Friday, 18 December 2009

persona psp

Gamespot score:5.0(mediocre)

my score:7.0

(+)pros:-two endings to follow,-good map deisigns for a first person rpg,-good sountrack which was improved from the first game

(-)cons:-lackluster graphics,-annoyingly high monster encounter rate,-battle is slower than ever

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

Another one of gamespot's under-rated achivements(sighs at gamespot). Persona is an old old game that was deisnged for the PS1 long time ago. Well its back and on the psp. Those who played it before expect changes to the soundtrack and perhaps the new voice overs and *little* nearly unnoticable graphic changes. Those who never played it before, please try to give it a chance before throwing it aside after taking a look at its PS1 version graphics. This game isnt what quite i expected it to be but well I managed to make the game pretty far, heres the review.

St gremlin high,a school where a group of people try something known as "persona". After trying a ghost girl appears and strange things start happening. When visiting a friend in a hospital the environment starts to change..zombies and many freaks start appearing. When trying to leave the hospital the streets have been overrun by similar freaks and the main character and his team tries to solve this weird yet uneasy sounding mystery..

Story wise it is pretty weak for a shin megami tensei game, but for a game its pretty much average. I was disappointed in the story though,kinda expected more. Anyway here are the field graphics. Kinda suckish, since they mostly kinda carried it over from the PS1. Once again I was kinda disappointed in this. After all these years atlus could have bothered to tweak the field graphics could they? Of course it doesnt have to be as good as P3 or P4 but at least try to make it look decent. Anyway the graphics of persona on the psp isnt much to look at and it definetly not an improvement of the PS1 version, its like, rather just a new paint over... or something like that. Well most of the game will be seen in this point of view, but you will kinda get used to it.

Here is the battle screen, again you will see the lacluster grahpics kick in. Bleh. Anyway battle is roughly just like any other persona game, with maybe a few missing functions. Well you can give direct controls to all your party members unlike persona 3...which is good. As usual you get the basic commands attack and items and using persona. You also get shoot, a new but simple command which allows you to shoot with an equipped gun. It just allows you to attack from a distance. Nothing much. But the new action which i cannot remember the name(forgetful me) allows you to communicate with a demon, making it happy sad or anngry. This is new,stupid, but new and creative. Nevertheless this helps you do stuff like getting a demon's spell card,making it run away,or if you screw it up,you make it even angrier.

This is the dungeon view,pretty good. Its better than certain 1st person dungeon crawlers. Well graphics aside the dungeons have all one thing in common, redonculously high encounter rate. Well high encounter rate is acutally good, but the rate is so high, it annoys me half to death. And escaping in battle is tough, so this sux.
Navigating through dungeons is easy and simple, you even have a cool soundtrack to follow by. By the way the improved soundtrack in this game is good, it fits the tracks from the persona 3 and 4 music, which is great. The music played in this game will somewhat motivate you to keep playing.

As a last and final view toward this game, I would say that I am disappointed. But i would say that persona on the psp is an improvement from its preduccesor, it isnt a bad game. It can be further improved though, but well,whats made is made. Overall a 7.0 in my book.

Happy gaming.