 2 years or so and I think I had alot of fun today. I have been playing left 4 dead 2 in the LAN and i think playing in LAN is 5 times more fun than playing alone.

All this while I have been playing left 4 dead 2 at home with my brother at home, but today I just went with 2 of my friends to LAN and playing with friends is GREAT. Communication becomes a huge thing and the gaming expereicne shoots up by a few times.

Well thats all for today, peace.

Sunday, 27 December 2009


I almost forget almost about this wolfteam project I had ongoing since I havent played the game itself for quite sometime.

Anyway! Here we are today with the topics about guns.Heres a quick run-up.

Guns good vs wolf

AK 47/gold/classic

-This here is every FPS's good friend AK47. Its good in terms of damage, but due to its high recoil fighting humans is a pain. But thankfully, against wolves... since they always come up close to claw you, you get to shoot the gun in thier dam face. And since wolves cant kill you from afar, take your time and slowly shoot them with this painful gun, they cant do a shyt.


-Actually this gun is not that bad against humans too, but what the heck. This gun has a habit of expanding the crosshair everytime you fire bullets, so using it against humans is not a very bright thing to do, unless you shoot ammo by ammo. Against wolves this gun is very effective, having great fire power and its huge 50+ ammo per clip. You can sprayyy all you want, since you got so much ammo at your disposal. Also you wont miss very often, since they will be close to you.


-Great gun to use against wolves. Same drawback as AK47, high recoil, but again it makes up for high RAW damage. Has slightly lower recoil than AK47, making it more useful against humans than the AK.

ANY shotgun

- Simple theory. They come up to your face, you aim at thier head with your gigantic almost impossible to miss crosshair, you click with your finger, you get an easy kill. But the only drawback is that if you miss you're as good as dead. Although with the EXM, you get 5 shots, but the damage is lower.

ANY turret

-Turrets are monsters against wolves. With huge ammo clips and insane damage, they are wolf killers.Well the only drawbacks are that you cant move while firing a turret, and you can only turn it to a certain degree, proving its uselessness against humans.One nade and BOOM, you're dead. One last and final drawback against wolves is the very dreadful and deadly...berserker wolf. Thier suicidal ability is the ultimate counter to turrets. When you spot a berserker with a turret, be extra careful and rethink your plans.

Guns good vs human

ANY sniper(expect the wooden sniper which I forget the name)

-Once again, a simple theory. The stout is a basic weapon, which means its not too strong in terms of firepower. Stand at a spot where no human would bother searching, and click away with your zoom. 2 hits will do the job. Do watch out though, since after you prey are hit once, they will know where you are shooting from, and they will turn to kill you. The AWP sniper though, kills ALMOST any time you hit upper body in one shot. Its hell deadly. And, for wolves they dun work well. Why? Simple, how do you snipe a smart wolf jumping around frantically? You dont. Problem solved.


-Great gun with great accuracy. When you upgrade its laser, if you crouch in battle, the crosshair is like a friggin dot. Just shoot away once the crosshair hits the opponent, since the recoil is almost inexsistence in this gun.

Guns good vs both


- Everyone who sees this will go YESSSSSS. LAW is a missle launcher while WT-RL is a rocket launcher.LAW one hit KOs any human and smart wolf when the missle lands directly BESIDE them. Good stuff. The RL kills anything, expect full healthed power wolves, berserker wolves and gurdians. The RL's rocket however, is slow, while the LAW's missle is quick and hard to dodge. But overall RL is better because of its sheer power.


-My new favourite gun. Though only moderate in power, this gun has great accuracy and firing speed, making it both good human and wolf killers.


-Okay, I HAVE to cover this gun, its just too awesome. It has well above average power and good accuracy. Many humans use this in bomb plants and deathmatches cause it kills people fast. It works good on wolves too since rapidly firing on them will slow them down.


-AKA the gold gun. Its really very easy to understand. Its normal rapid firing action makes killing wolves rather easy, though it has only moderate damage, it has great stuttering ability. Rapid firing also helps killing humans that are in mid-close range. Having trouble against a sniper? No problem! Use 3 burst zoom and click at thier head, guranteed one hit KO. Of course unless they move away, but it seldom happens cause 3 burst is quick. This requires practice though since, 3 bursting the head always tends to hit the body instead.


-Though low in damage, this gun makes up for its great ammo clip. It has moderate accuracy, means killing humans at mid range should be no problem, cause 50 ammo is alot to spare. In a crossfire, your opponent's gun will run out of amo 1st, and while reloading, you have the uper hand since you still about 20 ammo left, spray the crap out of him! For wolves, you have 50 ammo, so the same concept for the EM60 applies here.


-Argubly the best gun in the game and my ex-favourite. The crosshair is bloody small, which means high accuracy, its crosshair size is close to that of the EM4. This makes killing humans easy, since it has awesome damage to back it up. The recoil is however is the only drawback. But it is often used as an advantage sometimes against humans, due to recoil the aimer usually flies to the head, which will land the death blow. This works on wolves too. With wolves, aweseome damage is more than enough to kill them, plus great accuracy , this gun pure owns.

Thats all for now. Project will continue somehwere in january.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Megaman ZX

Gamespot score:7.7(good)

my score:7.5

(+)pros:-many forms to control,- well designed and revisitable levels,- great japanese voice acting,- music is top notch,- well designed bosses

(-)cons:-very very VERY hard to play at times,- platforming can be abit weird at times, -walking around as plain old aile seems pointless

gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

Merry christmas to all. Been busy these days, cuz of christmas and stuff... Anyway, today I will be going over megaman ZX on the DS. I have been a great fan of the megaman 2D platformer franchise since I was a kid. Since the PS1 days I have been joining the blue bomber on his journeys(altough I never seemed to complete any of his games back then).Now back on the DS as another platformer, megaman ZX provides a new experience.

Aile is a girl on a delivery job. One day, like always she follows her "boss" giro to deliver another package. However this time it seems super important and giro stresses that it not be broken or spoilt. On halfway through delivery aile meets with an accident and finds herself attacked by a giant snake maverick, her package reveals to be model X which infuses with her. She becomes X and blasts her way through, also discovering that there are people after the model X, her journey begins with her helping out folks and helping herself with her new powers, as well as being careful of the foes after her.

Megaman has always been a simple to learn game. Since its a 2D platformer, all you can do it move left, or right. Most of the time it seems to be right though. Anyway the 2D platformer megaman games, though being easy to learn, are nver easy games to complete. Like the megaman zero series from the GBA it carries over its same system, gaming over after a number of tries. Now this is partially because of the brutally difficult bosses and levels. Guess what, they are back in this game. With levels featuring the ability to one hit KO u most of the time, dieing has become more often than ever. I have completed this game in easy mode, but cant seem to make it pass some of the bosses in normal mode. There is even a hard mode too, to really push players to thier limit....

Besides all these, megaman ZX has a lot to offer that makes it a better platformer than many of its preducessors. One is the good level design. I have never seen such great level interior design since old school megaman 8. Also, while running through these levels, the great themed music helps up the mood to play through the stage. Also, this time, the levels are all connected in a map, which means you can walk thorugh linked areas over and over. Its cool, but if you dont like it you can still use the teleporter.

As I did mention before, megaman's boss fights can be very unforgiving, this game has no exepction. The crazy mavericks are back and they are though like ever before. With incredibly damaging and near unaviodable attacks, these guys can take out very experienced players, that means newcomers dont stand a chance, even in easy mode. These guys require retrying again and again and again and again, until you get tired of it. Despite all this, the bosses are very well designed, looks and attacks alike, they arent flawed. If you die, that means you just could dodge his attacks, not caused the creators decided to make his attacks undodgable. Every boss has thier own weaknesses and ways to dodge thier attacks, so it just means if you keep losing, you need more pratice.

I really like megaman ZX, though I could only clear the game on easy, switching to normal mode to have a go at the bosses at thier full potential really is fun. Megaman ZX is my favourite 2D platformer megaman game so far( I didnt enjoy ZX advent very much). Megaman fans would love this one, even if you are a seasoned player.

Happy gaming.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

power from the second(needless review)

Opening song-Op 1:mordern strange cowboy,Op 2: scarlet bomb
Okay I have only done 1 anime review for mai hime long ago, cause there werent many anime that I have watched finished since then. Well last week an anime which I was following known as needless just ended. Well kinda sad, since it was a pretty good show, but Im also sort of glad that it ended, before the show got too long winded.
The opening songs for the show are okay. Actually, didnt really like the 1st one, but after a couple of times hearing it, its pretty okay. The 2nd opening rox, it is highly addictive, the full version is even better. Overall 2nd op>1st op.
Needless has a steady plot and storyline. The show itself is action packed right off the bat. Episode one onwards its fighting all the way. The action is real, not minor with lots of talking. Imagine a naruto fight without flashbacks and talking. Yep its that good. The fighting is solid and lasts for awhile. Although towards the ending the fighting gets kinda weak and unexciting, the start to the 3/4 mark of the show is solid fighting, so its good.
Needless,besides being action packed, is funny and has ecchi content. Panty shots and stuff,yep its really common. When girls fight and start getting thier clothes torn apart, they start to get revealing. The show is very girl dominated, altough the main bad guys and good guys are male. The comedy is good, sometimes hilarious, it really can get someone laughing.
Well this is a good show, altough storywise it gets weak towards the end. The overall show is good, deserves a 7.5. I recommend guys who want a fresh new show to check this show out.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

persona 4

gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:9.5

(+)pros:-great cast of entertaining and funny characters,-leveling up is much easier(thus crossing out persona 3's flaw),-story is mysterious and very intruiging, -new environments to explore makes the view of different dungeons great,- social links now enhance battle results,- dating sim now allows multiple girlfriends :D

(-)cons:-story is shorter than persona 3

gameplay hours:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Yayy!! Time for my favourite PS2 game review of all time! Persona 4 is another contribution to the persona series, and I stress again this is my favourite among them all. Sadly not much cameo appearances from the previous persona games. Anyway people should know already that persona 4 is an RPG which optimizes the dating sim system, and like before this game offers plenty of custimization for players who want a perfect team. Now on with the freaking review dammit!

A peaceful town in the middle of nowhere, inaba. One day a city boy(you), gets transfered to inaba because of his parent's jobs. Upon entering the town, a series of complicated and disturbing murders take place in the town, and while following up he suddenly realises that he has the power to enter TVs. He also discovers a program known as the midnight channel, as introduced by his friend, and this causes him to be able to stare at a blank TV screen at night, while the screen broadcasts an image of someone being killed. With the power to enter the TV world, he decides to find out the cause of the murders in town, together with his new found friends, they swear to catch the serial case murderer as the case was way out of league for the police.

Persona 4 is a legend in so many ways, so states gamespot and many other reviewers of the game. The game itself is a huge step up from persona 3, which was already a great game. The battle system has improved from persona 3 in a matter of ways. Firstly, I dont know if this is an improvement, but it is to me, leveling has become a mucch easier task. Now training is a cinch and that allows your party members to get stronger faster and you can make more personas. Now during battle, you get a whole lot more to experience. As such, currently inaccesable strategies in persona 3 because of AI problems can now be used, thanks to direct command, you can control your teammates ANYTIME in battle. Now that means no more losing to bosses because of screwups by your dumb teammates! Also if you have made appropriate social links with your teammates, they can know help in certain ways, such as knocking you away from a killing blow and taking that blow for his/herself. This helps since once your MC dies its game over,as usual. They also help by helping you up when you are knocked down, performing a follow up attack, or curing your abnormal status ailments.

Persona customization is back, and its better than ever! With new personas and new skills the customization just got alot better. It uses the same fusing system from persona 3, and its still done by igor, so woot :D. Anyway there are supposedly more arcanas in persona 4 than in persona 3, so yes there are a new cast of personas. With new arcanas comes new fusion spreads. Now a different formula is used by crossing the arcans, expect changes, in a good and new way. Also, the 3/4/5 way fusion spread is back, with cooler personas in stall for you. There is however, also a new feature in the fusion genre of the game, fusion forecast. Depending on the weather of the certain day you wish to fuse a persona, you can get certain bonuses, such as stat boosts or new skills. The fusion system is better than ever.

No persona game woud be complete without the dating sim system. Once again it is back and with some tweaks to it. Unlike before, your main character now has 5 stats he has to raise, knowledge, for acing tests, courage for doing crazy stuff, understanding, to comphrehend with others, expression, for well, expressing yourself, and dilligence, to improve your persistency. With so many traits comes so many things to do. You can now to part time jobs, such as working as a day care centre assitant, being a part time janitor at a hospital, or being a part time tutor. You can even do stuff such as fold envelopes, translate or fold orgami, all for making your wallet a little bit more full. Oh yea you can now date multiple girls, the system where dating more than one girl would cause another girl to be mad, its gone. LONG GONE.
You can now date as many girls as you want, which is cool. Regarding hanging out with part members, thier persona now only evolves when you max out thier social link, suggested that you do so as soon as you can.
Persona 4 is much better than its preducessor, in many many ways. It is a game that absolutely should not be missed. It stands in my top 3 games even now. Awesome game. Get it. Seriously.

Happy gaming!

Friday, 18 December 2009

persona 3 fes

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:-includes the original persona 3 with new social links and bonus content,- same great cast,- story continuation is intruiging,- you get to fight with HIM(the best fight ever)

(-)cons:-just plain fighting in the answer(no social links,no free time etc),-still no putting characters under direct command

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting),this refers to both the answer and the journey combined.

Persona 3 fes, which includes the continutation of the original story and the original story itself. This means 2 games in one. Great value. Anyway the score for my section only refers to the answer,not the journey. My score for the journey is my review for persona 3. Anyway I will be focusing primaryly on the answer in this review. Players who have played persona 3 can get this game for the answer, those who havent can get twice the experience,playing the journey with bonus content and playing the answer when they have cleared the journey. Its a win win situation.


Well the persona 3 crew has defeated nexus and saved the world(something like that), now thier beloved dorm,which they have shared so much beautiful memories in.... they are gonna have to leave it. While celebrating thier last night in the dorm, something sinister happens, another robot claiming to be aegis's sister appears and starts attacking the team. After a fight, aegis's persona becomes orphues(o.o). They then realise that they are trapped within the same day and they cannot proceed onward in time. They then find a hole appearing in the bottom or thier dormitory(now isnt that convinient). What to do but explore it with thier new robot friend metus.


Well in the answer, there are no social links, no roaming around or whatsoever. It is pure RPG style dungeon crawling. Now I have nothing against this, but one of the main reasons why I liked persona 3 was the dating sim system, oh well. Anyway you will be controlling because well..... for some reasons which I will not spoil.You get to go to the new world and start exploring the new doors which start opening up. There, the team hopes to find answers to thier time situation. You will be crawling through environments with different feels from tartarus from the journey. Their environments have a new point of view towards them, which is good.

There is nothing else much to say in the answer besides the change in story, since the rest of the gameplay elements are the same as the journey. Battle wise, dungeon crawling wise and everything else. They are the same. Well there is nothing much else for me to say here, I shall conclude my review here.

My apologies for the short review but there is really nothing much else new to be mentioned, overall this game is just a sequel to the journey with the same gameplay, nothing else.

Happy gaming.

Gamespot score:5.0(mediocre)

my score:7.0

(+)pros:-two endings to follow,-good map deisigns for a first person rpg,-good sountrack which was improved from the first game

(-)cons:-lackluster graphics,-annoyingly high monster encounter rate,-battle is slower than ever

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

Another one of gamespot's under-rated achivements(sighs at gamespot). Persona is an old old game that was deisnged for the PS1 long time ago. Well its back and on the psp. Those who played it before expect changes to the soundtrack and perhaps the new voice overs and *little* nearly unnoticable graphic changes. Those who never played it before, please try to give it a chance before throwing it aside after taking a look at its PS1 version graphics. This game isnt what quite i expected it to be but well I managed to make the game pretty far, heres the review.

St gremlin high,a school where a group of people try something known as "persona". After trying a ghost girl appears and strange things start happening. When visiting a friend in a hospital the environment starts to change..zombies and many freaks start appearing. When trying to leave the hospital the streets have been overrun by similar freaks and the main character and his team tries to solve this weird yet uneasy sounding mystery..

Story wise it is pretty weak for a shin megami tensei game, but for a game its pretty much average. I was disappointed in the story though,kinda expected more. Anyway here are the field graphics. Kinda suckish, since they mostly kinda carried it over from the PS1. Once again I was kinda disappointed in this. After all these years atlus could have bothered to tweak the field graphics could they? Of course it doesnt have to be as good as P3 or P4 but at least try to make it look decent. Anyway the graphics of persona on the psp isnt much to look at and it definetly not an improvement of the PS1 version, its like, rather just a new paint over... or something like that. Well most of the game will be seen in this point of view, but you will kinda get used to it.

Here is the battle screen, again you will see the lacluster grahpics kick in. Bleh. Anyway battle is roughly just like any other persona game, with maybe a few missing functions. Well you can give direct controls to all your party members unlike persona 3...which is good. As usual you get the basic commands attack and items and using persona. You also get shoot, a new but simple command which allows you to shoot with an equipped gun. It just allows you to attack from a distance. Nothing much. But the new action which i cannot remember the name(forgetful me) allows you to communicate with a demon, making it happy sad or anngry. This is new,stupid, but new and creative. Nevertheless this helps you do stuff like getting a demon's spell card,making it run away,or if you screw it up,you make it even angrier.

This is the dungeon view,pretty good. Its better than certain 1st person dungeon crawlers. Well graphics aside the dungeons have all one thing in common, redonculously high encounter rate. Well high encounter rate is acutally good, but the rate is so high, it annoys me half to death. And escaping in battle is tough, so this sux.
Navigating through dungeons is easy and simple, you even have a cool soundtrack to follow by. By the way the improved soundtrack in this game is good, it fits the tracks from the persona 3 and 4 music, which is great. The music played in this game will somewhat motivate you to keep playing.

As a last and final view toward this game, I would say that I am disappointed. But i would say that persona on the psp is an improvement from its preduccesor, it isnt a bad game. It can be further improved though, but well,whats made is made. Overall a 7.0 in my book.

Happy gaming.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Been unable to post these few days since my cousin from malaysia came to my house and some my of other cousins came to shake the house up....been a little busy.

Anyway my cousin from malaysia has went home( it was fun while it lasted) and things have started to calm down abit, so I can resume posting. To make up for the previous days that I have not been posting,I will be doing a triple post, posting three times in a short period of time.

Well the post topics are persona portable,persona 3 FES and persona 4.

Peace for now.

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Gamespot score:6.5(fair)

my score:7.3

(+)pros:-interesting usable characters,-good beat customization system,-free play is fun,-card system is unique

(-)cons:-rather weak story,-small team of usable characters,-unimpressive visuals

gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

Draglade is a 2D side scrolling action/fighting game on the DS. This game has been released for quite some time, the 2nd one is out, but Im not too sure about a USA release. Anyway this game is rather "under-rated" by gamespot as some of its player reviews are actually very good. Well Im kinda in for both sides but here is my opinion of the game.

Draglade has no fixed story. It has a total of 8 playable characters,which if you ask me,is damn little. Anyway the story can be played by choosing the 4 of the inital characters. Each one has thier own story,but the stories are pretty much the same, all of them wanna become major grappers. In this game normal people can fight by a style known as "grapping",where they summon thier weapons through the way of music beat style customization. Anyway all of the 4 main characters' story all end up in the same way,so its pretty much lame at times.

Well the story for draglade is weak, but combat wise,draglade has quite a lot to offer to gamers. As a 2D side scrolling game,players will be taking part in a few styles of battle. In story,one will be facing stages,where one scrolls through a 2D level with monsters and robots and ....many random mobs. This is rather boring,though most of the time there will be a mob boss waiting for you at the end. Boss mobs are rather plain and easy,they all have simple patterns to follow and adapt to and then beating them will be a piece of pie(with expection to last boss).

The mob and boss deisgns are rather okay. You have to give credit to the developers as the monsters and bosses require some imagination to make. The monsters are modern day animals with a certain robotish feel to them. They will most of the time look like they have robotic limbs or faces. They also look like they are wearing futuristic armor. Too bad the game isnt too refined on the DS,making the visuals rather plain and sometimes glitchy.The visuals doenst match up to games such as the world ends with you or super robot taisen OG.

Now to cover the last and my favourite part of the game. Player battles. These are found thorughout the game story, you will be battling with other character which may appear as "bosses". They are fun to fight, and most of them can be unlocked, with expection of a few. Player fights are the shine in this game. You are basically fighting someone with equal strenght, they have thier very own moves to pit agaisnt you. To fight against them you can use your own character's moves or use cards which provide supportive aid through the fight. Also, as a special attack, you get to use your beat combo. Beat combos are combos which do massive damage following a certain beat which can be customized. Customizing beats and them testing them against AI players thorugh free play can be satisfying. When you feel like you are ready, head online to display your beat combos. It is very satisfying.

Draglade isnt THE game out there in terms of conclusion and lasting appeal,but this simple side scrolling action game can provide enjoyment and fun to players of the DS out there.

Happy gaming.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

greatest boss fights video relinks

Up to now I have been doing some posts about greatest boss fights,3 only so far but there will still be more. Actually all these time the posts I do about the bosses i do realise that there is no actual video to prove how the boss moves or attacks.

Well I have been thinking and I have decided to do some research on youtube to bring these videos about how players all about defeat the bosses. There are as many know,many results on a certain boss on youtube,I watched most of them and picked out those that make the boss really gey and that the player and the boss are both on par,not like some videos where the players are obviously overpowered/overleveled and that the boss would be easy to kill.

Well here they are.

Kurt zisa boss fight:

golbez boss fight:

draco cantus boss fight:
(This guy is pure skill,he is not overpowered,he even did it on ultimate difficulty)

I will be uploading these links to the original posts themselves.

Monday, 7 December 2009

persona 3 RE

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:9.0

(+)pros:-dating sim system is great,-tons of persona customization,- plot is interesting and intruiging,- lots of possible strategies during battles,- likable characters who take a huge part of the story,- long journey keeps someone playing for a long long time,-cool soundtrack

(-)cons:-Exp isnt shared within all party members

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Here is my re-do version of my previous wanabe review of persona 3. And like before I will stress again and again, THIS GAME IS AWESOME. Persona 3 is a role-playing/dating sim hybrid rpg game, and heck its a good one. This game is godamn popular for being RPG of the year 2007. Persona 3 belongs to atlus's long running shin megami tensei series,which involves many great games such as this,now without further ado..

Now for the story. You,a young teenage orphan,is moved into a new school gekkoukan high. Upon arrival at your school dorm in the late hours of the night, midnight to be exact,the streets start soaking in blood, people are replaced in coffins, electricity stops running. And when you enter your dorm you are greeted by a panicky school girl who points a gun in your direction. All of these seem to calm down real quick,but persona 3's story is deep,dark and intruiging. You take control of a nameless protoganist who discovers a hidden power within him,the power to summon personas,other selves of a certain individual. Along with others who share the same power, he attempts to unravel the mystery of the dark hour,an hour which begins at 12am and where strange events start happening. In his ways are shadows, a huge towering nightmare building and a mysterious syndicate known as strega, this protoganist has a long road ahead of him....

Being a RPG game, battle is very important in persona 3. Persona 3 uses a fairly basic turn by turn system,where the main character can go into battle along with a maximum of 3 other allies. Persona 3 doesnt fall short in terms of battle, in fact its just like any typical rpg. You attack,use items,wait out your turn,or even flee from an unwinning battle. Of course there is the use of personas,where you dish out your skills. Yep,pretty simple and normal fighting system,but theres more to the part of using your personas.More on that later on. Besides that battles are fairly ok,not too challenging,not too easy as well. But the difficulty leans more on the difficult side, but not so difficult as for a player to start banging his/her head on the wall because of being unable to win a battle. However things can get annoying since once your main character dies its game over. A simple monster appearing and casting mudo on your main character and having it connect gets old real fast,so one can get used to it. One annoying thing though is that only the 3 characters tailing along the MC can receive exp,the reserves cant,now thats annoying.

Now to explain more about personas. Personas are the main assets of battle, every character in your party has one, but the main character is different,he can wield multiple personas. Now personas for the MC can be obtained in 2 different ways. One, he obtains them through card selections as spoils of battle. Two, he uses the personas that he obtains and fuses them together to make bigger and badder personas. There is a HUGE variety of personas in persona 3, which makes mixing and matching personas together very very satisfactory,seing a different persona everytime you match common personas is very nice. Later on you get to mix more than 2 personas together,which is even better. Mixing personas is very very in depth, the 2 ingredient personas used will have thier skills mixed when fusing,carrying over new skills as well as old skills,with all of them implanted on your new personas. All of this customization is very in depth,which really really hits the spot for a guy who likes to have the best possible combination of skills on a persona.

Beside all the battle and stuff, persona has a very good sim style gameplay. You can go around increasing 3 kinds of socialising traits, academics, courage and your popularity. These traits help you in many ways. Academics help in acing tests, and since test results are posted in your school hallway for everyone to see, when students see your name on the high score slot,your popularity goes up. Courage help in many situations, such as eating weirded out gross food,or daring to do something extreme,this might help in impressing girls :). Popularity is the latter of the 3, more popular means more friends, and in this game, more friends means more social links,which helps in strenghtening personas. So if you want stronger personas, more friends is a good way to start. Dating girls is important in this game, since girls are different from guys,who just go with the flow, they ...tend to get angered easily. If they see you hanging out with another chick,they get so pissed. Anyway the sim system is great.
Persona 3 is a satisfying game overall,with so many good elements mixed together in one game,along withs its huge gameplay time,persona 3 is not a game to be missed by rpg fans or even gamers alike.

Happy gaming!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

left 4 dead

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:-thousands of zombies heading your way is cool,-mass killing zombies is awesome,-different special infectants make teamwork crucial(which is good in such a game),-multi-player is twice as fun,-using infectants in versus mode is fun,-game can be played both casually and for the purpose of story

(-)cons:-fkin stupid AI in single player mode,-game sometimes lag due to huge zombie spawn

gameplay time:50 hours+(above average)

Left 4 dead,a game loved by gamers around the world. This is the left 4 dead review for PC,which is of course not as good as the 360 in terms of graphics and LAG.Anyway,Im not gonna let those kind of issues slow me down,even now,1 year after its release, I still play left 4 dead even though I have left 4 dead 2. Left 4 dead is a first person mass zombie shooting game that can be played both casually and hardcore-ly,a really good game to the first person shooting genre.

Now then,left 4 dead's story centers around 4 survivors of the zombie apocolypse. The story goes around as a certain infection causes a huge amount of the population to be infected and be turned into mindless lumbering zombies that hunt any survivor down.There are those who are immune though, they cannot get infected and are trapped in the cities which are amassed with the infected. They usually get killed while trying to escape. Our main characters,bill,a grumpy old man with obvious gun experience,francis,some gangster looking guy with tattoos everywhere,louis, an office man who is just trying to escape, and zoey,a young woman who just tags along, though she does look like she has shot a gun before. Anyway these 4 are trying to escape from an infected city,and you play as one of them and try to navigate out of the city,and let the AI,or some of your friends,play as any of the other 3 survivors.

Left 4 dead's gameplay mechanics is simple, you go around a certain area until you enter a safe house,which then the level ends. In the safe house zombies cant get in. While getting to the safe house you have to navigate through different terrains, forests, streets, subways and even airports. Of course while navigating these terrains you will be confronted with the infected. Hundreds or thousands of zombies will be heading your way to make life difficult for you. Of course to help you, you have guns.
Shotguns,uzis, M-16 and sniper rifles are your friends here.Oh,pistols and grenades too.Well usually a single shotgun fire and kill off some 3-4 infectants,but they come in masses of 30s or 40s,sometimes even more. Killing these groups of infectant is as fun as blasting through hordes of retards trying to kill you.

Well obviously the whole game isnt about killing mindless zombies that head your way and try to kill you. Whilst killing these fkers you will be pounced on by special infectants,they are stronger zombies with special abilities,this is where teamwork comes in. There are a number of special infectants, hunters,smokers,boomers,tank and witch.Hunters pounce on any moving survivor,pinning him/her down and starts to claw frantically at the survivor with his sharp as ass claws. When this happens, another survivor needs to help kill the hunter before the pinned down survivor can do anything,as a pinned survivor cannot even move.

Smokers are real bastards,they have long ass tongues which reach out for miles to grab and contrict survivors. A constricted survivor cannot move and will continue to recieve damage from the smoker and other normal infectant which happen to spot the survivor being helpless,constricted by the smoker. Again a teamate must kill the smoker to free the contricted survivor before the constrictd survivor can move again. The other 3 special infectant have just as gay abilities to hunt down survivors,but i wont be going through them. Oh yeah,during online versus mode,you can use these special infectants if you play as the undead,its awesome.

Left 4 dead is a great shooter overall,one of my favourites. I would recommend this game to almost anyone,as killing hordes of infected along with teamates is as fun as hell.

Happy gaming.

Friday, 4 December 2009


Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:8.8

(+)pros:-very good environment design,-use of plasmids and other powers is creative,-provides a roughly good and challenging difficulty,-great story along with solid endings,-great combat mechanics,-big daddies are fun to kill

(-)cons:-little variety of splicers and big daddies,-switching of weapons can be troublesome

Gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

This is my first PS3 game review.Bioshock is a game that I had recently just completed and boy what a game! Bioshock is a 1st person shooter game with a retro style feel with weapons from the 1960s,expect them to be old,along with a mix with these old style weapons are powers which you will obtain to make the game all the more fun to play. Bioshock is a great game to experience,time to review.

I like the story for some reason. A man(you) is sitting on a plane which is on the way back to somewhere,so that you can visit your family. Halfway through, your plane crashes and lands in the middle of the ocean. You,being a survivor(or perhaps the only sole survivor),swim for your life and arrive at some gigantic lighthouse structure, you enter it to find a submarine and to your suprise,it leads you to an underwater city known as rapture. Sort of like an atlantis feel.You depart to find that rapture is a city which contains a drug like substance known as adam,and its residents have consumed to much of it and have become insane. They are called splicers and they will attack you. The story goes as you go around rapture to find means of escape to the surface,while having to face these retards as well.

Whilst exploring rapture, one will take note of its beautiful environment. Yeah for a game that takes place in the 1960s one will have to agree that rapture is one of the best sight seeing places to ever be at. The automatic doors moving up and down,the neat and tidy stairs,the small pathways that allow one to gaze into the ocean...rapture is a beautiful place to be. And while being a nice place,rapture's splicers welcome you by attacking you with weapons such as light sticks,knives,crowbars..anything on the floor to be specific.Splicers will be attacking you throughout the entire game,each holding different weapons,some with powers gifted by adam. Sadly rapture's splicers come in a small variety. So far the only splicers I know are thuggish,leadhead and houndful splicers.You will be killing them throughout the game,not that it really matters but,killing the same guys over and over can get kind of repititive,but oh well.

Well to combat splicers you have a slew of weapons. A wrench for melee,pistol, shotgun,assualt rifle,crossbow,grenade launcher and a chemical thrower for ranged attacks. Sounds like a big variety of ways to take out splicers,yes it is,but one must not forget the use of plasmids and adam gifted abilities. In this game,you can electrocute, incinerate,freeze,sonic boom,cyclone or even shoot bees at your opponents! There ar a huge variety of abilities for one to obtain to combat the splicers,although most of them are passive,they prove to be more useful than plasmids at times. One can head to a certain vending machine known as the gatherer's garden in this game to purchase these great powers,they are nice to look at and very rewarding during battles. Of course you dont purchase these powers with money,the currenct used to buy these powers is known as adam.

Adam is the addcitive stuff in rapture,as said above.In this game there is only one source of adam,little sisters. They are little girls with glowing eyes. If you do see a little sister,you can harvest her to gain enourmous amounts of adam,which can be used to buy powers,or choose to rescue her,turning her back to a normal little girl and gain only a small amount of adam,but doing these earns you better rewards later on as well as making youself go on the way to the game's good ending. But little sisters are guarded by big monsterous mechanics known as big daddies. They are the little sister's guardians, and they are hard to beat. You will have to go through them to get your adam,and well they are optional to beat, but are always there to pick a fight with anyone who is up for a big challenge.

Bioshock is overall a very good shooter, altough it is the first shooter I played on the PS3,I think it can beat many of the great shooters out there. Well bioshock 2 is coming out next year,and hell yes Im getting it.


Happy gaming.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monster hunter freedom 2

Gamespot score:5.0(mediocore)

my score:8.0

(+)pros:-HUGE variety of bosses and monsters to kill with each requiring thier own strategy to beat,-bosses are very fun,-online co-op is awesome,-big variety of weapons to learn and master,-tons of character customisation(in terms of look and armor)

(-)cons:-gathering quests are boring and lame,-camera is a little screwed up

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Now before i say anyting, I usually do respect gamespot's reviews, but this is total nonsense. Pay no heed to gamespot's review to monster hunter freedom 2, for it is a gem of a game. Monster hunter freedom 2 is a game like no other which absolutely any action adventure player would absolutely love. The game lasted me a good solid 130 hours, it lasted over 200 hours for some of my hardcore friends.Ignoring gamespot's score,lets get on with it.

Pokke village, a simple village in the wilderness near an icy mountain. One day an ordianary hunter(you) is scavenging the icy mountain for supplies( i guess),when you discover a pile of dead popos(some elephanty mamoth monster,its harmless). While examing the carcasses, you are ambushed by a huge dragon like monster called a tigrex and you are knocked off the mountain, plunging deep into your death. You are saved by the residents of pokke village and as a repay favour you are chosen as thier village hunter. That begins your life in the village.Thats pretty much it, other than this, the story is pretty inexistent,but there is actually no need for it, since the gameplay is already so damn awesome.

Now then,as the new village hunter, you need to take on quests by the village elder. There are a huge variety of quests, hunting, slaying, gathering... and so on. Im gonna go through some of them. Gathering quests are the absolute most boring kinds of quests, you go to the field,take what you are asked to take,and hightail the fk out of there. Yep its boring,but occasionally, at the field where you are supposed to gather stuff,there will be a roaming boss monster ready to kick your ass. More on that later. Slaying quests require you to kill a certain amount of monsters that are troubling people that are living around the village or even outsiders. No complaints here,but again roaming bosses may make your life difficuult.Hunting quests are THE BOMB. They are what makes this game one hell of a ride. You are to go out to the field, and hunt down whatever bitch boss comes your way.Thankfully, majority of the given quests are hunting quests.

Now im gonna explain the field controls. Now monster hunter has a unique system. The X,O,triangle,L and R buttons are for combat purposes. Square to use an item, wheter issit to sharpen your weapon,to use a healng item, or to use a stamina replinishing item. As mentioned above,there are many weapons to master and use to kick your opponents' asses. Sword and shield, twin daggers, greatsword, sledgehammer,lance,gunlance and crossbows are just some of the many weapons provided. Each weapon has thier own attack style which makes fighting with different weapons so fun. These weapons,along with your armor,stick with you when you battle the big ol' monsters. Weapons and armor require making,which involves you killing certain monsters to go after their loot,and you use the loot as ingredients to make your new weapon or armor. This is usually a repititive process,but seeing your new weapon or armor after making it is great.

You may be wondering what this is...its the monser list. As you can see there is a huge variety of monsters,and thier sizes DO vary. If you look carefully,you can see a human figure in the picture,compared to most monsters,you are but a mere worm to crush. Now that you know what you are up against, this game will be even more exicitng and exilharating. Beating monsters some 50 times your size sure is a fun thing to do. Sure when fighting them camera control may suck,needing to use your finger to press the directional buttons to move the camera is annoying,but one will get used to it. Killing these 50 feet behemoths are fun as heck to make up for the cranky camera.

Monster hunter freedom 2 is a great game, no action loving person should miss this game,screw gamespot on this one,seriously. This game is great and should no be neglected.

Happy gaming!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Daytona USA(arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:7.7

(+)pros:-good competitive offline local play,-some arcades allow many player linkups,-cheap price for a racing game,-manual and automatic gears allow both noobs and pros to enjoy the game

(-)cons:-kinda old,-solo play is boring,-advanced and expert maps are rarely chosen as play fields

gameplay time:n/a for arcade games

Daytona USA,a very old but satisfying arcade racing game. I checked up on its release date, 1994. Well nevertheless it is still placed in arcades, at least in my local shopping centre arcade it is. Also in many local shopping malls with arcades, you can most of the time see daytona USA in it and there will mostly be people on the wheel in a typical busy day.

I doubt daytona has any plot or storyline, even if there is I wont really care, it is a racing game afterall. Daytona is an old game,so the graphics are kinda lackluster,but you really cant blame anyone. It is a pretty cheap game to play,with many arcade racing games ranging from 2-3 tokens for a race,daytona USA only requires one token to play,and the experience is just as satisfying.

With the compatibility to go up to 8 players linked up on a single game, this game has a huge offline multiplayer which is both competitive and satisfying. With one token, you can enjoy a huge competitive race with up to 8 of your friends,or even strangers to compete. Even though 1 race on the begginner track lasts no more than 10 mins, the one token is more than worth your money as you scream and shout through the arcade as you scold vulgarities to your friends that ram into you,causing your car to fly 10 feet into the air,or as you do the same,overtaking your friends. Now I did mention the beginner track, but there are advanced and expert tracks,which are very very neglected, they are rarely touched by players as the begginer map is much more fun and managable.

Now for single player mode. To be frank,I mostly see this game played with friends, there are though, few people who rather play this game alone,which I find rather monotonous. Single player pits you in a race against a whopping amount of 40 AI racers, but apparently they are easy to win and overtake. Your timing and postition will be recorded in the game's database after the race,but really what does it matter, the staisfying feel when you play with friends is all but gone, and you are just racing with 40 dumb AIs,seriously singe player mode is lame. But it too can be used if one wants to test out the advanced and expert maps first before pitting themselves against human players.

Overall daytona is a good average racing game in the arcade. Sure it isnt as good as many other racers in the arcade genre nowadays,but for a game so old to still be played by players worldwide,this game is rather impressive,along with its cheap price,players can enjoy this casual game with friends for a good,enjoyment filled ride that is daytona USA.

Happy gaming.