Sunday, 27 December 2009


I almost forget almost about this wolfteam project I had ongoing since I havent played the game itself for quite sometime.

Anyway! Here we are today with the topics about guns.Heres a quick run-up.

Guns good vs wolf

AK 47/gold/classic

-This here is every FPS's good friend AK47. Its good in terms of damage, but due to its high recoil fighting humans is a pain. But thankfully, against wolves... since they always come up close to claw you, you get to shoot the gun in thier dam face. And since wolves cant kill you from afar, take your time and slowly shoot them with this painful gun, they cant do a shyt.


-Actually this gun is not that bad against humans too, but what the heck. This gun has a habit of expanding the crosshair everytime you fire bullets, so using it against humans is not a very bright thing to do, unless you shoot ammo by ammo. Against wolves this gun is very effective, having great fire power and its huge 50+ ammo per clip. You can sprayyy all you want, since you got so much ammo at your disposal. Also you wont miss very often, since they will be close to you.


-Great gun to use against wolves. Same drawback as AK47, high recoil, but again it makes up for high RAW damage. Has slightly lower recoil than AK47, making it more useful against humans than the AK.

ANY shotgun

- Simple theory. They come up to your face, you aim at thier head with your gigantic almost impossible to miss crosshair, you click with your finger, you get an easy kill. But the only drawback is that if you miss you're as good as dead. Although with the EXM, you get 5 shots, but the damage is lower.

ANY turret

-Turrets are monsters against wolves. With huge ammo clips and insane damage, they are wolf killers.Well the only drawbacks are that you cant move while firing a turret, and you can only turn it to a certain degree, proving its uselessness against humans.One nade and BOOM, you're dead. One last and final drawback against wolves is the very dreadful and deadly...berserker wolf. Thier suicidal ability is the ultimate counter to turrets. When you spot a berserker with a turret, be extra careful and rethink your plans.

Guns good vs human

ANY sniper(expect the wooden sniper which I forget the name)

-Once again, a simple theory. The stout is a basic weapon, which means its not too strong in terms of firepower. Stand at a spot where no human would bother searching, and click away with your zoom. 2 hits will do the job. Do watch out though, since after you prey are hit once, they will know where you are shooting from, and they will turn to kill you. The AWP sniper though, kills ALMOST any time you hit upper body in one shot. Its hell deadly. And, for wolves they dun work well. Why? Simple, how do you snipe a smart wolf jumping around frantically? You dont. Problem solved.


-Great gun with great accuracy. When you upgrade its laser, if you crouch in battle, the crosshair is like a friggin dot. Just shoot away once the crosshair hits the opponent, since the recoil is almost inexsistence in this gun.

Guns good vs both


- Everyone who sees this will go YESSSSSS. LAW is a missle launcher while WT-RL is a rocket launcher.LAW one hit KOs any human and smart wolf when the missle lands directly BESIDE them. Good stuff. The RL kills anything, expect full healthed power wolves, berserker wolves and gurdians. The RL's rocket however, is slow, while the LAW's missle is quick and hard to dodge. But overall RL is better because of its sheer power.


-My new favourite gun. Though only moderate in power, this gun has great accuracy and firing speed, making it both good human and wolf killers.


-Okay, I HAVE to cover this gun, its just too awesome. It has well above average power and good accuracy. Many humans use this in bomb plants and deathmatches cause it kills people fast. It works good on wolves too since rapidly firing on them will slow them down.


-AKA the gold gun. Its really very easy to understand. Its normal rapid firing action makes killing wolves rather easy, though it has only moderate damage, it has great stuttering ability. Rapid firing also helps killing humans that are in mid-close range. Having trouble against a sniper? No problem! Use 3 burst zoom and click at thier head, guranteed one hit KO. Of course unless they move away, but it seldom happens cause 3 burst is quick. This requires practice though since, 3 bursting the head always tends to hit the body instead.


-Though low in damage, this gun makes up for its great ammo clip. It has moderate accuracy, means killing humans at mid range should be no problem, cause 50 ammo is alot to spare. In a crossfire, your opponent's gun will run out of amo 1st, and while reloading, you have the uper hand since you still about 20 ammo left, spray the crap out of him! For wolves, you have 50 ammo, so the same concept for the EM60 applies here.


-Argubly the best gun in the game and my ex-favourite. The crosshair is bloody small, which means high accuracy, its crosshair size is close to that of the EM4. This makes killing humans easy, since it has awesome damage to back it up. The recoil is however is the only drawback. But it is often used as an advantage sometimes against humans, due to recoil the aimer usually flies to the head, which will land the death blow. This works on wolves too. With wolves, aweseome damage is more than enough to kill them, plus great accuracy , this gun pure owns.

Thats all for now. Project will continue somehwere in january.