Monday, 7 December 2009

persona 3 RE

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:9.0

(+)pros:-dating sim system is great,-tons of persona customization,- plot is interesting and intruiging,- lots of possible strategies during battles,- likable characters who take a huge part of the story,- long journey keeps someone playing for a long long time,-cool soundtrack

(-)cons:-Exp isnt shared within all party members

gameplay time:100 hours+(very long lasting)

Here is my re-do version of my previous wanabe review of persona 3. And like before I will stress again and again, THIS GAME IS AWESOME. Persona 3 is a role-playing/dating sim hybrid rpg game, and heck its a good one. This game is godamn popular for being RPG of the year 2007. Persona 3 belongs to atlus's long running shin megami tensei series,which involves many great games such as this,now without further ado..

Now for the story. You,a young teenage orphan,is moved into a new school gekkoukan high. Upon arrival at your school dorm in the late hours of the night, midnight to be exact,the streets start soaking in blood, people are replaced in coffins, electricity stops running. And when you enter your dorm you are greeted by a panicky school girl who points a gun in your direction. All of these seem to calm down real quick,but persona 3's story is deep,dark and intruiging. You take control of a nameless protoganist who discovers a hidden power within him,the power to summon personas,other selves of a certain individual. Along with others who share the same power, he attempts to unravel the mystery of the dark hour,an hour which begins at 12am and where strange events start happening. In his ways are shadows, a huge towering nightmare building and a mysterious syndicate known as strega, this protoganist has a long road ahead of him....

Being a RPG game, battle is very important in persona 3. Persona 3 uses a fairly basic turn by turn system,where the main character can go into battle along with a maximum of 3 other allies. Persona 3 doesnt fall short in terms of battle, in fact its just like any typical rpg. You attack,use items,wait out your turn,or even flee from an unwinning battle. Of course there is the use of personas,where you dish out your skills. Yep,pretty simple and normal fighting system,but theres more to the part of using your personas.More on that later on. Besides that battles are fairly ok,not too challenging,not too easy as well. But the difficulty leans more on the difficult side, but not so difficult as for a player to start banging his/her head on the wall because of being unable to win a battle. However things can get annoying since once your main character dies its game over. A simple monster appearing and casting mudo on your main character and having it connect gets old real fast,so one can get used to it. One annoying thing though is that only the 3 characters tailing along the MC can receive exp,the reserves cant,now thats annoying.

Now to explain more about personas. Personas are the main assets of battle, every character in your party has one, but the main character is different,he can wield multiple personas. Now personas for the MC can be obtained in 2 different ways. One, he obtains them through card selections as spoils of battle. Two, he uses the personas that he obtains and fuses them together to make bigger and badder personas. There is a HUGE variety of personas in persona 3, which makes mixing and matching personas together very very satisfactory,seing a different persona everytime you match common personas is very nice. Later on you get to mix more than 2 personas together,which is even better. Mixing personas is very very in depth, the 2 ingredient personas used will have thier skills mixed when fusing,carrying over new skills as well as old skills,with all of them implanted on your new personas. All of this customization is very in depth,which really really hits the spot for a guy who likes to have the best possible combination of skills on a persona.

Beside all the battle and stuff, persona has a very good sim style gameplay. You can go around increasing 3 kinds of socialising traits, academics, courage and your popularity. These traits help you in many ways. Academics help in acing tests, and since test results are posted in your school hallway for everyone to see, when students see your name on the high score slot,your popularity goes up. Courage help in many situations, such as eating weirded out gross food,or daring to do something extreme,this might help in impressing girls :). Popularity is the latter of the 3, more popular means more friends, and in this game, more friends means more social links,which helps in strenghtening personas. So if you want stronger personas, more friends is a good way to start. Dating girls is important in this game, since girls are different from guys,who just go with the flow, they ...tend to get angered easily. If they see you hanging out with another chick,they get so pissed. Anyway the sim system is great.
Persona 3 is a satisfying game overall,with so many good elements mixed together in one game,along withs its huge gameplay time,persona 3 is not a game to be missed by rpg fans or even gamers alike.

Happy gaming!