Saturday, 5 December 2009

left 4 dead

Gamespot score:8.5(great)

my score:8.2

(+)pros:-thousands of zombies heading your way is cool,-mass killing zombies is awesome,-different special infectants make teamwork crucial(which is good in such a game),-multi-player is twice as fun,-using infectants in versus mode is fun,-game can be played both casually and for the purpose of story

(-)cons:-fkin stupid AI in single player mode,-game sometimes lag due to huge zombie spawn

gameplay time:50 hours+(above average)

Left 4 dead,a game loved by gamers around the world. This is the left 4 dead review for PC,which is of course not as good as the 360 in terms of graphics and LAG.Anyway,Im not gonna let those kind of issues slow me down,even now,1 year after its release, I still play left 4 dead even though I have left 4 dead 2. Left 4 dead is a first person mass zombie shooting game that can be played both casually and hardcore-ly,a really good game to the first person shooting genre.

Now then,left 4 dead's story centers around 4 survivors of the zombie apocolypse. The story goes around as a certain infection causes a huge amount of the population to be infected and be turned into mindless lumbering zombies that hunt any survivor down.There are those who are immune though, they cannot get infected and are trapped in the cities which are amassed with the infected. They usually get killed while trying to escape. Our main characters,bill,a grumpy old man with obvious gun experience,francis,some gangster looking guy with tattoos everywhere,louis, an office man who is just trying to escape, and zoey,a young woman who just tags along, though she does look like she has shot a gun before. Anyway these 4 are trying to escape from an infected city,and you play as one of them and try to navigate out of the city,and let the AI,or some of your friends,play as any of the other 3 survivors.

Left 4 dead's gameplay mechanics is simple, you go around a certain area until you enter a safe house,which then the level ends. In the safe house zombies cant get in. While getting to the safe house you have to navigate through different terrains, forests, streets, subways and even airports. Of course while navigating these terrains you will be confronted with the infected. Hundreds or thousands of zombies will be heading your way to make life difficult for you. Of course to help you, you have guns.
Shotguns,uzis, M-16 and sniper rifles are your friends here.Oh,pistols and grenades too.Well usually a single shotgun fire and kill off some 3-4 infectants,but they come in masses of 30s or 40s,sometimes even more. Killing these groups of infectant is as fun as blasting through hordes of retards trying to kill you.

Well obviously the whole game isnt about killing mindless zombies that head your way and try to kill you. Whilst killing these fkers you will be pounced on by special infectants,they are stronger zombies with special abilities,this is where teamwork comes in. There are a number of special infectants, hunters,smokers,boomers,tank and witch.Hunters pounce on any moving survivor,pinning him/her down and starts to claw frantically at the survivor with his sharp as ass claws. When this happens, another survivor needs to help kill the hunter before the pinned down survivor can do anything,as a pinned survivor cannot even move.

Smokers are real bastards,they have long ass tongues which reach out for miles to grab and contrict survivors. A constricted survivor cannot move and will continue to recieve damage from the smoker and other normal infectant which happen to spot the survivor being helpless,constricted by the smoker. Again a teamate must kill the smoker to free the contricted survivor before the constrictd survivor can move again. The other 3 special infectant have just as gay abilities to hunt down survivors,but i wont be going through them. Oh yeah,during online versus mode,you can use these special infectants if you play as the undead,its awesome.

Left 4 dead is a great shooter overall,one of my favourites. I would recommend this game to almost anyone,as killing hordes of infected along with teamates is as fun as hell.

Happy gaming.